Do you want to see more miracles?

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You need more of God’s presence!

In the Old Testament, the presence of God only appeared intermittently and just for the leaders and heroes.

Everyone else had to only hear about it or watch from a distance.

Now it’s totally different.

Click on the video and I’ll explain how you can have a New Testament lifestyle.

To live a transformed life you need to invite God’s presence every day.

Now I want to hear from you

How has the presence of God changed your life? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Invite His presence

Invite His presence

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  1. I am allowing more of the Lord into my life as I type…It truly is life changing. I can feel the transformation. One little bit at a time.

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  3. I was worshiping God this morning and asking him to use me more as he did Peter and Paul of the bible. I asked him for more miracles, salvations and simply more of him in my life. I desire to know him more and to share in the fellowship of his suffering and the power of his Ressurection. I asked him to speak to me and he did,he told me that he birthed this longing in my heart and he will fulfill my desires, because he gave me those desires.He filled me with his Spirit and gave me joy. After which, I opened my mail and there you were answering the questions that I asked God as well. You were led by the Spirit with this video. Thank you for confirming by the Holy Spirit.

  4. The presence of God has been key in dealing with the struggles I’ve had recently.With both parents dying within months of each other, as well as many of my friends and relatives who died last year, it’s been very difficult.When grief would try to consume me, the Holy Spirit would give me a Scripture verse to comfort me, help me to praise and worship to get rid of the spirit of heaviness, or literally give me a hug..I’d feel His presence wrapped arpound me like a blanket..when feelings of rejection and abandonment would try to come in because of my parents death, He would comfort me with His love, speak to my heart words of love and kindness, and help me to see truth so I could reject the lies that were trying to come in to my life from having so many losses to deal with in such a short span of time..but He’s faithful to heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds..He really does care..Thank you Dr Grant for this on time video..His presence is what makes the difference..its not silver or gold, or the things of this world, but its His presece that makes the Difference..Blessings to all..Glory..

  5. The presence of God has been, a cloud by day and a fire by night , I have seen him manifest in people around this world his eyes his heart his hands his feet , show up everyday. You can smell him when you take a minute to smell the earth you can hear him when the birdies sing a song he is around all the time I am just trying everyday to look for glimpse of him when ever I can , not always am I able to but I try

  6. Grant,
    I remember when I was worshipping the Lord at a church and I was asking Jesus to show me His Father. As I prayed I sang the song everyone was singing ; a wonderful song about the Holy Spirit and, I noticed after a time, that I was being rocked back and forth like I was in the arms of the Father and Jesus spoke to my heart and said, ” this is my Father rocking you ” and I began to weep uncontrollably because it was PURE JOY that I was experiencing !!!
    Praise be to the Lord Jesus for answering my prayer !!
    Now when I pray I often experience that joy again and again when I truly seek His Presence !
    Halleluia to Our King !!

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