God loves to surprise you

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Do you like surprises?

Parents love to surprise their children.

God is no different.

The Bible is full of stories where God surprised his children.

Click on the video and learn about a surprise that changed the course of Canadian history.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God surprised you with something amazing? Just leave your story in the box below.

God loves surprises

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  1. At a very discouraging time during my career as a merchandising consultant, unknown to me, the publishers of an industry trade magazine I was writing columns in submitted one of my articles and I won an award “Top Five” Kenneth R. Wilson Journalism Award “best in trade and business journalism”. I was able to take that accolade and use it to open doors in the US market which turned out to be very successful!

    I really felt that at my lowest point, God was working in the background to bring me this surprise that changed the course of my career at that point! It was favor that the publishing company picked my article out of all the other contributors! It reminded me of Joseph when the butler finally ‘remembered him to Pharoah” and everything changed for him too!

    Thanks for all your encouraging words… and the ‘travelogue’ is a bonus!

  2. God my Father surprised me with a wonderful foster daughter who is the same age as the daughter I lost through death. 3 months after my daughter died who was 12yrs old then gave me a foster daughter 11yrs old and I am forever in love with her and I praise God for this blessing in which my life is a testimony to God’s mercy grace and love for His children.

  3. God surprised with a wife. My spouse died from acute myloid leukemia and had spent 5 months in hospital having gone through 4 doses of chemotherapy. Our beautiful daughters took their mother home from hospital and nursed her in a Godly environment. She died at home with my daughter and I by her bed. I wondered what the future was for me. Was it just an existence, day by day. But God provided a beautiful wife. We had met 10 years ago at a prayer ministry school. Her spouse died from cancer 5 weeks after my spouse. We met up again, love was stirred up, and we married. God has, is, and will continue to bring us both into a very special surprise that He has for both of us. We believe it is in regard to ministering to people in God’s love.

  4. I enjoy listening to your vid clips. For the last while the audio is very low and even if I put my ear up to the speaker it is still hard to hear. It use to be fine. I hope you can remedy this so I can again enjoy the vids.

  5. God surprised me when I was 22 years old by giving me the gift of His love and forgiveness. Before I knew Christ, I always felt like something was missing and I would try to fill that void with relationships, materialism, drinking and partying. Because of my struggles with mental health, shortly after I became a Christian (this was a surprise to me too), I never thought I would become a mother and felt totally inadequate to ever raise a child.
    However, God had other plans for me, he placed several Christian families in our lives that began to heal mine and my husbands outlook on parenting, especially since we both came from very broken families. Eight years later God surprised us with our beautiful and boisterous son Elijah and we are now expecting our second child. Through His strength and wisdom, we are living a life that we never thought possible.

  6. After one of your other teachings, I felt free to take the initiative to do something I had in my heart to do — but wasn’t sure it was something God was directing me to do — take a few children to Jasper for learning and adventure! I’ve been so timid lately and I’ve felt so unsupported to do these sorts of things — but they really match my heart’s desire (:

    I was very clear that the two days would involve bible study as well as adventure. We took bikes and kayaks and had a good time. I really felt at peace in what we were doing. Typically, I get anxious and insecure and doubtful when things aren’t working out, but on this trip I matter-of-factly did all i needed to do no matter how things were going — and it was restful. No big emotional unrests. Even when the trailer unhitched from the vehicle! Yikes! God sent me a hero to stop and help us out. Even when a kids’ bike didn’t work well.

    The kids all spoke so excitedly about the bible study time we did together — it was an amazing delight for me.

    Although this might seem like something I did for myself — it is actually a big deal for me to receive this idea and cooperate with it. It is all a gift from God. I am learning to take initiative and do stuff even if I am solo, because God is giving me the ability to do so. I am learning to trust myself more…to trust God’s Holy Spirit in me having communion with my spirit. It is such a joy. I knew this was more about me than the kids, but what a great surprise/delight. It all started and and was completed in 6 days!

    Thank you Father! Continue to increase my faith and help my unbelief! Thank you that you reassure us in your word that you love to make our heart’s desires come to fruition. Bless everyone who submits and trusts in your word! In Jesus name, amen!

  7. Love your messages… first met you when you were touring New Zealand. Inspiring and practical messages thanks Grant. God surprised me by putting it on my heart to to move from a country town… get Bible College training and offer for missionary service. The next Twenty years were the best in my life as I saw my Lord in response to service and prayer, in ways I could have never imagined. Blessings on you and your ministry. Its a long way from Toronto Airport Church revivals : ) — Denis

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