Have you cursed yourself?

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Do you call yourself names?

Of course you have.

We’ve all been angry with ourselves.

But our own words can block God’s blessing on us.

Click on the video and change the way you speak to yourself.

To live a transformed life, you must stop cursing yourself.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you been able to change your words? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Are you cursing yourself?

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  1. Thanks Dr. Mullen for the timely reminder. I have had the habit of speaking badly about myself all my life. I need to take heed to your exhortation. THANKS!

  2. Brilliant ! Such timely and wise words of advice, thank you! I’ve found that imagining myself embracing myself and uttering words of love and affirmation helps as well! But yes, we must be mindful of our thoughts and attitudes towards ourselves and remind oneself that it is all under the blood!

  3. Thanks Dr. Grant, you are so on time as always. The Lord just placed it on my heart to order a book on breaking generational curses, and word curses too. My mom was very verbally abusive, she had a toxic tongue, and even though I hated all the negative words she spoke over me all my life, I find myself constantly having to guard my heart from speaking word curses over me or those who have hurt me. I use the Word of God as my weapon against the enemy by confessing what He says about me, such as.. I am blessed and not cursed, I am highly favored, I’m beautiful, etc. . It works. I don’t believe the junk that my mom told me anymore, but its taken years of renewing my mind with God’s Word for me to truly believe I am who He says I am.. God bless, Dr. Grant.. Praying for you and yours.

  4. I was just telling myself how I wasn’t very brave ( I have recently left an abusive relationship, don’t have anywhere of my own to live, resigned from working with a bullying manager and am trying to get direction on where God wants me to to start this new phase of my life.) Starting a new is SOOOO hard – and that’s not a curse, it’s a fact!
    But when I saw this in my inbox, listened to your video and have written down what I’ve done I realise I have hope because of some new skills
    I’ve found this counselling philosophy where you trace face and replace ‘stinking thinking.’ really useful. So instead of saying I am a victim I realise God has given me HIS power and that I am a victor over my circumstances. As Graham Cooke says “There’s no such thing as problems in the kingdom of God, only possibilities.”
    What I learnt from your clip is that I need to renounce these curses over my life nd not accept any new ones. It takes effort, but it’s with it. God bless you

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