Do you know how to relax?

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Vacations are important

It’s a time to get away from it all and unwind.

Relaxation is important on vacations.

But you need to know how to do it properly.

Or you’ll return home no better than when you left.

In this week’s video you will join us for some high intensity relaxation.

To live a transformed life, you need to know how to relax.

Now I want to hear from you

How do you relax on vacation? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. Your Venice cruise itinerary description is just the funniest thing and leaves me chuckling and slightly breathless with laughing.
    As I de-stress, dialling down way on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia – its a very different way to relax. Owls, ospreys ,Eagles and their eaglets — the view of the Atlantic -pounding waves.
    Must hurry away 🙂
    Thanks for the fun !

  2. Thank you for explaining what relaxing is not in a funny way. De-stressing for me is listening to what is around me – The birds, the squirrels. Relaxing is enjoying the sights and taking it all in, but not at a CAOS rate. The other component is about waking up to your internal clock and not an alarm clock

  3. Just my kind of cruise – where do I go to sign up. Sounds like lots of fun. I am so excited about this I have posted it on my Facebook page.

  4. Just my kind of cruise – where do I go to sign up. Sounds like lots of fun. I am so excited about this I have posted it on my Facebook page.

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