Do you need a recharge?

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There’s a big difference between head knowledge and experience

You can know a lot about faith but never use it.

That’s not God’s will for his children.

Don’t let your faith batteries run down.

Click on the video and I’ll show you how to recharge.

Now I want to hear from you

How do you keep your spiritual batteries charged? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. Thanks, Dr. Grant………..and, did you solve the “no batteries/no charge cord” problem?? Delightful analogy! And, I was especially drawn to your #4 regarding EXPECTATION……..that has been so emphasized to me by the Spirit over the past weeks…….and is especially meaningful as we step into a 7-week assignment abroad. Much can erode our expectation…so, with all the charge cords we are currently stewarding, the reminder will be there for us en route!!!

  2. Thanks Dr. Grant I really enjoyed your video. When I need a charge I verbally express my thanks and praise through my words or through hymns. I also find a lot more strength when I pray in The Spirit and let the Holy Spirit lead me. God knows exactly what I need,especially when I don’t and He gives me the strength.

  3. Praise God! I thank your ministry Dr. Grant as I am learning and doing the teachings of the Scriptures you present to us this way and I continue to explore new ways to me that have already been there for our discovering through our simple teaching of the truth of the Gospel in action. Thank you and I take and apply this to my life.

  4. Hi Grant

    This year has been so busy with family and other things.
    I do have to lean on God in every circumstance even when I am baking a cake I ask for His help also in the decorations and give God the Glory
    I find spending time with God also in worship and talking to him, praying and reading the Bible, there have been times when I did not manage to read the Bible, I do admit I need to speak to Him more throughout the day like I used to.


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