Do you overreact?

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Why do you overreact?

Because you think it’s the right thing to do under the circumstances.

But no one else thinks so.

Does it make you look wise and mature?

But you keep doing it.

Click on the video and discover why it happens and how to stop it.

To live a transformed life, you need to remove the cause of your overreactions.

Now I want to hear from you

How has Jesus helped you stop overreacting? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Do you overreact?

Do you overreact?

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  1. So true! Has great application everywhere from the family to work relationships and even unfamiliar people during various casual events.

  2. Hi,this is a good subject.I remember one time trying to get the courage to go up and ask my Pastor a question after the service.When finally getting the courage with alittle prayer the Pastor was in front of me.I asked him the question he answered and it took 2 minutes then he said he saw someone he had to speak to and if I didn’t mind could he go.I said sure.
    Walking away I started feeling rejected and alittle angry because it took so much time and energy to go up and ask the question and it was quick.Then I thought no go over the events that just happened.I had a question,The Pastor answered it,he asked if he could go nicely.
    After rewinding the event I realized it was my insecurity to go up and ask the question,he did not know how hard that was for me.I walked away with a smile on my face without having a reaction.

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  4. Wow did i ever overreact today! Driving to work a guy cut me off and nearly made me crash my car because at a 4 way stop he thought he had right to go before me which made him so angry that he chased me to get his point across. I then got so made and it became a challenge which was very childish and embarrassing!! I got to work and the first thing i say on my computer was your email asking me if i overreacted!!! For sure as a child was not loved and was criticised for everthing!! I feel with such a low self esteem and i take everything so personal that i seem to overreact on the simplest events.

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    Mark, I’m glad my email got to you at the right moment! So now you know where the reaction is coming from so you can start dealing with the causes. Talk to a counsellor or with me at a coaching appointment. God’s calling you to freedom!

  6. Thanks once again Grant for your poignant words of wisdom. This one sure hits home with so many of us. Before, I simply thought that an overreaction was a personality trait and brushed it aside with, “that’s just the way I/he/she is and don’t expect them to change”. Thanks to your teaching and others, I have come to see clearly that these overreactions are, just like you say, rooted in the past and primarily in our childhood. I have experienced wonderful healing from our Father in these areas. One further truism that I have discovered is that we invariably wound out of our wounds. So, the healing we receive does not only bless us but it also blesses those around us, primarily our children for generations to come.

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