Do you need to be in control?

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Why do we all want to be in control?

It’s the most common addiction in humans I think. It starts at age 2 and then gets steadily worse.

How can you spot a control freak?
Where does this craving come from?
Can the need for control be controlled?

Is it possible to not be in control and stay sane?
Is there a 12 step program for control addiction? (everyone would insist on being leader)
How can you help the controller in your life (or maybe it’s you!)?

You need answers now! Click on the video whenever you want to. It’s totally your call.

Now I'm in control

Now I'm in control

To live a transformed life you must be able to control your need for control.

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Now I want to hear from you.

Has God helped you to successfully give up control in an area of your life that you never thought you could let go of? Tell us how you did it.

Don’t forget this week’s polling question, What do you wish you could control?

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Grant Mullen

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  1. Ha! I always want to be in control but I lose my remote ten times a day! I think that feeds my need for control because ten times a day I search for and re-attain “control”. 🙂

    Seriously though, I completely agree with your assessment of why we need to be in control. It’s been a big problem in my life and I see it starting in my son’s life as well. Thank you for the reminder of how to relax and remember that it’s ok to NOT be in control

  2. Grant this is an excellent talk. We are on the road doing deputation at the moment visiting churches and supporters who are part of our support team. I am such a ‘home body’ that while living out of a suitcase with other people I am not in control and my body suffers. More than I feel comfortable mentioning. But at 71yrs this is a challenge. Thanks for the encouragement. Alistair

  3. I think everyone has to be in control of their thinking, actions or behavior to some extent. That’s what makes us responsible for our actions. We have to make clear decisions to do the “right”. God has given us a plan for our lives, yes, I certainly agree to that ! But I feel that as I seek Him for that direction, at the same time, I ask Him for the “wisdom” to full fill it. In essence, we are ” in control” of yielding our will to HIM. Then, in control of carrying it out.
    Some things are out of our control I realize this. When they are……we are in control of making choice decisions to simply put our faith to the “test” of “trusting” God in all circumstances, knowing that He is Sovereign. I think this is a way that God allows us to be in control of who we are, and where we are going in life.
    Judy Dodson
    Simply because His way is always the best way, even though at times we struggle with its meaning…….

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