Have you met the real you?

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Who are you?

We have lots of ways to describe ourselves.

But they don’t come close to describing who God made us to be.

They can’t describe our potential.

In fact, you have no idea who you really are.

Only God knows that.

And he can’t wait to tell you.

Click on the video and discover who you really are.

Now I want to hear from you

How did you discover your true self? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Have you met the real you?

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  1. Love this! And I can relate. I was raised in a “Church going Christian Home” and had what I call now, my parents faith. I knew what to say, how to talk and how to walk. I knew what was right. But didn’t know why. I had no personal relationship with Jesus. Until Jesus came to me personally and worked through the Holy Spirit right in my office at work. I had many quiet days at work and those days I felt as though God was sitting right in my office speaking to me and guiding me. To see life on a much deeper level, and see people in a deeper way as well. God would push me to pray with people who happened to come in for an interview, but God would show me they had a deeper need. He would give me the words. And the next thing I know I’d be praying with strangers walking in off the street. I found out more about myself through this… and still am… He’s still unwrapping gifts within in me I never knew I had… but the more I get rid of my pre-conceived notions the more I have a heart for Him and a desire to seek Him more. I think I’m just hitting the tip of the ice berg, but I am learning more and more about myself, letting myself go more and clinging to Him more. And now I am sharing my journey with others. And leading them to the Lord so they can start their own journey. I love God more and more each day! I’ve been through a very tough year, but through it I have found more peace, more joy and more victory, all because God has shown himself even stronger in the storm. What I’m really finding out about myself, if I needed to sum it up in a sentence is – the more I find out about myself the more I realize I need HIM. And I’m totally ok with that.

  2. I first looked for you because of Dr. Paul Cox, your friend. I am so busy with my job I don’t have time to invest any in your healing and teaching of the soul. I have noticed my past painfully coming up and recently read a word from a friend’s friend; that God is not trying to intimidate us but all the “dross” from past wounds is coming up so that we can be healed to be positioned and the Lord is drawing us closer and freer because of it.

    I appreciate your videos, as well as your wife’s; so easy to get into and taught much through them and digestible! God bless you Dr. Mullen !

  3. Wow. Thanks so much Grant. Loved the video. No truer words spoken. It is so important for us to discover our identity in Christ. Thanks for the reminder and for pointing us in the right direction.

    Also, hats off to Shannon whose comments are noted above (below?). Thanks for sharing so openly. I can really relate to your faith journey. Blessings, Nigel

  4. Watching and hearing this I want to try this for myself, I will put aside what my parents wanted me to become, if they are right on the matter i will embrace it. But if i learn otherwise I will repent and confess my lostness and take what God our Father has planned from the beginning and begin a fresh new journey & discovery of His abundant grace for …

  5. This weeks talk — I am intriguesd by your statement–
    God —only— knows ” who you really are”— my previous thinking was somewhere
    along this —personality, coming down family line –gifts and appearances
    and didn’t dwell much satan’s destructive role.
    Screwtape letters by CS Lewis—- a definite re read 🙂
    Thanks for this. Have Your way, Lord.

  6. “The Real You” Grant I loved this video message. Taking the video outside adds a touch of authenticity. The wind blowing the leaves in the background. Fun. Thanks so much. The Lord richly bless you and give you messages that minister to thousands.

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