Hard lessons from a Hard Drive

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I had computer withdrawal symptoms

Yes I have to admit it.

I’m a geek.

My life is completely intertwined with my iMac.

I didn’t realize how severe my condition was until disaster struck and we were separated.

I had a dependency issue

Sweaty palms, racing heart and dry mouth indicated acute computer withdrawal syndrome.

In this video I’ll tell you what happened and what God showed me through the crisis.

Just click on the video and embrace your inner geek.

To live a transformed life, you need to invest in your relationship with Jesus.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God come through for you when others let you down? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 13

  1. Wow, what a great illustration. Thanks, Dr Grant. Without knowing it, I have struggled with separation anxiety most of my life at one level or another; sometimes mild and sometimes severe.Due to a very dysfunctional past, I felt abandoned by both parents and siblings.But I found a new Friend and Comforter who has never let me down even though I don’t always understand His ways.I didnt realise people can be so manipulative and controlling to get others to meet their needs. I thought I had many, many friends until I came to know Jesus as my Lord and it was then that He began showing me the true nature of these so called friends who were either never there for me or always letting me down.So, through a very painful process of me co-operating with the Holy Spirit, I have found that I can depend on Jesus to meet all my needs, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, financial,,etc.Like the apostle Paul said, He has become my all in all..God bless..

  2. hi Dr Grant – just thought i would check in with you. Its kevin and Margaret’s friend from Scotland here. I really enjoyed this article – God came through for me when I was very ill with depression and anxiety. He lead me to the correct hospital, an amazing psychotherapist who has had a huge impact on my life and taught me CBT which I believe is “taking captive of every thought and making them obedient to God”. I had read this verse many times but had no idea how to do this. You are so right when you say people and things will let you down but Jesus will never. Take care have a great Christmas

  3. It’s strange but I had the same thing happen to me last week and I felt so abandoned when I had to leave my computer at the store for a rebuild of both a harddrive and ram. I had realized I too had become so attached to this computer in such a way that I actually did not thing I could make it through for the next couple of days. I have been through a serious illness but God directed and guided me through the whole process even so much as putting such a peace and comfort in my heart saying he was in control. Unlike my computer which left me without anything. I then realized that while I was leaving that I could actually take something home with me and still feel somewhat connected to my computer and it was done! I had decided right at that moment I would buy an Ipad2! That would keep me connected until I received me computer back. Okay it didn’t have what I really needed but it had email and so I was thrilled. This was a great lesson to me because we have become to dependent with our computers that we ignore all the other stuff that is really important and that is just listening to the Holy Spirit and letting Him live through us each and every day. I did not feel as though I needed to panick as when you live for God He has everything under His control. To this day I still listen for Him to speak to me and He has not failed me yet.

  4. Whenever I have an issue about anything, say a disagreement with my husband and I allow myself to get quiet, God will always tell me what is going on and what to do.. If I am being a brat, God will tell me to apologize or if my husband is not doing what will make him or herself happy and it conflicts with me, God will tell me that as well and tell me to stick to my guns and my husband ends up apologizing to me. It is like witnessing a miracle. I have experienced this so many times I have lost count. I have been humbled many more times though.
    It is interesting that the more I humble myself and learn from it, the more my husband is willing to be vulnerable and humble himself as well. Consequently our marriage is much stronger because of it. God is great.
    Thank you for your helpful videos and encouragement.

  5. Thanks for these great comments. I had never thought of an iPad as a treatment for separation anxiety. Good point. Must tell Kathy I need one just in case.
    It’s so encouraging to hear how God has come through for so many of you. Just what we need to hear if we are in a crisis.

  6. Hi Grant
    I can certainly understand your anxiety over your temporary seperation and am thrilled that you have made a full recovery. When I became born again my dear wife did not share my jubilation and served me with separation papers. That was five years ago and since she soon found a suitable replacement for me I don’t suppose there is much hope of reconciliation. The reason I decided to comment is because of the timelyness of your video. At 4 AM this morning I was in bed alone except for Poohkie my wife’s dog and as I was lying there I began musing as to how wonderful it would be if we could only bring up the memories that we have that are no longer relevant and push the delete button. Then if we really did want to reminiss we could always rely on the old recycle bin to save us. We would not however be at risk of being bombarded by ” better times” at inoppertune intervals. Merry Christmas to you and yours. By the way I first saw you on the It’s a new day program out of winnipeg and that chance encounter gave me great joy. Bye Bye.

  7. Grant that certainly made me think , Last night just before going to bed, my glass of water spilled and guess what on many of my old Cassette tapes, so I had water in my bedside draw and on the floor and on some of my books, I was devastated as I thought my tapes which also were teaching tapes may have been ruined, right now they are drying out so I will have to see. So I only got to bed very late.

    Chris my husband even though he does not believe at this time has been helping me to put some of my worship music onto CDs, it takes hours of work.

    I have been busy cleaning today and Chris came home and I was trying to unwind before going to my housegroup this evening, as we are also breaking bread, he gave me something to look at , and as I was not ready to read it right then he became angry with me and tore it up. I said that he did not have had to do that I could look at it later. it was to do with moving into other accommodation, and we are waiting to get a two bedroomed bungalow at Mercers, we are on the list, but just have to keep phoning to find out if there is one available, we just have to be patient.

    Thanks Grant our honesty with our problems help each other to think why we become so dependant on our mobile/cell phones as well as our computers

    God Bless Gayle

  8. Dr Mullen, I have had many times now , when I have learned ho much better it is to depend on God. I just had two prayers answered by God this very day. We just cannot depend on others and or on things like we can on God.Thanks for the reminder. I enjoy your email letters very much. Have a great day ! Phyllis.

  9. It’s bread – I’m dependent on bread. Just went 3 days without bread. Oh yeah, had pasta, crackers but longed for my bread. Interesting that my devotional book brought up the subject – “The Bread of Life” Also God is teaching me to say His Word out loud – ie He satisfieth my mouth with good things so that my youth is renewed … Glad I’m on your mailing list.. keep ’em coming.

  10. god sends people our way to encourage who are not our to help list.. i felt hurt and angry when m y buddy left me out and spent time with another friend who came into the coffe shop. but lord sent three other people to listen and encourage later on in the week.

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