Have you ever met a Bishop?

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Bishop David Parsons is a remarkable man!

He’s the Anglican Bishop of the Canadian Arctic.

His diocese covers 1.5 million square miles but only 55,000 people.

It was my privilege to interview him when he attended the Live a Transform Life Seminar in Hay River NWT.

Click on the video and he will give you the key to starting your transformation journey.

To live a transformed life you need to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Now I want to hear from you

How has your relationship with Jesus changed your life? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Bishop Parsons and wife Rita

Bishop Parsons and wife Rita

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Comments 3

  1. Mr. Mullen: Great blog! Jesus is all we need! He’s teaching me that He is well able to sustain me in all my relationships including my relationship with Him. He fills me with power and love as I live from grace to grace. What a God! So faithful! Love, Coby

  2. I am in my 80s but still Jesus is showing me areas that need His forgiveness and to be transformed. My son showed me I had an unhealthy attachment to him that was causing me trouble and that it wasnt depression. So using words of a song my daughter-in-law wrote and sings on a cd ‘ tell it to Jesus ‘ I spent a long evening telling Jesus every aspect of that unhealthy love that I could think of asking his forgiveness and to set me free. He DID ! He has set me free and I am so full of praise to Him. He truly does ‘ set the prisoner free “.
    I attended a 3 day Seminar you gave in Christchurch, New Zealand a few years ago. I still listen to the CDs and lend them. Thank you Dr Mullen.

  3. Dear Grant,
    I really liked your guest this week, Anglican Bishop Parsons of the northern regions of Canada. You ask how has Jesus changed my life?
    I have so much to say about this subject ! Jesus has turned my life completely right side up and consequently the world often appears wrong side up.
    I have learned so many things from Him. Before I met Him , I was a very unrighteous man given to sex, drugs of every kind and rock and roll. I had the foulest tongue on the planet . I couldn’t say a simple sentence without throwing in a foul word with it. I had no respect for authorities nor any person. I was the definition of egomaniac. I was out to please me and me alone!
    Jesus changed everything! My language changed almost overnight. I had a very profound encounter with My Lord that I never looked back at what I once was but rather looked at the ‘ blessed ‘ man I had become.
    He showed me why it was important to forgive, to attend church and become a part of , rather than apart from, the beauty and wisdom one receives when we read His Word, the joy of giving freely to Him because of who He is!
    Grant, I will not take up any more space except to say that I have been
    ” born again ” and, try to walk in the power of His Spirit each and every day . I’ve been doing this religiously since I was 22 and, I’m now 60 years young !
    Halleluia to the Lamb who takes away my sins and yours !

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