Does Christmas drive you nuts?

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You need my Christmas survival guide

To many people, Christmas is the most stressful, demanding, depressing, frustrating and anxiety provoking time of the year.

This week I’m giving you my Christmas survival guide which should help you stay sane through the holidays. It will reduce guilt and stress, show you how to buy the perfect gift and give you a winning strategy to deal with relatives.

Just click on the video below and rescue your holiday.

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To live a transformed life you have to know how to survive Christmas.

Learn the Christmas survival skills

Now I want to hear from you

How do you stay sane at Christmas? Just leave your comments below.

Here’s another tool to help you get through the festive season.

Do you feel controlled or manipulated by other people? Does it become increasingly obvious at Christmas?

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Comments 18

  1. Grant, you are so “on”. I always appreciate your video’s and want to share them. Is there any way you could add closed captioning to your screen ? There are so many deaf people who are excluded from learning from your lessons because they need CC. I have a deaf adult son who would be blessed by your practical wisdom. He is only one of many. Thank you.

  2. Big G, now on top of all my Christmas worries, I have to worry about you not getting yourself electrocuted as well. Thank you for the video and have a nice Christmas.

  3. I don’t go overboard with gifts

    I only buy gifts for the people I want to buy for,

    Many people buy gifts for people they don’t like. That would be stressful.

    I keep christmas simple so it doesn’t get too commercialized.

    I do have a family issue around christmas. I wrote this person a letter to discuss my feelings and to get some closure.

  4. Dr. Grant,
    It sounds good but the feelings are tough to get past…everyone around me seems to be having that “Rockwell” Christmas…I’m trying to remember to be thankful for what I do have but when everyonelse is so cheery and blissful, I feel like running away.

  5. I miss the big family dos, even tho they were far from perfect we were family and extended family it is awful small 4 people, 6 if parents can come. I have no daughter in laws or grandchildren yet. my best friend is too busy now with grand children I havent seen her for a year. I borrow a couple of little ones but miss my family so much I had 16 blood aunts and uncles their spouses and children from both sides. I feel lost and alone. I know god is my daddy but physical hugs woould be nice

  6. Hi Grant, love your work! I was very depressed 2 years ago after my wife left and I was not “allowed” to see my children on Christmas day. My only friends had their own families and I was literally alone. At a friend’s suggestion I volunteered to serve Christmas Lunch to homeless people in the city. I also helped with setting up from 7.30 in the morning and handed out presents to the kids after lunch. It was one of the most satisfying Christmasses ever for me. I was too tired after to get depressed as I went back to my empty house and I could think back at the smiling faces. I got married again a couple of weeks ago and we have decided to spend Christmas day serving the homeless and less fortunate again together.

    I hope that if someone is in the situation I was in, they might find encouragement is this story and help God’s less fortunate children as well.

  7. Thank you – awesome – was not going to take the “time” to listen to this but decided to put you on while I made my list of things to do today and I am so blessed by your practicality. May God continue to “grant” you and yours favour and grace. Carol (please pray with me that the true light of Christmas will shine through all the dynamics in my home.) God bless 🙂

  8. Thanks Dr. Mullen No truer words of wisdom ever spoken and worth while to remember during this special time of year. I am looking forward to seeing you when you and Kathy come to “Breakforth” here in Edmonton comeJjanuary.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  9. Thank you Grant…your message has given me the necessary motivation to place all things in a priorities first mode. Jesus is first, then others , then me.
    I wish you and Kathy blessings of love and fruitfulness this Christmas and always !!!

  10. Brother,
    Love your practical, clear, concise, instruction. A lay person
    can read “emotionally free”, or listen to you and receive teaching
    May God bless you and yours,

  11. Dr. Mullen,
    Our mutual friend Billie recommended your website about six months ago when my marriage hit a rough patch. I have really been helped by your teachings and insights. I just wanted to thank you and let you know you are appreciated!!

    Have a blessed Christmas,

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