Does God still heal people today?

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Could a miracle happen to you or through you?

Healing is a topic I’ve always been interested in. After all, I was in the “healing” profession for my whole career.

Does God intervene supernaturally in this century as he did in Bible times?

Or has the healing era long past since we now have modern medicine?

This is a hot controversy, I discovered.

Jesus lets us work with him

Jesus lets us work with him

My position on this question was suddenly clarified when a woman was accidentally healed after one of my very low faith prayers. I was more surprised than she was.

In this video you’ll learn how God can use anyone (even you and me!) and he likes to surprise us.

Click on the video and learn how to live like a New Testament Christian.

To live a transformed life you have to be willing to be used by God

Do you need a miracle?
Watch this video then pray along with me.

Now I want to hear from you

What miracles have you witnessed? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 18

  1. I have seen and experienced healing to knees when we’ve prayed, “In Jesus’ name, we command this knee to be balanced and restored to what God originally intended, thank-you Jesus”.
    I have experienced emotional healing from trauma when we prayed, “In Jesus’ name we cut off the trauma of this event and command it to leave, thank-you Jesus. In Jesus’ name we command all cellular memory of the traumatic event to be erased, thank-you Jesus”. Since these prayers, I can remember the traumatic event but my fight or flight response is no longer activated by it.

  2. Good message, Grant! God is no respecter of persons and he will use whoever is willing to let him use them. I recently prayed for a friend’s husband who’s retina had torn away a little and was going to see a specialist to have it taken care of. I asked God to touch his eye, heal it and that he wouldn’t even have to have the procedure. I wasn’t even with the person when I prayed. They had to go out of town to the specialist, and they came home without having had anything done to his eye … the doctor looked and looked and couldn’t find the tear! Now that’s my Jesus!! It gave me a deeper understanding of how important it is to pray when God prompts us to pray. Our prayers, however simple they may seem to us, are extremely powerful in the spiritual realm! This recent experience reminded me again never to underestimate the power of prayer!! Praise God!

  3. My favorite topic in the Bible is on healing and it could be due to the fact that when I was almost died at the age of thirty-three and about twenty-two doctors gave up on me, The Lord Himself supernaturally intervened and did one of the greatest miracles I have ever seen in my life! And when this first happend, I wasn’t even saved though I got saved not too long after and started trusting Him to heal me, which He did.He is the SAME yesterday, today and forever. If He healed then, He’ll do it now also. Some people are too intellectual and lack the simple child-like faith that is necessary in the Kingdom of God. Jesus never had a formula for healing; He did whatever His Father told Him to. One blind man got healed when Jesus said to him,” Be healed,” whilst He put mud on the eyes of another and sent him to wash in the pool of Siloam. All I know is He longs for all His children to be healed and walk in divine health which is part of our covenant as children of the Most High God.He heals because He is compassionate and was moved with compassion when He saw the lame, the blind, the oppressed. People who reached out to Him in faith received their miracles because they had placed their trust in Him to heal them. I respected everything those twenty-two doctors told me, but when all hope seemed lost and nothing more could be done, I put my trust in the Master, the One who created me, and He knew exactly how to heal me.Healing is the children’s bread .Like someone said, when Jesus is all you have, you’ll realise He’s all you need.It’s too late to tell me He doesn’t heal.Blessings to all..Thanks for this video, Dr Grant.

  4. Very helpful, insightful and right on – the part on forgiveness is really resonating with me, even if it is oneself – very good. We all make mistakes, but cannot let that stop us from moving on and letting God be God:):):)

  5. Grant, thank you for this week’s message. I am now back from the Convalescent Home I was in for three months.
    I fell and hurt my back in April 2008. Since then I have had all kinds of pain and have to use a walker now. Before the fall, I had no back pain, even though I have a degenerative spine and osteo of the spine.
    Your message was encouraging that someone who fell and hurt her back has been healed. I wonder if this could happen to me.
    No one caused my fall. It just happened.
    I will continue to pray for you and Kathy. Trusting you are both keeping well and that the pain you had has completely gone.

  6. Yes I do know that God heals today. I have had a number of healings and I belong to a prayer group who have seen and had healings happen. Thanks for bringing this topic up.

  7. These are great testimonies. Thanks for sharing.
    I always remind myself, if we don’t pray, someone may miss a healing that is waiting for them. So I pray for anyone, that’s my role, the result is up to God.

  8. Dr. Grant:

    I truly enjoyed your video today on healing.

    It resonated with me that I should “forgive” even for myself. I also believe that laying of hands, being annointed with oil and of course in Jesus name, that we can receive a healing.

    There are times when others tell me about their afflictions and I have this urge that I need to pray for them right there on the spot, but I don’t do it. This has only happened to me in the last few months and I know now that God wants to use me.

    Thank you for sharing this very valuable testimony with us.

    God bless you and your Ministry. It has been a blessing to me.

  9. i think i was 18,i wasnt a christian then,one day i was working on a controlled burn off (burning weeds to clear land with a backpack flamethrower) i was told by the boss to go start burning a certain area there were other members of the team near by,after a while i got trapped surrounded by 4 meter flames and i began to panic,i yelled for help real loud!!!,but no one heard cold fear was running through my veins at about mach 3 when suddenly i heard a voice “justin!”so yelled back help!!! but there was no reply what i decided to do was run through the flames in the direction where the voice came from,but before i did,i took off my backpack and threw it in that direction it didnt explode,so there i ran through 4 meter high flames completly closed off and made it through to the otherside…i looked and no one was there,i walked back to the base and noticed everyone was having lunch and asked my boss did you yell out to me when i was trapped? he said no.later in years i begun to understand that voice was god or one of his creatures or something i didnt even get a single burnmark or anything when i ran through those flames that day.thank you jesus!

  10. Hi Grant:
    I appreciated your comments on healing. Healing too has interested me for several years – since God healed me of migraine headaches instantly and miraculously ten years ago. I have not had one migraine since then.
    I do believe God wants to heal sickness. In Matthew 10 Jesus commanded the disciples to preach the gospel, heal the sick…..etc. Ps 103:3 says “Who pardons all your iniquities; Who heals all your diseases;”. If he commands us to heal it seems it must be his will. So why do we sometimes tack on “if it be thy will” when we’re praying for healing? We wouldn’t think of saying “if it be thy will” when praying for forgiveness.
    So why don’t we see more healings? – same answer as yours- I don’t know. There are probably several or many reasons. I will just comment on what may be one.
    I believe the only place in the scripture where performing miracles seemed to be a problem was in Jesus’ home town. Mark 6 says He could do no miracles there except heal a FEW sick people. (Apparently healing the sick was easier than other miracles.?) V 3 says “they took OFFENSE at Him.” I believe ungodly offense is huge – huge in that it is epidemic today and huge in its consequences. John Bevere calls it the “Bait of Satan”. I believe it results in anger, doubt, grumbling, complaining, and demonstrates ingratitude and unbelief. We know what God thought about the Israelites’ grumbling and complaining in the wilderness and how it led to their being denied entrance to the Promised Land. Offense blinds us to God’s goodness and our own sin. We can’t offer to God a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving if we are wallowing in the sin of offense.
    If offense was a block to God’s healing and miracles in NT times I’m certain it is today as well.

  11. Thankyou for your ministry and your prayer. I prayed with you and I have thanked God and I am expecting God to heal a growth in my head ,diabetes2,hypertension,2 tiny cataracts one in the back of eeach eye.God has healed me before of an ulcer .hitiushernia.Praise God for his healing power and for all that He is working throug your ministry. Phyllis.

  12. Dr Mullen, God has healed me of an ulcer in my deuodenom, ahiatius hernia. God worked a miricle when my child and I were at home In Bellville. We were sitting on a chair in the living room ,when I heard a sudden bang,and the front door came open. I rushed my child upstairs into her crib and then went back down stairs to see what happened.I saw a bullet on the chair where we had been sitting and a hole in the wall where the bullet had come through and a picture on the floor. We were still alivre by the grace of God.The miricle is the precise timing that had to happen that kept us from being hit by the bullet.If we had got up too soon we would have beenhit by the bullet ,if we had not gottenupsoon enough we would have been hit in the chair by the bullet .Only God could know that timming and saved our lives and worked a mircle.

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