Do you need a heart transplant?

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Do you have a heart of stone?

What’s that?

Is that even a problem?

How did it get there?

How do you fix it?

Click on the video and help me change a hard drive.

To live a transformed life you need a beating heart.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God softened your heart? Just leave your comments in the box below.

How to remove a hard drive

How to remove a hard drive

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  1. Hi Dr. Mullen,
    What you described is ME. BOTH of my parents were emotionally and physically abusive to me, and I shoved all of the pain deep down in order to “not feel” and to cope and, basically, survive. I have been in-and-out of Christian therapies for 30 YEARS, and I still have not been able to have a breakthrough. I STILL feel defeated, even though I am saved. I have been unable for the most part to tap into the emotions when I was trying to get healing because, I am basically numb to them, and because of this dissociation, I am stuck. What do you suggest? Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your latest message. I have been working on this hard heart of mine for what seems like a long time. It is a very slow process in my case but I’m very much looking forward to having a beating heart of flesh.

  3. Wayne, you said exactly what I’m going through. I am stuck! Have tried so many times, so many things. I am numb!

  4. I am so grateful to the Lord for softening my heart to the extent that I was able to forgive my Mom for rejecting me all my life, and continue to walk in love toward her these past few years until she died a year ago.She even asked me to send her a Bible, which I was so happy to do, since she was unsaved and ended up giving her life to Christ just before she died.I am so very happy she is in heaven and that I’ll see her again.But it wasn’t always like that.For a huge part of my life, I hated her really bad.She even admitted to me that she favored my other siblings over me because someone told her some very negative things about me when I was born..praise God for the power in forgiveness to soften the heart and heal its wounds..God bless..excellent illustration, Dr Grant..

  5. Post

    Wayne and Louise, thanks for your note.
    You are not alone, being stuck in hardness is a very common problem. I was there myself.
    To get unstuck you need someone to help you unload your baggage. I’d be happy to help you at a coaching appointment, or a Christian counsellor could help. Just let me know if you want to meet by phone or Skype.

  6. I feel incredibly stuck, unable to open my heart and let Love in. Love is all around me but I remain alienated within myself through self-hatred.

  7. Post
  8. I hold nothing against, my parents: Due to the fact, both are deceased. However, Claudia states her father, a little less from her mother in the form of their excessive baggage, and another factor, is that Claudia feels, is that her whole family do not except us, even when growing up in the same neighbourhood, for years and years, and she feels she is, the black sheep of the family, and her family has all of them, (what) the hearts of stone! It is then passed on, to her and she can not understand, why this rejection, and hearts of stone? She also can’t understand: She is their own flesh and blood, and were the ones that need hearts of a living heart not stone from them!

  9. Dr. Mullen,

    Thank you for your video message of this week.

    I am asking the Lord to break my stony heart towards some family members and to grant me a new heart of flesh, softened by the working of His Holy Spirit, so that I can genuinely love these persons with all of my heart, with the love of Jesus flowing through me. Amen.

    Praise the Lord that He never gives up on us!

  10. Um, why was my door stop inside your computer? And why were you using a hammer and chisel to remove the harddrive? Everything I know about computers tells me that is a bad idea. I am sorry that I was not there to help you.

  11. Dr. Grant,
    The Lord God softened my heart after I went to a Spiritual Director and confessed all of my sinfulness to him . I ‘ unloaded ‘ my guilt and shame for a full hour and, after I left I felt like a new man . It felt like 1,000 pounds had been lifted off my shoulders!
    I then recoiled at any thoughts of wilfully committing those sins again and, to such a degree that I was repulsed when I heard someone taking the Lord Jesus’ Name in vain, or when I heard foul language. I always say a prayer under my breath when I hear people using that language as I once had done so profusely.
    Almighty God is training me to use my tongue to try and bring edification and honour and encouragement to those around me and, of course, my brothers and sisters in the Family of God.

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