Do you know how to complain to your doctor?

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Are you over or under medicated?

Do you know how to complain accurately to your doctor so this doesn’t happen?

Most of my patients were never told how to describe or monitor their symptoms of depression anxiety or mood swings.

As a result, they were unable to report their symptoms clearly to their doctor, so he didn’t have the information needed to adjust the medication correctly.

When they came to see me, I had to teach them how to assess their thoughts and moods.

Get your meds sorted out!

Get your meds sorted out!

To make a full recovery from a mood disorder, you must know how to describe your symptoms and complain accurately.

In this video you will learn how to work with your doctor so you won’t be over or under medicated.

Just click on the video and accelerate your recovery.

To live a transformed life you have to get your medications right.

Here’s a video that you will find helpful.

Do I need medications for my moods?

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Comments 18

  1. Dr. Mullen, thank you for this video blog. I am currently medicated for major recurrent depressive illness. I was doing so well until the last week or so. I’ve been experiencing more anxiety, hopelessness and negative thoughts. There haven’t been any external changes in my life that would have triggered this. Is it normal to have to adjust meds after being stable for more than a year?

  2. Those that are complaining, obviously don’t suffer with mental illness. I appreciate your candid opinions and the fact that you are a Christian who advocates for those of us that suffer with the stigma. Don’t stop doing the good work!!

  3. Hi Grant,

    Most helpful video. However I suffer from dysthymia and periodically adrenal fatigue which are not medicated. I overcome it by faith, exercise and a healthy positive attitude.

    Do you have any other recommendations particularly regarding diet? I think these problems are quite common and usually under the radar because of either cost or people not wanting to be medicated. Perhaps another great video coming up?

  4. Yes the Holy Spirit helps our thinking but if our mind is racing or cluttered, it’s hard to hear his voice.
    Faith, exercise and a healthy positive attitude are very helpful. The only dietary advice that I found helpful was to avoid all sources of caffeine.

  5. I have been free from depression for more than 5 yrs, and have now been diagnosed again with it. is this something i did to myself?

  6. Hi Dr Mullen

    This weekend past I experienced a drop in my serotonin is this accurate or possible? There are some major stressful events taking place and I was on my bed and felt too overwhelmed to get up what is this symptom I increased a slight bit on my medicine and was better for monday but still felt panicky is this truly a drop in your chemical balance if you could define symptoms on another video I would be glued as I usually am thx!!!!

  7. People including Chrisitians who do not suffer from anxiety and depression most times can not understand how a person could get llike thiis. I have tried the drug free route and my conditions did not stay stable. Sorry you are getting negative feedback. Sometimes our brain needs a little help to function properly. Being in good health will help us to serve God and others better You only want us to live a transformed life!

  8. Thank you so much. I am seeing my doctor today and I will tell him that I am still feeling very anxious and still a lot of negative feelings. I have been on my drug Concerta for over a month and I hope he will increase it.

  9. Question: How and when should I tell my doctor I need to be sent to a sleep clinic for testing? – if you are feeling fatigued easily, and especially if you are waking up feeling this way & having a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings there is a good possibility that you might have a sleep disorder that is being overlooked & just lumped in as another “symptom” of depression – only.

    I think that too often doctors overlook sleep disorders in people with depression, and anxiety – when we describe the symptoms they tend to just lump it in with – oh well, this is just a symptom of depression – without investigating whether or not it is due to a sleep disorder.

    My doctor finally sent me to be tested, after I insisted and after her asking me “and why do you think you need to go to a sleep clinic”. My chin could have hit the floor – after what I had been telling her for years + how I felt all that time. One test – and I had the missing puzzle piece I needed to improve my health: Periodic Leg movements with sleep. So, now that I can sleep better with a prescription for this, & the antidepressant – my health & life keeps getting better all the time. PLMS – “usually goes undetected for several years and can lead to fatigue and depression” – imagine that! Something contributing substantially to my depression & fatigue, or possibly the cause of it…went undetected for several years. There are more sleep disorders than Sleep Apnea.

    And, forgiving someone from my past and letting go of the “offence” of “he owes me” was necessary too. I was not overcoming evil, but was letting it overcome me…by holding on to my offence…while trying for more than 8 years to obtain my legal rights regarding this person & situation. It was not worth it especially re my declining health over that time, but God used it for good in his work in me – as I became a Christian during this time and am learning to trust in God instead of in man. I also know how satan was working in my life since I was a child – to cause harm and destruction. My defence is knowing God’s Word is the Truth, and who I am in Christ – regardless of how I might think or feel, and bringing myself as quickly as possible back to Holy Scripture that I’m storing in my heart & mind. My defence is to keep believing it 100% with help from the Holy Spirit, and prayer.

    I had a left hip replacement, osteoarthritis, in May 2009, at age 49 & at the time the surgeon said he would do the other hip – because of pain & lack of cartilage, etc. I have been pain free now for about 2 years & back into hiking – without the surgery for the right hip. A year after my surgery when I had another x-ray – it had deteriorated a lot more…but now I’m doing well & only some slight bit of pain if I sleep on that side/hip for too long. I’m curious what an x-ray would show now.

  10. First of all, thank you sooooo much Dr. Mullen for what you do and for talking about medications. I agree that anyone complaining has never had a mood disorder so please do keep informing us as it is life changing information.
    Here is a question I have had for years regarding mood disorders : What role do hormones play in mood disorders? Do hormone imbalances cause mood disorders or is it the other way around? I’m thinking of women here as we get diagnosed with things like post partum depression, PMDD…etc.

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