Have you ever seen an iceberg up close?

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People are like icebergs

There’s a part of us that is visible to all.

But most of us is hidden below the surface.

The way we think, feel and relate to others is determined by what’s hidden.

Today we’re going to visit an iceberg in the Arctic ocean.

Click on the video and learn about yourself.

Near Cape Dorset Nunavut

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  1. Loved the ice berg picture. A picture that God gave me a while back was very similar. When we are “frozen together” in unhealthy ways, God doesn’t take a “ice pick” and start chipping away at us. He, by His Holy Spirit, blows His warm breath on us and begins to melt our frozeness and brings us healling. He is never harsh or forceful. He is always gentle and kind. I regularily make this my prayer for myself and others, “God, send the warm breath of Your Holy Spirit to melt away my hardness.”
    just my thoughts…j~

  2. Post
  3. Wonderful analogy of how we can heal through Christ in Inuit symbolism. It applies to us all!

    Thanks Dr. Mullen

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