Do you struggle to know God’s will?

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We all want to do God’s will

But how do you know what it is?

If a direction is appealing, does that make it carnal and wrong?

How does God want to communicate his will to us?

Click on the video and stop struggling.

To live a transformed life, you need to stop crucifying your new man and recognize the desires that God’s placed in you.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God led you? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. Thanks for this confirmation of this weekends Ottawa conference, which was “Dreaming with the King”. You are teaching today,
    precisely what was being shared 🙂
    Thankyou so much

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  3. I have been so afraid of missing God’s will, that I haven’t trusted my own thoughts and promptings. Having made some huge mistakes, I have been left with a constant struggle with fear. It is freeing to hear this spoken Dr Grant. Thank you so much.

  4. So, what if I have felt strongly a direction that I felt God leading me, even moved forward and took training in that area. Then someone else in my life sabatoged my being able to continue in that direction. Twice this has happened to me over the past 5 years (the first time was stopped before I began the training). Now I’m sitting back and thinking, “What’s up with this? I felt so strongly God’s leading in this area”. Just before I could really launch forward after my training I’ve been stopped again. I’m feeling that its Satan trying to stop me but I’m losing confidence to move forward especially since this is the second time. Now I’m forced to put it off again. I’m confused.

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  6. Thank you for these refreshing insights…I’ve never really considered the phrase: “stop crucifying the new man”…that’s huge and that’s so helpful. How wonderful to know that He has done the work and we are worthy of “participating with Him” in life direction, etc. Once again, thank you!

  7. very well said! I come from the same background. Right now I am seeking God’s will for my “last half” of life, having completed the first half with business ventures, intense women’s ministries which came to a conclusion 6 months ago. so I am waiting on God intentionally; reading my journal of the past year to get a sense of God speaking to me, taking a year sabbatical before taking any new position… interesting that you should mention Bill Johnson and Bethel. they have been on my radar the last year. In all of this, asking God to reveal himself so that I will know him more and trust him more. I attended the CASA conference in Dallas in November, “understanding your ‘why'”, and last November, 2012 I visited Israel

  8. Echoing Peggy’s comment, it hadn’t occurred to me that is been crucifying the new man! Old habits die hard, don’t they? Thank you for the insight Brother Grant!


  10. Dear grant, Thank you for your teachning on God”s will. We are constantly being preached at to crucify the old man. That has always frustrated me because I have often thought that as committed believer if I have the mind of Christ truly in me then why would I automaticaaly fight the old man’s way. It is NOW much more natural to think, act and live in a Godly way. Hooray for making that clear! I remember about 20 years ago, we went on a holidat to Chicago. I wanted so badly to know if this was in God’s will trhat I almost made myself sick. And had an absolutely horrible vacation. Years ago, I heard a preacher who told us God gave us a freewill and a good sound mind. God expects us to use it.Following His will is not do I go one step to the left or right, but do I walk toward Him.Fran from Athabacsa Conference. God bless you.

  11. My husband divorced me without biblical grounds. He remarried (the Lord calls it adultery) because he feels this is God’s will. My son and I have paid dearly for his warm fuzzy feelings of what he feels and thinks are God’s will. We all have Bibles and it seems that we are so busy navel gazing and going by our feelings even if they contradict God’s word. Not every good thought is from the Lord. Satan tempted Jesus with ‘good things’. Let God’s Word be our guide and not our feelings. We know Jesus didn’t feel like going to the cross. God gives us hard things to do that are not always fun and appealing. I wish the apostles could hear some of the nonsense we’re told to believe now. They had to live lives that weren’t that much fun either. Blessings to all with God’s wisdom and truth in the innermost places.

  12. A good place to start as a Christian is found in one book: Mt. 12. Heal the sick and cast out demons. Jesus after dealing with the pharisees on demons, said the Kingdom of Heaven came upon them unexpectedly.
    I found that I had no one to deliver me , so I engaged in self deliverance and it works! The Kingdom came upon me and I engaged in taking the Kingdom with violent force to possess it. You can’t just operate out of a Jesus in me mentality.Just obey and begin healing and it works.

    Do what Jesus modeled and you find yourself part of the family of God at the end of the chapter. This will keep you busy enough doing His will untill the Holy Spirit directs your next steps.

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