Have you blown it?

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Have you had a major failure in your life?

Do you beat yourself up about it?

Do you keep wondering, how could I do that, what was I thinking?

Has God written you off as unreliable?

I have good news for you.

You can recover and be restored!

Click on the video and I’ll tell you how.

To live a transformed life, you need to learn how to recover from failure.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you recovered from failures? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Have you blown it?

Have you blown it?

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  1. Yes Grant,
    Like so many Christians, I have blown it – MANY, MANY TIMES!

    But my God is a gracious God.

    He knows I am weak and human.

    He sent His beloved Son to die, that I might be redeemed.

    Because of my Manic Depression, I often sink into depression.
    Thanks to my Lithium, and the knowledge I have gained, – this no longer destroys my life.

    Your DVD’s and personal seminars [that I have been blessed to attend each of the last two times you visited NZ] have opened my eyes wide to the fact that it is through no fault of my own that I suffer from MD.

    I have also learned that, even though I may blow it – I am still a child of God, and my place in heaven is assured.

    Bless you, Grant and Kathy,


  2. Thank you for all your good messages. They are always helpful. I have never written to you before.
    I am 90 yea rs old next week and have been a Christian since I was 16, serving the Lord gladly in many areas of church life. He has blessed me so much, for which I am extremely grateful. However, I have one problem I cannot seem to conquer, (even though I pray about it).
    At the age of 20 (completely naive) I was raped. This has left me with unholy thoughts all my life since. I have been married and raised a large family, widow now for 20 years. I long to overcome these thoughts that plague me especially since my husband died and I feel lonely. I have been helped by psychologists over the years for depression but never felt able to discuss this particular incident.
    I know the Lord is able to free me but I cannot seem to find complete peace about the shame and guilt, although I know it was not my fault.

    Any advice for me? God bless you for reaching out to people.

  3. This speaks to me very deeply as I have failed God not only time and time again in small ways but very seriously, I feel, and with great spiritual pride. I still am not certain where it all went so wrong. But, I did mention pride and “pride cometh before a fall.” I have had three such falls which surfaced as breakdowns. I suffer from clinical depression as well and going off my medications played a role to be sure.

    Asking for God’s help in understanding I think has shown me that while I managed to get away from wordly pride when I became a Christian, I may have picked it up again in my spiritual life where it is equally (if not more) dangerous.

    Like I say I am still trying to figure it all out where I went so wrong and perhaps it’s not all my fault when I have an illness but it feels that way when we are promised an “abundant life” and spend most of life instead, in depression or illness and not enjoying loved ones or life itself.

    My last downfall I sincerely thought I was following God’s lead which makes it all even more confusing and humiliating. I feel like I made a fool of myself and God.

    Nowadays though I have recovered to an extent, (meaning the great darkness I experienced has lifted), I still feel very far from God and my fellow man for that matter.

    I am reading a book that speaks of the shallowness of character a Christian can achieve in following a religion instead of a “way” and how going back to age-old Christian practices can help those of us who have gone astray find their way back again.

    These practices include contemplative prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, formalized prayer (even is common prayer and liturgy), observing and sharing holy feasts (I like this one!), taking in the Eucharist, observing the liturgical year, giving and tithing (secretly), and setting aside the Sabbath for rest.

    The most enlightening thing I have learned from this book is to be careful that I am following Jesus instead of making a formula out of whatever I am learning about my Christian faith. That is hard to do when you don’t feel God near but I believe that is worth striving for.

  4. I found release from a major failure in 1981 when I enrolled in a recovery program for alcohol addiction. I met God in a fresh way in recovery and my relationship with Him became personal. I got connected you could say and the obsession to use alcohol was broken in my life. I continue to attend and even provide a leadership role in recovery today. The program I am in is called Celebrate Recovery and it is not just for addiction it is for hurts, habits and hangups of every kind. This program emphasizes the same principles you mentioned at the beginning Grant, offering and receving forgiveness, making amends etc. I found myself being particularly thankful the other day for the measure of faith God gave me. I used to kind of think, it is not enough or it is too small or too weak, ‘increase my faith God!! When it came to giving out faith I must have been at the back of the line and when they got to me I got the bottom of the barrel. Well that’s was a lie. It has always been a tactic of Satan to discourage me. The faith God gave me is enough, it always has been and so is His grace. No matter how many slips and falls and caving into my character defects I have never abandoned my faith and God’s grace has always been there too to pick me back up and get me back on track. With that in mind I realized that if my faith and His grace have always been enough I know it will be enough to get me home! I like my recovery program today and recommend it to everyone and I like myself today even though I struggle and will for the rest of my life. God is good!

  5. Post
  6. I pray I am able to find the connection you have found, David. I actually have an appointment coming up with you Grant, looking forward to that counseling session.

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