Have you put God in a box?

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Are your expectations of God too small?

Yes admit it.

You think God is too busy doing exciting things in other countries to bother with your requests.

I’m guilty too.

But last week I saw God do something so unexpected that it changed my expectations.

He broke out of the box I’d kept him in.

God sure can surprise us!

I learned two important lessons that will change the way I think and pray.

In this video I’ll tell you what happened at my last Transformation Seminar while we were all standing and praying.

Just click on the video and let God out of the box.

To live a transformed life you need to get rid of your emotional baggage and raise your expectation of what God can do when you pray.

Now I want to hear from you

What unexpected results have you seen when you’ve prayed? Just leave your comments in the box below.

I’ve had a number of people get unexpectedly healed when I prayed for them. It was quite a shock to us both.
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Comments 18

  1. God takes delight in us which means He likes to surprise us with unexpected gifts. Last year on my birthday I went shopping with some friends to a new bookstore in the mall. I found four books I’d been trying to get for half price!! Sweet brithday surprise!

  2. Yesterday, at a women’s Bible study, I got an opportunity to share my testimony and this is exactly what I shared about.I brought out the importance of getting rid of things like unforgiveness, bitterness, etc in order to be healed by God.I basically told them that when I was sick and dying and doctors gave up, God used a christian relative to help me see that I desperately needed to forgive some authority figures in my life; I did not realise how much I hated them.Well, to make a long story short, I forgave them and repented before God for my sin of unforgiveness and I know that was the beginning of my inner as well as outer healing.That has been almost thirteen years ago and till this day, the doctors have never found anything physically wrong with me, yet the emotional pain was so great I almost died!! So I know because of what I went through , there is a very strong connection between negative emotions and physical health.I just cant explain it as well as Dr Grant, but I lived through it and I know firsthand that negative emotions can be deadly..God bless..

  3. Grant, thanks so much for your videos. I really enjoy them. I just want to comment on this one about healing. About a year ago I was attending a conference where you were one of the speakers. At the end of your talk you prayed for physical healing for those in attendance. I was 2 weeks away from surgery and prayed along with you wondering if I’d been healed and needed to cancel the surgery. I didn’t cancel it (is that lack of faith?) and it ended up the surgery was far more extensive than first expected. I’m so thankful I went ahead with it and know God was with me but I get somewhat confused about this whole area of healing. Do I believe God heals. Absolutely because I’m completely recovered but I find this whole area of healing a little confusing.

  4. Thanks for these great comments.
    Yes, Carolyn, healing can be confusing because God didn’t give us a lot of details about it. Basically, he told us to ask for it and wait and see what happens. It was not a lack of faith to go ahead with the planned surgery, that was wisdom and you can see the fruit of it now.
    I have a whole DVD on the questions about physical healing. You can see it and a 5 minute preview here:

  5. When I was leaving to spend some time with my mother before she went to be wiht Jesus my wife cam e running out to say goodbye and yelle dout she had been healed! A fracture in her arm as a result of an accident needed bone grafting to rectify it, but God surprised us with a complete healing! God knew my concrn that because of a heart condition, the op could be difficult!

    How I love His wonderful surprises!

  6. On a Mission trip several years ago, during a prayer ministry time, a man was healed of back pain that was so dabilitating that he could not do the work he was trained for. One of the young people with us, who was not a ” trained” prayer minister asked him if he needed to forgive someone. He at first said no, but later did forgive his wife for things we never did find out. He was healed, and the next day had a job interview, and was hired. This was especially encouraging because the person praying was not a “specialist” and the timing for this guy was so critical.

  7. Well here’s a story for you. I am trying change professions in the military. I accidentally let te due date slip. I looked Sunday night and realized that a whole bunch of paperwork and Commanding Officer signatures was due the next Friday. I began to panic and the pray. Well things unfolded and I have people at work helping me out. The paperwork will be in on time
    praise God. The Commanding officer could have been gone that week, and all this help may not have been available. It was God because thing were smooth and painless. I was fearing that I would look not professional but everything is okay. Thank-you Lord. Just pray to I need to get into university now too. Please lift me up in prayer.

  8. My testimony is not a direct link to someone praying for me but one of releasing my emotional baggage and being healed. I buried emotional stuff deep inside from my parents being Christians and the domestic abuse that went on at home. There was a lot of physical, verbal, emotional and spiritual abuse from my Dad which was directed mostly to my Mum. He would use the Scriptures as a weapon, and justifying himself. He walked out many times and left Mum with 5 kids to look after. We were also on the receiving end of Mum’s frustration and anger. But it was shame that took a huge hold because we were supposed to be living like Christians on the outside but within the walls of our home it was anything but at times. I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease and it stayed for 16 years. But one day, after the Holy Spirit prompting, I got up in front of my whole church and shared the stuff I had kept buried. No one in the church said a word to me and I did not blame them because I did not understand why I did it. But a few years later in another church the Counselling Centre leaders were talking about the relationship between our emotions and our physical. As I sat there and looked back over the last 3 years I realised the release of my emotional baggage, or at least the start of it, was what had brought healing as the doctors could find no trace of the disease. It took many years of Prayer Ministry, and in this time I was trained to minister to others, before the many deep roots of shame were dealt with.

  9. Hi,

    I had a knee injury around 5 years ago and had to have knee surgery,Afterward the surgeon told me that through the laproscopy he worked on the tear but there was a problem of wear on the meniscus,He said the only way to look deal with this was to have a transplanted meniscus.
    I prayed to the Lord that I did not want to have a transplanted meniscus I would rather have him heal me.Well after some inner healing and forgiveness. I was going to a conference and prayed the Lord do whatever he wanted and I went to the conference with about 400 people.The speaker was doing a teaching on the cross of Jesus and all of a sudden I felt this incrediable heat and I looked around at others to see if they were hot but they seemed fine.Just then the speaker stopped the teaching a spoke out a word of knowledge and said”God is healing someone’s meniscus.”I heard people around me say what’s a meniscus.I knew by the heat that was very hot around my body that God was touching me.After the speaker finished the teaching and gave praise to the Lord he asked did anyone have a healed meniscus and I was kinda shy and put up my hand excited that God blessed me with a healing.I give thanks and all the praise to him.
    Trusting God is a challenge for me but everyday he guides me and shows me by his word that all things are possible.
    Thank you Dr. Mullen for sharing this story.God is amazing and I thank him veryday for his new mercies.

  10. This week I relized through the Lords prompting thatm the reason why I was having a hard time letting something go and feeling emotioal pain over it I needed to ask for forgiveness.m Im never thought about my hurting would be helped by asking for forgiveness and asking God to release me and help me get rid of this bondage. I am healing from Gods goodness and Grace. He also has guided me what to do in this situation which is to let it go. The scripture He used was come unto me all that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Your message reinforces how God can help us heal and be set free/

  11. Hi Doctor,

    I totally agree that God doesn’t seem to want to be predictable. He uses doctors, medicines, surgeons, mud in the eyes, words, commands, and even us.

    A new friend of mine from church, who is near retirement age, fell a few months ago and as a result she needed reconstructive surgery for one of her hips. The surgeon didn’t have much hope that she would walk again, and at first she was confined to a wheelchair. She was very courageous through the whole thing, and determined that she would walk again. We prayed together on a couple of occasions after mass. I was so excited to see her not only walking yesterday, (about four weeks after we prayed) but totally upright and without even a walker! Her recovery wasn’t instant and she went through a lot of pain, but God gave her courage and strength to get through it (and a loving husband who cooked meals and encouraged her).

    She met with the surgeon and gave God the glory. She described that he acknowledged what a powerful sign that was for him of what God can do.

    Although it took some time and effort, the result is still a miracle, based on the surgeon’s expectations. I too often think that if it didn’t happen right away, that it won’t be supernaturally done, if it happens at all.

    The variety we see in His creation all around us is reflected in the variety of ways He works with us, in us and through us. To Him be the glory forever.


  12. Thanks for the encouragement from this video. I have struggled and with time forgiven family for many things they have done towards me, especially over the time of the trampoline accident. The accident happened 15 years ago and I am still in pain most days which makes it hard to have a job and to know what to do some days. I recently had someone ask me if there was something else that I needed to forgive someone for or if I had let a root of bitterness spring up and bottle the bitterness and anger that came from the situation I faced. I am trying to reevaluate my heart before God to know what to do and if there is anything that is there that shouldn’t be there. In the meantime I ask that you pray for me that God would show me the way and possibly grant me miraculous healing for my back pain cause doctors have said there is nothing they can do and that I have to just grin and bear it and eat pain killers to help me bear it. Thanks alot — Maria

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