Do you struggle with worship?

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Every church has worship

But not every Christian worships.

Why do so many struggle with worship?

Why is worship essential to our spiritual life?

How can we bring life back into worship?

Click on the video and get ready to sing!

Now I want to hear from you

How do you worship during the week? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Worship is a personal audience with the King

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  1. Thank you for this video. I liked the part where you said we have an “audience of one”. That will help me to focus on that instead of other distractions and people around me.

  2. Dear Grant,
    I am afraid you have missed the two main crucial factors that stop elderly people like me getting involved in worship.

    1. The noise is too loud!
    I won’t even call it music!
    When 2 guitars are fighting each other, with a bass thumping out, trying to be heard over pounding drums and classhing symbols and wailing keyboard – I jkust walk out.
    2. When the ‘worship’ team go over and over the same few lines – I am in danger of becoming mesmerised, and losing focus on my reason to be in church – to thank God for His many mercies, and to praise him.
    3. We have lost the meaningful words of the great hymns that we used to enjoy.
    I have to gop online to Bill Gaither and the Isaacs [to mention just a couple] to hear “Just As I Am”, “How Great Thou Art”, “On A Hill Far Away,”

    Do I enjou worship?
    Not at church!
    Unless I am at a funeral, where these great hymns are once again sung.
    Then I, [and the congregation] lift up our voices – whereas the so-called worship can only be ‘enjoyed’ by a very few.

    I understand that the young need their music.
    But so do the old ones!

    Once a month at our local Baptist church we have a “Boomers and Beyond” service at 4 pm, when good music is once again played.

    My way of dealing with the lack of worship is to arrive at church 15 minutes after the start time, or sit in my seat and read my Bible!

    So, no, Grant, none of the reasons you have expounded are the reason I don’t engage in worship at my church.
    However, I do enjoy great hymns in my own home.

    Bless you,

  3. Post

    Thanks Frank for mentioning that very real issue in many churches. I just didn’t have time in the video to discuss everything. The controversy you refer to is so widespread it even has a name “worship wars.” So you aren’t alone.

  4. I’m a volunteer worship leader at my church but have been doubting the authenticity of corporate worship. It would be so wonderful if we could slow down, tune into flow and seeing what the Spirit would say to us. Our staff is pushing more upbeat music that’s joyous and “seeker-sensitive” (I suppose we’re all seekers, though). I dunno, to me it feels as if we’re being more market-led instead of Spirit-led.

    Has anyone else encountered these feeling? How did you work through them?

  5. Demon repellent…love it!!! Great message, Grant! I have learned that I am responsible for me, and no one else in my relationship with God. And I want the best relationship with Him, that means bringing my best worship to Him. Praise and worship are a sacrifice. I bring a sacrifice of praise, so it doesn’t matter if I don’t feel like it. I will praise and worship myself happy if I am sad about something.

  6. Love worship, great one Dr. Mullen!! I’m on the older side (60’s) also & relate to some of the suggestions. Maybe if worship integrated more reading of scripture & prayer into the songs, as it applies this would give more meaning for people & more power to the church service. I will pray this for my church, believe this is a word from the Lord.

  7. I worship The Lord everyday, either by speaking praises and thanks to Him or singing to Him or by singing along to worship music on my CDs while I drive in my car. We can worship The Lord anytime.

  8. I hear you, Frank! There’s a reason I carry ear plugs in my purse at all times. 😉 Have also escaped to the basement a few times until the noise subsided. It’s no easy feat to please everyone! As long as we “keep ourselves in the love of God” we can choose what we want to expose ourselves to.
    The Lord has sometimes ministered to me through the music on the radio. One of my favourites is ” Reach Out – I’ll be there” by the Four Tops. I close my eyes and take it as Jesus singing to me and it is very meaningful.
    I like singing and talking to the Lord as I do things around the house or while driving. And I really enjoy sunsets and beauty in nature… the stars at night… babies, friendly people… music (that I like!)… oh, and I dance once in a while, just for fun. God is good and I appreciate His faithfulness to me a lot.

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