Do you remember your childhood?

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Yes, that's meYes, that’s me

 We all have memories

Some are good and some aren’t.

Your memories have a profound influence on your personality and relationships today.

Most people think that painful memories become a life sentence of regret.

Not so for Christians.

Today’s video shows you how to come out from under the weight of your past.

To live a transformed life you need to let Jesus heal your memories.

Now I want to hear from you

How have your memories been healed?  Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 11

  1. I was very new in my relationship with Christ, when I finally learned what forgiveness was about 3 years ago; and a wonderful pastor helped lead me through it. As a result, I have been able to write my story in a book. It’s not quite finished yet, but I’m very proud of the work that is emerging. It’s a much different book with goals that are being led by God. Without the forgiveness behind me, it would have turned out to be a whole different book that would likely have hurt a lot of people. I have been able to write about childhood trauma’s without them coming back and taking over my whole life, as would have happened if I had written this book before I learned to forgive. My story is one of surviving abuse and mental illness such as Social Anxiety, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder…. into a life where I love Jesus. The title will be ‘Cocoa with Jesus’.

  2. Excellent point Carley. Forgiveness is a life changing spiritual weapon that sets us free. We have lots of info on forgiveness, follow these links:

  3. Jesus has gently and lovingly healed the many deep wounds in my past as I have walked with Him over the years.
    He does not beak off the bent reed or snuff out the flickering wick.
    I am ever grateful for the work He has done in me… and continues to do.
    Now I am able to love and laugh and experience the fullness of life that Jesus came to give us all. Nothing is impossible for Him, no matter what has occurred in your life, that I do know. To be forgiven and now to forgive, to be loved and now to love, to be healed, now to heal. The gift goes on. He has lavished us with so much love. I am so glad He showed me how to open my shattered heart to receive that love, love that continues to heal me.

  4. Great message Grant, and one that by and large has been missed over the years in the institutional church. I grew up in a large denomination known for its “rightly dividing the Word of Truth”, and never once heard this vital message of healing proclaimed. Just in the last several years (I’m now in my sixties), our Father has opened my eyes to this wonderful message of Truth. I now have come to the realization that there are throngs of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are floundering due to the heart wounds that they have carried from childhood (and added to in the years following). This is indeed the most obscured aspect of the Gospel message…ie, that Christ’s atonement not only covers the sins we commit but also the devastating effect of the sins that have been committed against us. The, “and by His stripes we are healed”, prophesy of Isaiah has suddenly come alive for me. In the ministry our Father has given my wife and I, we are beginning to see, in the lives of long-time believers, the amazing effects of appropriating the healing and deliverance our Father has provided us through Jesus.

  5. No memories usally mean trauma. I have worked on this for years. Not always a fun journey, but very rewarding. Good luck (a) your in the right place with Dr. Mullens.

  6. I was almost thirty-nine years old when the memories of abuse started coming to the surface and I never realised how powerful negative, traumatic memories can be.I learnt over the last few very painful years how to surrender the memories to the Lord as they surfaced to my mind rather than try to push it back into my subconscious once more.Every time I tried to stuff the memories I used to end up getting panic attacks and feeling like I was losing my mind or going crazy.The Lord has helped me considerably but I am praying to get to the root since I also struggle with not having much childhood memories..A friend of mine who is also a christian counselor recently mentioned she suspects she was abused at about four years of age and has no memories of it, but she struggles with fears and is hoping she can remember so she can be healed completely from it since she has been seeking deliverance herself..thanks for this on time video, Dr Grant..blessings to all..

  7. Memories have a great deal of influence on our personalities. In my opinion, we don’t have to go searching for memories to be healed. Ask God to bring to mind only the memories that he wants to heal. That takes the pressure off so you don’t have to become so introspective.
    Thanks for all the great comments. This is an important issue that few deal with.

  8. Hi Grant, I am a grateful listener to you broadcast. I Thank you. I know what you mentioned about childhood things are significant for me since I have been struggling with events my whole life that occurred from early childhood. I came from a home where there was violence and criticism, shame and other things that held me hostage to my being confident in my self. Although, I had a gift of skill as a mechanic and this got me through as a provider and was able to raise a family. This confidence I had in myself was not enough when things in my marriage started to fail. I didn’t have the ability in the emotional area to keep the marriage together. This was devastating to me and to the family I was raising. I remember seeking God in this time knowing full well I could not handle what was coming. I could see it coming apart and not being able to hold it together, and it did.
    That was 30 years ago. I would like to say everything is going great for me in the area of (relationship), but what I can say is this, I am no longer hung up on the negative feelings I had as a boy,who would hide under his moms apron, afraid of who I was . I am Not self conscious anymore and am sometimes bold and outspoken, not a door mat like I used to be. The Lord has healed me through these defects acquired from childhood. Its been a long road. The anger is coming to the surface and the Lord is showing me how to deal with the anger along with the healing. It seems the two are joined in my case. I stuffed so much as a boy and now am able to open up and be healed. I thank you Rich

  9. That’s a powerful testimony Richard. Anger is an emotion that usually tells you that there is something brewing under the surface (memories) that God wants to heal. Use it as an indicator that God is ready to heal you of more memories.

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