Have you agonized over God’s will?

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We all want to know God’s will

Why does it seem so hard to find when we need it most?

How do you know when you’ve found it?

What are the consequences if you make the wrong decision?

Click on the video and end all the confusion.

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Now I want to hear from you

How do you find God’s will to make big decisions? Just leave your comments in the box below.

The fork in the road

The fork in the road

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  1. Father has used this today to help me let go of something that had been plaguing me a long time. Although I knew in principle the truth you spoke of, I had failed to apply it to a recent situation that had to do with a friend’s broken relationship with me.. As I listened to your words it was as if he said, ‘can you receive this?’ and immediately I saw the application to my recent angst. I will continue to pray for restoration and healing for me and my friend, but I sense Father is telling me it
    s not about me. Would you pray for me that I am able to follow through on my determination to place it all at the feet of Jesus rather than going back and picking it up over and over again?

    I’ve loved you and your teaching ever since the old days at TACF where I first heard you; you are such a blessing.

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  3. I was the chairperson on a church council and one of the sub-committees was taking ownership of their project. This was becoming a disruption in the congregation and as chairperson I had to do something. I lost some sleep over making a decision but one night I had a dream that I think was from God. He told me that I had to shut the committee down. I don’t like confrontation and I was talking with God about another way if possible. I was basically given no other option so I did as God told me. I was not liked by the rest of the sub-committee but the project got done and the congregation remained in tack.

  4. This teaching is both freeing and challenging; thank you! It’s freeing in the obvious sense, encouraging us to let go of the angst that we can get stuck in while ‘seeking God’s will’. But the challenging part, which I think we all need to take a long hard look at, is that it is dependent on our investing time in our relationship with the Lord. Jesus’s relationship with the Father is our example too; he took time regularly to be in relationship with His Father, and then moved out into the world and the day-to-day with the mind of the Father. This is powerful, if we will draw ever closer to our Lord and invite the mind of Christ to transform our minds.

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