Don’t make this interpretation mistake

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Most people think that events shape our lives

But it’s really our interpretation of the events that has the greatest impact.

So there is a battle in your mind for whose interpretation you will accept.

Your choice will determine the impact of the event on your personality and relationships.

Yes, there’s a lot at stake, that’s why there’s a battle.

Click on the video so you can understand the battle and make the right choice.

Now I want to hear from you

What changes have you seen when you picked God’s interpretation? Just leave your testimony in the box below that will encourage someone.

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  1. Great message Grant (as always)!!! An event for me that Satan frequently tries to interpret is when I’m “driving”. Thoughts like, “people are so inconsiderate, selfish, stupid, lazy, etc” or when he interprets someone’s actions to make it PERSONAL (done against you specifically). Accepting HIS interpretation will encourage an emotional (baggage) response so you OVERREACT and make things WORSE. If I recognize God’s interpretation (thoughts like: it’s ok, you’ll make it on time, just enjoy the ride, it wasn’t PERSONAL, etc) I am relaxed, able to think clearly, sense HIS presence and enjoy the ride!!!

  2. Grant, my husband and I had to laugh, because, as I am getting ready to step out into private practice as a Christian mental health professional, these have been my exact thoughts!! THANK YOU for the reminder that the voices we hear and the thoughts we have do not always come from the Lord or from us, but are sometimes from the enemy, who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. BLESSINGS to you! Sharon

  3. I’ve been struggling with negative thoughts recently, to the point of giving up living meaninglessly. In the past I’ve also experienced the extreme highs and lows that you mentioned in your interview with Sr Ps Leon Fontaine. Thanks for shedding light on these issues, Dr Mullen. I’m trying to recover on my own; I got my joy for one day, praising God and who knows, the next day I went back into the valley. It’s even difficult to worship God or pray. I really want to go back to my normal life and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

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