Have you met your real Dad?

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Does God seem distant?

Do you think he’s angry, disinterested, too busy or hard to please?

Just like your own father?

We assume God is like our natural father.

It’s one of the greatest stumbling blocks to receiving God’s love.

Click on the video and meet your real Dad.

To live a transformed life, you need to discover God’s love for you.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you discovered how much God loves you? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Meet your real Dad

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  1. I love what you had to say about knowing our Heavenly Father and how we relate to Him like we do or did with our earthly Fathers. So many folk have had bad experiences and so battle to believe or even understand that God can love them. I pray your post touched many folk Grant. It is a very important issue in our lives. God bless this word to everyone who listens.

  2. Hello,,,I have been struggling with this issue for a long time. It seems the more closer I try to get to God the emotional part of me is blocking this effort. It’s very strange that as a child I saw my dad abuse my mom over years throughout my childhood and do not have anger towards him! Yet, a brother who also abused my mom emotional, I was very anger with. But, my dad causing a greater amount of abuse to her I don’t have anger towards.
    I had great fear of my dad . I never said no to him. My spirit was broken at a very young age. It has affected my relationship with a loving God. I know in my head that God is loving , but in my heart it’s not the same. There is anger and fear towards him and because of that it depresses me that I can’t have a secure relationship with the creator of all things and people. I attend Al Anon to talk out some of this burdensome pain and it does help but it’s going to take time to heal from this pain. Thank you for listening. Rich

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  4. I thank you Dr. Grant for bringing this up today as I am here to testify that you what you have shared here today is so very true. My natural father pretty much messed me up emotionally, verbally and spiritually. He called himself a Christian because he read his Bible, but everything he displayed was anything but a man who was insecure and full of fear. Unfortunately, I grew up fearing my father and actually hating him for the way he would verbally attack my mother and how he would would react in anger towards me and the rest of the family. I grew up in a household of 5 brothers and sisters. We lived in fear and when I was in my teens I grew to really hating him, even more as he taunted me and he would do all kinds of things that would upset me (too many to even mention here), and because of his behaviour towards me, I felt that God must be the same way? I struggled with anxiety, fear and never really understood why I felt such a disconnect with God? I went to church, sang in the choir and wanted to believe that God would certainly be a different Father to me, but I doubted it in my heart as I was still so angry at my own Father. I hated the way my father treated my mother and brothers and sisters and I was often the one who would get in the middle to fight for them (verbally) because I was not going to allow my father to treat them like that. This went on for years and until the age of 17 when I started questioning what I was doing here and why did God put me into this family, and if he is God, why hadn’t He put into another ‘happy’ family? At the age of 17 I attended a service one evening at our local church where I had an encounter with the Holy Ghost. I wasn’t even aware of what had happened to me but I knew that night I had met the true Living God! I was immediately changed and that night had turned to day literally I looked up towards the heavens that very late evening, and I was released into God’s loving arms like I have never experienced! I was on fire for God and the rest is history. Most recently within the past 5 years I was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease and the prognosis was not good. I struggled to understand ‘why me’? I had to understand that I needed to deal with some ‘heart’ issues from my past to move forward in a way that I could totally come to receive God’s healing in my life. I was reminded of my past and my behaviour towards my natural father and I began to realize that I had to forgive him for what he had done to me and how I needed to truly repent of my behaviour towards him. Shortly after doing this I had a beautiful dream. It was so real to me and in this dream, I was a young child (about the age of 4 or 5), and I was being held in the arms of a man, only to realize it was Jesus! My first reaction was “who is this man”, but as He held me there was such a love that radiated from His embrace and the more He held me the more I did not want to ever leave Him. It was amazing and I’ll never forget that love I received from God! I’m here to let whoever is reading your post today and to let them know that God loves you!There is hope in Jesus Christ, and He is who He says He is — LOVE! Forgiving others releases blessings into your life and what you receive from the Father is unlike anything this world can offer! I am living proof and the doctors are amazed at my recovery and I thank God every day for another opportunity to share with anyone the hope and love of our Lord and Saviour. Thank you Dr. Grant for your wonderful vision of loving on people and giving them all your teachings to helping those who need to hear about that hope and about the love of Jesus! God bless your Ministry!

  5. My dad was the most loving dad for me and my three siblings especially on Saturdays, Sundays when story telling, visiting grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins.Singing as he played either the banjo or sometimes the violin and sang silly rhymes like O…hhh it ain’t gonna rain no more no more it ain’t gonna rain no more. How in the heck can I wash my neck when it ain’t gonna rain no more , followed by, Mr. McPherson drives a Buick, Mr. Mitchel drives a Ford but Leo (my Dad) drives ,4 Wheels and a board to our chuckles and delight, then a final it ain’t gonna rain no more , no more etc. but ending with a repeated no more no more! Another verse followed . A man lived by the sewer and by the sewer he died and at the coroners inquest they called it sewerside. Oh….. it ain’t gonna etc., Always going to church on Sundays, taking us fishing on the Welland river off the bridge lowering ans raising the net and enjoying a feast of cat fish and releasing the others in a huge railway ditch and recalling other fond memories.

    God called him home much to early at his age 48 , sister 17, myself 15, brothers 13 and 10. and mom 45.

    Reflecting on how much daddy so loved us I cannot imagine how much our
    Heavenly Father loves us, so thank you Dr. Mullen for drawing out how much God our Father loves us beyond comprehension .


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  7. I am a different Wayne (not Wayne King who posted on Oct 1st). I WISH I would have had a dad like that…..or ANY dad that would have at least had the common courtesy to treat me like a human being, much less his son. I agree with Dr Mullen’s assessment, and I have known this for decades. I have such a strong disconnect with God the Father because of my earthly father, despite forgiveness attempts and therapies attempting to correct this condition. I feel as if God has abandoned and rejected me, and that I am unwanted because I have not made any progress in this area of healing.

  8. Grant, your a Blessing! I too like the others struggle with this I met my father 3 times maybe I also lived in a family where if your good your accepted and when your not living up to their standards you axed from family. I’ve been a believer for 8 yrs now and my problem lies in the more I try to earn his love or be obiedient the more I sin. I also suffer with bad thoughts that haunt me daily. I could use some advice or prayer. I will be honest I don’t want to be on meds cause I BELIEVE IN HEALING ONLY BY FAITH IN THE ALMIGHTY. Be Blessed my brother.

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