Do you laugh enough?

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Laughter has power!

Today we are going to take a serious look at laughter.

I know that some of you feel that laughter is a pointless waste of time when you should be out witnessing.

But I was very surprised to learn recently that laughter is a secret spiritual weapon.

Laughter is a spiritual weapon

Steve Backlund, from Bethel Church in Redding California was at my church recently and explained how laughter can disarm the schemes of Satan directed against you. (You can learn more about Steve here.)

That was big surprise and eye opener for me.

In this week’s video I’ll tell you what I learned about laughter and how you can start using this weapon today.

Just click on the video and try to be serious.

To live a transformed life you must learn how to laugh at Satan’s lies.

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Now I want to hear from you

What lies do you need to start laughing at? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 31

  1. Hello, Dr. Mullen!

    I really enjoyed your video on laughter. That is an important truth that I too often forget. I was with a friend recently and something in the conversation made us both laugh hysterically. We both realized how good it felt to really laugh. I pray that God will use me to bring joy and LAUGHTER to the lives of others.

    Have you seen the video of the baby laughing hysterically while her dad rips some paper? Check out the link above or below. This proves that laughter is contagious!

    God’s blessings to you! Thank you for your ministry to the body of Christ!

  2. This is a message that everyone should listen to. All of the situations that you mentioned are ones that I have often said about myself. I have had many health issues and that is one area where I would have a problem laughing at my thoughts because often they are all too real. Depression takes a front seat when I am not feeling up to par physically for many days in a row. Yet, even those days if I can share a conversation and a laugh with someone it really helps.

  3. Very good message. So many Christians have a wrong image of God (and we all have it to some extends). Yes, I am sure that Jesus was laughing and having fun with the disciples. But I never thought about laughing as a spiritual weapon, laughing at things that happens to me. Thanks for bringing this message. The word says somewhere in the psalms that the nations rage against Him but God laughes at them. Lord, help us to be more like you in that area too! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Grant! Laughter is an awesome remedy to whatever ails you…and an unconquerable weapon against the devil! God re-enforced that just this last Sunday at my church, during pre-service prayer.

    One of the ladies, during a moment of quiet just simply uttered the words “skip-a-dee-doo-dah” and a lighthearted atmosphere settled on all of us. It brought to mind the song from the Walt Disney movie.

    I can’t hum it or sing it without breaking out in a huge grin…sometimes even the giggles! Yeah…God definitely loves laughter and joy!

    Thanks again for a well-timed message!

    Blessings to you and Kathy!

  5. I have long been a fan of laughing at the devil’s lies, in fact I once even did a stand up comedy routine to laugh the devil off. I even fell in love with my husband because he made me laugh at my troubles, and anybody that can do that, is worth marrying in my book!

    One of my favourite parts of the Bible is the story of how Jesus and his mother were at a wedding, and they ran out of wine. Then Jesus’ mother looked at him and said “there is no more wine”. Jesus response “Mother, don’t tell me what to do.”

    When I read that, I fell on the floor laughing. I love my mom, but she is a bossy little woman, and I often had to tell her “Mother, don’t tell me what to do.”

    Her problem trying to boss me around was solved when I got married. On our wedding day, my mother told my husband, “She’s your problem now.” She hasn’t tried to boss me around since. Of course her new son in law….that’s another matter!

    Thanks for the video…’s an important reminder to keep laughing.

    Also laughing produces endorphins which is God’s natural ‘happy drug’, and you start to feel good, which of course makes the devil mad. Which is another good reason to laugh, because after all, God has the victory which makes the devil a real loser!

    Nancy Connolly-Hendriks

  6. You are so right Dr. Grant and your timing is perfect! I am going thru a grieving process so I looked up “laughter” in the Bible and found [Job 8:21] “He (God) will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of JOY”; [Psalm 126:2] “Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of JOY. Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.””

  7. Hi Dr Grant..loved this video.I have always loved to laugh ever since I was a child.Laughter truly works like medicine to take away pain and lift your spirits.Somewhere in Proverbs, I believe, it says that a merry heart does one good like a medicine.I thank God that in spite of all the pins and heartaches I’ve been through, I’m still able to laugh and help others do so also.I’ve been told that I have a beautiful smile too many times to discount it,Praise God for that.!!

  8. So….. “I haven’t got the energy to do all the work I have to do today?”?
    Why is that funny? Because I have God’s strength!!!
    Thank you for the reminder….. I shall come to work laughing.

  9. In answer to you question, no, I haven’t been laughing enough. I’ve been hearing some lies lately and giving them more weight than they deserve or trying to ignore them. Laughing at them will be much more effective.

  10. I have trouble laughing for the credit card debt that I have acquired. Do you suggest laughing at that. Shirley

  11. I was in a situation years ago when I worked for a lawyer who did not enjoy me laughing when he had done something wrong. He’d ask “why are you laughing”? I can tell you now and years later I am so glad I did having those laughing moments and now I know why! Thank you Lord for always being with me in times of trouble because you could see the truth and I thank you for comforting me with laughter! Yes, it’s the best tool and the best medicine. Thank you Dr. Grant for this often dismissed reminder in our Christian lives! Keep up the great messages you send out to us. Blessings always,

  12. Yes we do need to laugh more . I know I do not laugh as often as I should.But thank you for reminding me that I should laugh at lies, and laughing helps to lighten an atmosphere.

    Thanks Grant, for that important message

  13. Dear Dr. Grant Mullen, I found it amusing of what fun can be.GOD laughs at the wicked, God is with us! Just think about it for a moment and let us say Bless him who loves you and praise the Lord Almighty Amen. Thank-you Doctor Mullen

  14. Yes, laughter is great medicine all round.
    I am caring for a woman who has a mental illness.
    She is abrasive and rude.
    However, when I began to laugh at her behaviour,
    she did not know what to do and she left the room.

  15. Jesus was Jewish, for goodness sake ! They’ve got such a great sense of humor and love sassing one another, gently poking fun at the other, tongue-in-cheek-wise. They also laugh more easily at themselves than do we emotionally constipated North Americans, descendants of grim, hard-working, overly responsible Northern Europeans and Brits. Check it out. As a rule, Northern Hemisphere people are colder and more serious than those in the Southern Hemisphere. Life is so serious and we MUST do our best to treat it that way, lest someone find out what frazzled farces most of us are behind our exteriors. So let’s all just collapse in a heap of mirth at one of those Therapeutic Laughing Clubs, and get over ourselves.

    A great book – “Jesus, Man of Joy”, by Sherwood Wirt. He blows the cover off that Middle Ages Art Style of a Blonde, Blue-Eyed, European-looking, Lemon-Sucking Lord, the sanitized little loin cloth draped nicely around his clean, pink body hanging on that cross. Jesus was probably swarthy, strong, full of mischief, dirty and sweaty a lot of the time, and ready for a good laugh, a good joke, a prank or two. Just imagine any company of brothers traipsing around the countryside for any length of time and, well, You Get The Picture. It wasn’t all sermons and training sessions. Real guys, real situations, real belly laughs. A good representation of Jesus comes in the DVD series Matthew and its accompanying series of Acts, Bruce Marchiano does an amazing job of helping us “fall in love with Jesus” as a real person, a real Lord and Savior we could not resist following, hanging around, having a good laugh with.

    Thanks Grant, for the great encouragement to let loose with a few peals of laughter ! Blood pressure’s lower already after my last rant. Hahh……

  16. I loved this one. One of the best. Why don’t we have a joke competition somewhere here. It will help with the laughter. Brilliant and so true. Ok, I am off to practice.

  17. Funny I should be reading this today! HA HA We have a serious situation with one of our members at church and are gathering together to pray tonight. Our pastor has asked me to lead the evening and as I have been praying, God has assured me that we can laugh at the enemy, not because of anything we have done but because of what He has done. I have been instructed to encourage joy and peace to be released against the enemy and not let the time of prayer spiral down into a time of begging or mourning what is in the natural but to keep the center on the supernatural and on what God has already accomplished through Jesus Christ on the cross. This video is such an encouragement and although it landed in my mail box some time ago, this is the first moment I have had to view it. God’s timing is always perfect. Thank you for sharing on “LAUGHTER”. Your obedience will have long-range effects.

  18. Great comments!
    We must never forget that God has a sense of humour. I think he enjoys laughing with us. Why else would he give us this gift? Joy and peace are some of our most powerful spiritual weapons. We have to remember to use them.

  19. So true. I have found my sense of humor helped me deal with a particular situation I that was really bothering me. As soon I made a joke about it I dealt with it in a way that gave me peace.
    Some people I am finding just want to vent and bring us down and we don’t need to let them do that to us.

  20. Grant,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video! My husband and I heard you speak at Celebration Lutheran church in Regina, SK a couple years ago. I struggle a lot with negative thoughts / believing lies from the enemy. I’ve heard a lot of different “serious” ways to combat these lies, but never heard of simply laughing at them before. The next time Satan tries to tell me I am worthless or tries to rob me of contentment, I am going to laugh at what he says. Sometimes we try so hard to fight back with words, but forget the power of joy and laughter. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    God Bless,


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