Have you fallen for this temptation?

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There’s a battle for your mind!

And you decide who wins.

Darkness wants to invade your thoughts so he can influence your behaviour.

Sure he wants to tempt you to sin. That’s not too hard to spot.

But the most subtle and effective temptation is one that usually goes undetected.

God wants to help you recognize and repel it.

Click on the video and prepare to fight back!

To live a transformed life, you need to resist the temptation to fear

Now I want to hear from you

What happened when you handed all your fear to Jesus? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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"What if" thought missile

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Comments 21

  1. Jesus said, Julio there is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear. Trust me and I will remove all of your fears and you will walk in freedom and rest.

  2. Jesus took the bag of fear and flung it around and then it vanished. Then, he laid his hands on my head and said, “I love you, you can stop being afraid. You are free to follow me.”

  3. Hi
    Fears return from time to time – today I listened to you saying close yr eyes picture Jesus
    So I did, and a picture of the encounter I’d had in 1982, open vision of Jesus- in a time of surgical shock was here, again; so I gave the bag of stuff, to Jesus right now, I saw him turn away with it and throw it.
    He then reminded me,that he is right by my side (always) and had proved it at that time.
    Satan’s ways are predictably ” same old, same old” in another disguise, or so I conclude .maybe one day, will get quicker to realise.
    Thankyou so much for Kathy and you – your ministry.
    With love and

  4. Jesus said fear not for I am with you always! The bag of all my fears was placed at the foot of the cross and vanished. Praise God! Feels so great!

  5. He said, “Back then, when you felt overlooked and rejected by those closest to you when they were busy and perhaps didn’t think you were as cute as when you were little or had become too overweight, I was always there; I never turned away; I want to take that pain. I always think you’re beautiful, and I would never, no never push you away. At your core, your worth doesn’t come from how you look, or what others think of you of you anyway. I established your unquestionable value when I made you, then died for you. Come to me. When even today, those closest to you hurt you, betray you, or disappoint, I am safe. Come, sit on my lap. Hand it to Me.”

  6. Jesus took the bag of fear I handed Him, with a big grin on His face, and nonchalantly tossed it over His shoulder. The bag went flying through the air behind Him, and when it started to fall, a big black hole opened up. The bag fell into the hole, and the hole closed in around it. The bag was gone forever. Then, with a big smile still on His face, He held out to me a HUGE sparkling princess cute diamond that was SO radiant I could hardly look at it. I looked into His eyes, which were flames of fire, and He inserted the diamond into my chest. I became almost as radiant as He was, and as we stood there looking into each others eyes His love was flowing into me with wave upon wave of His Glory.

  7. Thank you for your help in facing my fears. When I started to gather up all my fears the bag became huge. When I gave the bag to Jesus it deflated like a balloon. As it deflated he pressed his hands together and it popped and disappeared. Praise God, what a wonderful picture!

    Thank you again.

  8. As I went back through my life and put things in the sack, it was a pretty large sack, with a rope tied around the neck of it as I handed it to Jesus. He took the sack and tossed it over his left shoulder as though it weighed nothing–like a balloon. I felt a moment of disappointment that he didn’t take my fear very seriously. He then presented me with a gold crown, with both of his hands out flat, holding it ceremoniously.

  9. Wow, what an excellent message and what an awesome anointing on you as you were praying, Dr. Grant. I saw the bag pop, or exploded and I never saw it again. Then I felt Him smile and heard Him say, You can trust Me, All is well. Those words are worth more than a million dollars to me right now because of the intensity of the battles I had been facing. I was overcome with an incredible peace and joy that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I have noticed that your prayers are very anointed to break yokes, Dr. Grant. Maybe in future videos you can pray and have us pray along with you for deliverance and healing; mental, emotional and physical healing. Of course, that would be only if the Holy Spirit leads you to do so. Thanks again and God bless.

  10. I’ve battled with fear all my life & so I prayed that all my fears would be handed over to God when you prayed. I felt a release in my spirit & praise God for taking all my fears & stuffed them in a bag. I will praise God for the victory in Christ Jesus any time I am tempted to fear again. Thank you Dr. Grant for the important message you gave everybody today!

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  12. When I handed my fear to Jesus, He took and replaced it by his perfect assurance
    saying, “…do not be afraid for I have overcome the world…”


  13. Thank you for leading us through this beautiful prayer. my bag was huge, with a red twist tie at the top. Jesus picked it up and flung up in the air behind Him. It vanished in thin air at His command. He gave me a beautiful gold heart.
    Praise be to our God and thank you so very much

  14. Thank you for this very important message about fear. It did stop me from living a peaceful life for many years. I now know without a doubt that I have conquered this thought because of believing in JESUS. HE has shown me, and assurred me of HIS great love that I don’t have to accept the lies that were given to me, Amen!

  15. Jesus took my bag of fear and swung it over his shoulder and then somehow it just vanished. He smiled at my and held out his hands.

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  16. So so helpful, thank you!
    I forgot about how Satan uses What if..? thoughts to manipulate. It was this kind of thought that led me to return to my old church in error. I was tired at that point too. I’d just read Jesus’s wonderful mention of the ‘unforced rhythms of grace’ (the need to relax and enjoy His company), but I succumbed to the fear instead. Maybe it’s a desire to be in control but it seems the root of that desire is fear..?
    During the prayer I gave Jesus a huge black bin bag of fear which He took and turned away with. He dropped the bag and it was consumed in flames. In return He gave me a large silver plate, like an offertory plate, and I sensed a smile and love, kindness and generosity. It was as though He said to me, ‘I’m here.’

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  18. Thank you again! Dr Grant . Jesús tomó mi bolsa de cargas preocupaciones y temores, …estábamos al borde de un acantilado muy alto y al fondo el mar..y la cruz detrás…

    Lo cerró con algo muy pesado de metal y lo arrojó al fondo del mar , para que nunca más yo tenga acceso a esto…y luego me abrazó…yo lloraba y me vi de niña hasta adulta sentada en su regazo….mientras el me consolaba. Luego me levanté y él me sonrió , me mostró la belleza del paisaje y me dijo….ahora ve, vive con libertad, la vida que yo te he dado, Yo siempre estaré contigo!

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      That’s beautiful Diana (after I used Google Translate to understand your testimony). What a gift from Jesus!

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