How not to use spiritual gifts

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Which is more important, gifting or character?

If you had a choice, would you choose more spiritual gifts or a stronger character?

Of course we want more gifts!

Who wouldn’t want wisdom, miracles or prophecy. Gifts are exciting, character building is boring.

But which is more important gifting or character?

This is an important question. One choice leads to a life of blessing for yourself and all you come in contact with. The other leads to embarrassment, humiliation and disaster.

This week’s video is about a Bible character who didn’t understand the difference between the two and made the wrong decision.

Samson the baby

Do you want gifts or character?

Click on the video and be forewarned so you don’t make the same mistake.

To live a transformed life, allow God to build your character, then spiritual gifts will follow.

Share the transformed life. Send this to your friends so they can avoid the pitfalls of gifting.

What do you think?

How has God built character into your life? Did it make a difference to your spiritual gifts? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Start the transformation now

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Comments 13

  1. Dear Grant, this message is an excellent reminder for all believers (including me) that God is more concerned about our heart and character than what we think we have to offer Him using our gifts..God bless, Alistair

  2. God mercifully leads me to do the right thing; time after time, contrary to what our society says is right, and contrary to what I feel like doing. This practice of asking God for direction has become a habit and blessings have come.
    Family, friends and colleagues told me to arrange my business dealings to avoid paying taxes honestly. God said to pay my taxes honestly. I made up my mind to follow God and within two months my business income increased by 80% and has been increasing since then. There is often more work being directed toward me than I can handle.

    I had arthritis throughout my body and a spinal injury that was restricting my ability to move and work. God showed me Proverbs 3 :
    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, on your own intelligence rely not;
    In all your ways be mindful of him, and he will make straight your paths.
    Be not wise in your own eyes, fear the LORD and turn away from evil;
    This will mean health for your flesh and vigor for your bones.

    Then God lead me to ask forgiveness from my mother in law. I really didn’t feel like doing this but I went to see her early in the morning. She didn’t forgive me but that night I was totally healed of the arthritis, my spine was totally healed (something my chiropractor had never seen, so he praised God with me) and my vision was even corrected! (I no longer need the eye glasses I had for 20 years) Now the Lord has asked me to minister to others who are hurting.
    I have come to realize the character that leads to life and victory is the habit of doing what is right based on what God says is right. Honoring God with our actions and decisions is powerful. God choses to honor those who honor Him. That’s not to say that all my problems have vanished.
    The latest thing that God has asked of me is to love my wife despite her actions against me. It took some time and effort, but it’s happening! A few days ago she said she’s falling in love with me again! I didn’t feel like loving her. I argued with God many times about this, but his presence in me has gradually enabled me to love my wife as she needs to be loved in order for her to become a mature Christian.

    All glory and honor is rightfully God’s. Alleluia!

    A. Bouchard

  3. We certainly enjoy your weekly emails. And we have learned a lot.
    Marie Richards
    Restoration Ministries (Canada) Inc.

  4. Thank you Grant for the simplicity of your messages. You’re a good story teller. In my life I realized my character greatly developed in better understanding my position in Christ through Neil Anderson’s books. I find that since it has richly empowered my spiritual gifts. It has also helped me to stop spiritualizing all of my emotions. Continue your great work. Jean

  5. Hi Doctor Grant..just started to receive your emails and i have to say i have been really encouraged by the practicality of your messages. your ministry it would seem to me is relatively unique and we are so blessed to have your imput!
    The other day i sat down and put a few lines together on paper and thought i would like to share it with you.

    Negative setting,
    Activates fretting,
    Subconscious decision to mourn,
    Thinking repressed,
    Soul is depressed,
    Life’s outlook is now so forlorn,

    Feeling so hopeless,
    With life we can cope less,
    We struggle to get thru the day,
    Were no longer standing,
    Life seems so demanding,
    Demeanor beginning to fray,

    We enter the cave,
    We can no longer brave,
    That person who thinks we are normal,
    Their happiness grates us,
    Their joy it berates us,
    Their presence it seems so abnormal,

    When people don’t see our cry,
    We no longer justify,
    That smile we put on our face,
    Were no longer singing,
    Emotions are cringing,
    And reason is so out of place,

    A paradigm shift,
    That could help us to lift,
    Is more than a moment away,
    It’s more than a feeling,
    That manifests healing,
    It’s taking the meds every day,

    And also its kneeling.
    To let God do the dealing,
    With the things that are hid from our sight,
    He is shining his light,
    With those things from the night,
    And the darkness it does become light,

    It’s knowing whatever,
    That our God said he’d never,
    Leave us to fight this alone,
    It’s being willing to sit,
    With our God in the pit,
    And accept all the things we are shown,

    It’s thru wisdom and grace,
    That we finish the race,
    With a wholeness that comes from his love,
    Our emotions are stirred,
    From his loves living Word,
    And from here on our minds we do gird,

    With a steadfast conviction,
    We can take docs prescription,
    And our God we do know he has heard,
    Cause he’s bought us to freedom,
    And his Word we will feed on,
    Cause all things he will use in their turn.

    “Copyright 02/10/2010 Mark Edwards / Marked”

  6. Dear Grant,

    I agree your message is excellent, and I also realise I once was in the place of being Spiritual, I struggled with depression, and I realised that I have to go through a process of leaning on God , I also had encouragement from my Aunt who brought me back to the Lord, who says she can rather hear the difference when I email her or talk to her as she is in Australia, my Aunt also suggested a few years ago to contact you which I did and received your teachings.

    I really enjoy hearing you speaking and encouraging us, and I believe Character is more important than gifts until God believes that we are ready to deal with whatever he wants us to do. It is also a process sometimes longer than what we want but we need to perservere.

    Thank you so much for all your help which is greatly appreciated.

    God Bless Gayle

  7. This is fantastic! So true! God is working on my character at the moment through my work. Its a gr8 place 2 learn. If u r struggling at work then ask God what is He trying 2 teach u? God doesnt like 2 see us struggle but He does want us 2 grow! This is what happens when u pray prayers like “Make me more like u God” God doesnt take our prayers lightly, He does answer them. Just not always in the way we think! The best thing is when u recognise this opportunity 2 grow instead of grumbling & complaining. I would choose character over gifts any day because i want 2 be more like Jesus in every area of my life & give Him all the glory.


  8. Hi Grant.. I love this message.!! God has been building character in me for quite some time now, and even though it feels dull, at times it’s been quite painful.But that’s how I prayed many years ago, not just for miracle, signs and wonders to follow me, but that through character building, I would be conformed to His image.I don’t want to be like Samson and I pray that God will help me in this area always.

  9. Indeed GOD created us for a destiny to achieve and most importantly, he has given us life as the most resourceful asset we to use through keeping in touch with God.

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