Do you prefer mountain tops or valleys?

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Do you love mountain top experiences?

Of course I do and not just because I’m a skier.

Mountain tops represent accomplishment, satisfaction, vision, exhilaration and excitement. It’s a term used to describe both personal and spiritual victories.

We all want to stay on the mountain top where everything is going our way, we can clearly see the path ahead and we feel so close to God.

The problem is….. we can’t.

Would you like to stay on a mountain top?

Would you like to stay on a mountain top?

This week I’m coming to you live from a mountain top.

In this video we are going to talk about mountain top experiences and what comes in between.

Just click on the video and join me at the summit.

To live a transformed life you need to appreciate both mountains and valleys.

Now I want to hear from you

What have you learned in the valley that later took you to the mountain top ? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 12

  1. Great video…Going through the valley experiences in my personal life have been the best times and also the worst times of my life.I hate the valleys because, like you said, there’s a lot of pain, suffering, pruning and adjustments that happen while you wait on God to bring you through, yet these same experiences bring you into a closer, more meaningful, deeper relationship with the Lord, if you allow Him to work in you and not run from the valley in fear .I have learnt how to trust God and exercise faith muscles I didnt even know I had as I walked through challenges that left me feeling helpless and powerless, yet I became totally dependent on God because I didnt know what else to do or who else to turn to. So, I’ve come to appreciate valleys though I’d prefer the mountaintop if I had my way..Blessings to all..

  2. I agree with everything that Glory wrote Dr. Mullen., My valley experience lasted for three very long years. But without the valley experience, I must wonder if I would have learned what I did. The list of awesome things that I learned in the valley is very long. The greatest thing that I did learn was who I was in Christ Jesus. I learned that when I got born again many years ago, I recieved a new heart and that my born again Spirit is perfect. Then I got a revelation on just how much God really does love me. Thank you Dr. Mullen for suggesting the book “Experiencing the Father’s Embrace” by Jack Frost. That book helped to change my life. Then I learned that I must forgive people even though they hurt me. This was a very important step to take and cannot be omited. I learned that my soul was sick for most of my life because of having an abusive childhood. I did not understand that forgiveness would help my soul to heal. I allowed God to wash away all of my toxic thoughts. I no longer will entertain negative thinking about anyone. I view others with the same grace that God views me. I hope writing this will help others. Thank you Dr. Mullen. Finding your website is near the top of my list of awesome things that happened while in the valley.

  3. This video has come just at the right time. I’m not sure if it’s more of a mountaintop effect and than down to a valley again or is it a roller coaster ride?

    I have been on a 2 year journey and I have found that the valleys were times for me to get right with God and to grow spiritually. I have had some wonderful mountaintop experiences too, but only to be let down again into that valley. Or I’d like to say it’s been like a roller coaster for me.

    Yet, I liked what you said today in your video and I know that God does not give us more than we can handle. Just today after taking a long trip to see my father who has been laid up in a bed for the past 3 years of his life with no emotion left in him. I ask God “why”? I know He has a purpose and a plan for all our lives, but this has got me perplexed. It was not the kind of visitation that I would have said “it was well worth the trip” because it absolutely was not. My Dad is so angry and so bitter that he is like this and all he says to me is that he wants to die. Now imagine yourself in my shoes, his daughter, and you hear this negative comment coming from a Dad. It certainly did not make my day and I was so let down. Yes, I know I have to pray for my Dad which I do daily and yes I have asked God to forgive me and my Dad which I know God does. But still I feel so empty and hurt knowing how much my Dad does not want to be here on this earth knowing that I am still here.

    I have to wonder why I bother going to see him anyway…

    Sure could use some revelation about how I can see this going to a mountaintop when I feel like I’ve been thrown right back down into that valley.

    God bless,

  4. Hi thank you Dr Grant..
    I know what you mean and somehow I feel I am stuck in the valley x 12 yrs now
    similar to a Job experience….and yes I have done much healing, inner searching and spirirtual growth. Sometimes I want to be too close to God and not people// Anyway will keep hopeful that God will start paving the way for the steep climb ahead. Thank you so much for inspiration and reassurance that God is in control and we must trust and feel secure in Him. Blessings to you . Denise

  5. I actually like valleys (the literal ones). Does that make me abnormal? Valleys are cool restful places with lots of oxygen and water and wildlife. Mountaintops are waterless windy places with a bit of a view. I guess it depends on where the mountain is. We don’t get snow here. But if we did… being at the top of a slope with skis on my feet would scare me silly. Even though I don’t relate to your metaphor, I do get it. I think the best place to be is halfway up – with something achieved and something to look forward to. And my life is improving as my metaphorical mountains are turning into foothills.

  6. 22 feb 2011: 12.51pm I was in the down in the CBD Christchurch NZ, when the aftershock happened .what a test of faith you have when you could lose your life. If I where in the wrong place at that time..182 died from the quake for buildings and rocks coming down. Makes you ask why did it happen and so many people died. Christchurch has never been the same…

  7. I hope that I am not the only one (besides Vivienne”s comments above) that I easily prefer the valleys over the mountaintops as other than the view from the top, what other advantage is there over the valleys. The land in the valleys are rich with life, producing great crops, warmer temperatures, easier to get around, many more things to do, alot more people to mingle and minister to. Unfortunately many speakers and authors today have made mountaintop experiences as a sell that one is successful if they make or have mountaintop achievements and being in the valley is somehow a failure or not being successful. That is the world’s point of view. I don’t see anywhere in the Bible to back that form of reasoning. What matters is ones personal relationship with Jesus Christ and it doesn’t matter where a person is. Yep, I prefer the valleys anyday over the mountaintops.

  8. Hi Grant,
    It is great being at the top of the mountian, but I have to tell you of the experience that Susanne and I had last fall. We were on our way home from a motorcycle trip we had in the states. We decided to come back through the Virgina’s and wanted to experiaence the Blue ridge mountians. It was great going up and down and arround on the roads of the foot hills and seeing all the different sights. God is truly amazing. (I) decided to take a little bunny trail up one of the road ways. It led us to a Mountian trail. A one lane path that went right up the side of the mountain. I must tell you I was excited about this, BUT Susanne was not so thrilled. As we headed up the path (paved path) we were met with challenges such as steap climbs, hard curves, no fences to prevent us from going off the road as well as vehicles coming down the mountian. Each turn was pumping me up but as a Passenger Susanne was not so thrilled. Finally we reached the top and the adrenalin rush was incredible for both of us.
    As you spoke on the Valley’s and the Summit I thought to my self how life is so much like the climb we had. We can look had hard time in two ways. as a burden or a challenge. Susanne had to trust me as a rider much like we have to trust God to lead us out of trouble. No I am not God. But I to had to trust in God as we took the challenge. If we as humans can can just trust in God to lead us even the mountians can be fun. Just believe and we can speak to those mountians and they will move.

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