Do you roll your eyes at God?

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Eye rolling is a faith killer

I was a cynic.

I was raised in the church but I became cynical about claims of supernatural events.

I didn’t see anything miraculous. It just seemed like a lot of talk to me.

I rolled my eyes whenever I heard claims that I just didn’t believe.

Eye rolling is a faith killer

Eye rolling is a faith killer

But one day God set me up to teach me a valuable lesson.

I never rolled my eyes again after that.

In this video I’ll tell you how to make yourself available to receive supernatural blessings.

Just click on the video and keep yours eyes straight ahead.

To live a transformed life, you need to raise your expectation of what God can do in your life.

Now I want to hear from you

What has God done that surprised you? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 16

  1. a few years ago our minister invited me to an evening meeting and told me a prophet is going to be there,and boy did i roll my eyes several times in the days leading up to the meeting,but i took a chance and went,and he called various people up telling them god wanted them to do something specific ect…and as the meeting was drawing to a close the prophet looked at me and asked me my name,so i answered,( more like sqeaked!!!) and he told me that god wants me to work on my music and in addition to that,im to spend three years getting to know god better! so i got a suprise from god but struggled with it for several years….

  2. I’ve heard LOTS of prophetic words spoken over people and circumstances over the years, but I tend to roll my eyes at it because prophetic words rarely seem to come to pass. Sometimes God deals with that by giving me some kind of special surprise and I’m reminded of His goodness, that nothing is impossible, and His words aren’t worthy for doubt.

  3. I am looking forward to your visit to Porirua, New Zealand this year.
    Your newsletters are so encouraging. Thank you.

  4. I hadn’t really been praying very believing prayers for my wife’s upper arm to be healed after a car accident. One morning when I was watching a healing evengelist, the Lord spoke to me heart that he was going tp heal Shirley!! I actually kepy it to myself in disbelief, sadly.

    When I was about to travel from New Plymouth to Auckland with our daughter to be with my dieing mother, Shirley burst out of the front door shouting “I’m healed” – the ‘baffeling’ Xrays confirmed that she didn’t need corrective surgery afterall. So grateful to a God who is faithful to His word!

  5. Oh boy! I have had the “leg lengthening thing” prayed over me three times over the years and each time I did not roll my eyes, but “received” it in faith … yet all they did was manipulate my foot/leg to make it look like it was successful. It was not. For many people, the cause of one leg appearing longer than the other is actually due to the fact that one hip is elevated because of a curvature of the spine, for heaven’s sakes! They need to pray for the back!

    I have received other healings though and seen others receive healings when I prayed for them. God does heal … but please, not the leg thing!

  6. You’re right Gen that the length problem is from a spine curve. That’s what the teacher told me to pray for when my lady was “unexpectedly healed.” Try praying for your own back and see what happens!

  7. Hi Grant:

    I have an instance that happened which I did not really expect God to answer. I was going to a ministry of deliverance meeting and was having trouble getting there. I was going to go one way or the other and I casually asked God for a car. During the week I got a call from my father who lived in another city and didn’t know what I was undertaking offering me a car. I just about dropped the phone. Then when I did get to Ottawa where the meeting was I was very sick, maybe nerves or the flu but anyway I was kneeling by the toilet and I prayed God I don’t need this right now and I was fine from then until I returned home. Amazing God. No eye rolling any more.

  8. In 1993 we asked a lady with a healing ministry to come pray for my dad, who was in the ICU. While we were meeting with her prior to her praying for my dad, I felt a warmth in my lower back and thought it was from a many hour flight (Toronto-Honolulu) irritating my lower back, which had bothered me for years after I injured it pulling a stroller through the snow. I had no idea my one leg was shorter than the other as a result. When the lady asked us if we needed prayer for anything, I can’t remember if I specifically asked for prayer for my back, but she had me extend my leg and without touching it, with her hand just under my foot, she prayed. I stood up and realized I was finally walking properly. (Yet God chose to take my dad home – I told the Lord I would have put up with the back issue instead, but He knows best.) Since then, I’ve received two other healings in a similarly unexpected way – God gave a woman a word of knowledge at a prayer meeting re: my upper arm – likely I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder (I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome) and I was healed instantly. The third time I was healed of TMJ at a concert – but didn’t receive the full healing until the next day. In each case, I’d have to say my faith had nothing whatsoever to do with the healing received – especially the first one, because God started to heal me before we even prayed. All just the grace of God – rather humbling.

  9. This video came at such a perfect time. I had the privilege of praying with a person on Friday March 5, 2012. He wasn’t a religious person (he doesn’t attend church) but a believer in Jesus Christ. He also said his wife was too. He was stressed because of his wife’s thyroid and lower back cancer. He had actually lost over 100 lbs. due to it. I tried to encourage him as a believer that if his wife died (and I was sure she would but I didn’t tell him that) that it wasn’t the end. As a believer he could know for sure death was conquered and she could die in peace and the two of them would see each other again. Then I prayed for God to move soverignly and heal her body and restore her to health and strength. He left encouraged. Tuesday he called me saying he had good news. His wife was cancer free (both thyroid and lower back), it had actually disappeared. I was astounded and told him he had just boosted my faith because in all honesty I did not expect this at all. I am still not sure it was my prayer! I shared this with one of my colleagues after I let him see your video presentation first. He had also met with this guy on the Friday he came in. The colleague was estatic and shared what I told him with his wife. But before he did that he shared with me what his mother told him when he was 9 years old which I believe puts things in perspective. She wasn’t a particularly religious women but she prayed and asked God and He did one of either two things for her, He took the difficulty away or He gave her strength to cope with it. It wasn’t clear in your presentation Dr. Mullen but his comment begs the question, does God heal in every case? I have prayed before in the same way I prayed for this guy on Friday but I can’t remember if I had an answer like this one! I think there are lots of godly people i.e. Joni Erickson Tada (a para palegic) whom God uses in mighty ways to bring glory to Himself. Dr. Mullen would you please address this a little bit because I don’t want myself or anyone else blaming ourselves and feeling guilty when our prayers don’t get answered the way we would hope or expect them to. Thank you I would appreciate it. God bless

  10. Oh Grant! God does the silliest things! I used to be a very cynical girl. If I was standing in a prayer line waiting for prayer and someone ahead of me would fall under the power of the Spirit….I would roll my eyes, leave the prayer line and go sit in my chair. If people in a service would get hit with a bout of “holy laughter” I would make a bee line for them following the service to “interview” them…why were you laughing? what were you thinking? why do you think God would make you laugh and look silly? If I didn’t like their explanation, I would roll my eyes and move on! I lived for many years in anguish as a Spirit-filled believer keeping God at arms length. I was willing to let God work in my life ONLY if He would work within my parameters. That didn’t work out so well. In the past couple of years God has BLOWN my MIND by showing me that HE alone calls the shots. He moves at His pleasure and within His own parameters. I’ve let go of so much of my cynical thinking. But….JUST THIS WEEK…I decided to get cynical about so many people praying for legs to lengthen in healing services. I just told God, that is SO weird! I don’t know anyone with one leg shorter than the other…….and gently….God directed me to your little talk….to remind me that I am no longer cynical!! Thank you, friend, for all the teaching that you offer. Thank you for hearing God and speaking directly to me via the internet right here in Nebraska…bless you!

  11. So you have leg lengtheners in Nebraska?
    Glad you found my video at the right moment to stop your cynicism. Speaking as a former cynic, and now a leg lengthener myself (!) never roll your eyes again.

  12. This is a really good video, I really liked it. I do have one question though. What if I already have plenty of faith for a healing, and I ask God for that healing (wheather it’s for me or someone else), but the healing doesn’t come after many years of waiting, what then? How do I keep my faith up when my prayers aren’t getting anwered but everyone else around me is.

  13. Benjamin, that’s a timeless question, the issue of unanswered prayer. It always boils down to the issue of trust. All you can do is keep reminding yourself that God is loving and trustworthy, he hears your prayers and has not forgotten about you. Keep praying and trusting.

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