Here’s a strong case for re-gifting

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What do you do with an unwanted gift?

You give it away as soon as possible!

Re-gifting is a wonderful “green” way to get rid of junk without filling landfill sites.

This Christmas I received a “gift” that I didn’t even want to bring in the house. I was the victim of a re-gifting gag.

In this video I’ll show you what I received, what I plan to do with it and how it got me thinking about unwelcome gifts.

God is always giving us gifts. Some are very welcome, others aren’t. What do you do with his gifts you didn’t ask for?

So click on the video and see what you think of this “gift.”

To live a transformed life you need to recognize the long term value of all God’s gifts.

Share the transformed life! Send this to your friends who need help with gifts.

Now I want to hear from you

What gifts has God given you that you didn’t want initially but later turned out to be the best gift for you? Just leave your comments below.

I’ll talk to you next week,


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  1. shouldn’t have written the first address in pen in that cute address book I wanted to regift. Darn. Need cover up ideas….

    Hmmm gods odd gifts….what a good question. I am not inclined to think this way. Perhaps the highly dysfunctional relationships with fam members has truly served for me to get desperate for Jesus, truth & healing. I love my walk with the Lord, the people & other blessings he has brought in to replace what was stolen. I love being truly desperate & on my knees crying out to him to meet my needs. It sounds strange, I know. And often I used to be jealous of others’ walk who seemed to have it so much easier. But I wouldn’t trade my walk & what he has placed me on. I like being desperate for god cos he always shows up! I like it that he is close, I just like Him so much!

  2. God gave me the gift of an almost broken marriage. I didn’t appreciate it at the time but as I look back now we can marvel how God worked to keep us together and how thankful we are that He did. We now try to encourage others who might be on the same road we have travelled. God is good, all the time!

  3. Said that I just wanted to have time with family for Christmas, but did have a long list of things to do… Was in a car accident on December 1st, definitely not a good thing. But God used this event to teach me that none of the Christmas preparations are really necessary, it WAS enough just to be with family. Also, for me, as a caregiver and nurturer and giver to my family and friends, God had a very good gift for me and my family. This year, I had to learn to receive rather than give, to depend on others to cook, clean, buy and wrap presents while I relaxed. Good for the family too who always depended on me to plan and do everything. This accident was a gift to change focus from busyness to people, and to balance giving and receiving. Now just to get rid of muscle aches and pains to return to school.

  4. Re-gifting. A time, God honored tradition.
    For me it was our marriage on the brink of no more after a terrible event in May 2010 and the next months trying to hold on and allow God to do His thing. I was diagnosed with Bi Polar II during all of the mess I had orchestrated and my wife somehow managed to hang in there and let God start to re-gift us both. It’s far from over as we enter 2011, but at least we know Who is doing the wrapping.

  5. It has certainly made me consider this question about gifts, We try to give gifts that the family would like rather than something they can’t use. And I believe God has given me the gift to want to spend more quality time with Him, as I find it so special, especially as I am having to help my eldest daughter with her husband deserting her and has not even given her a face to face discussion. I am blessed that our daughter has come to us for help, So I can spend time with God asking Him to help me to be there for her.

    Thanks Grant, I think the constant chirping like that may not be very pleasant,

    All the best for 2011 Gayle

  6. Happy New Year!

    I actually love your gift! It made my laugh and smile and I needed that today.

    God has a way to give us gifts that we might otherwise wonder “why me”, why did I deserve this gift?

    Mine is not to question but rather see what purpose that gift has for me. God’s way of sending us gifts come in different packages and sizes all the time. It’s up to us to make use of them or not. Often times we are being taught lessons that we otherwise would never been given the opportunity to learn from had it not come from that gift.

    The biggest and best gift was receiving Jesus into my heart and knowing that He is the only gift I would never re-gift! I’m so blessed to have Him in my life and I would never return Him!

    Have fun with your new found friends! They make me smile…

  7. Ha ! :o) Soooo with you on that annoying chirping, peeping, flashing, trinket, Grant. Too much surrounds us with peace-robbing hype and distraction, which we nonetheless seem willing to put up with, not to mention cluttering our minds and homes with gadgets and toys – because we can !!

    One aspect of hanging around earth a good number of years is the benefit of looking back with exclamations of “Ohhh, yeah — NOW I see what You were up to Lord”, and the accompanying growing wisdom, discernment and calming of one’s soul when considering His excellent reputation – that unmatched track record of faithfulness and compassion toward His own…. that turning of all things into good for our benefit. We learn what “good” means in a completely different way once we’ve learned to trust Him in all.

    Of many designed-personally-for-me-presents, one gift in the making was being sent away to boarding school many years ago. It was tough, and I hated it, but was a “best” decision for my folks at that time. That one wretched year birthed many interesting after-gifts which continue to deliver, letting me know it was no mistake that season was intended for my good. Completely unexpected, but all in God’s unfolding plan for me.

    Papa is still is ahead on the path, making it straight and beautiful while I struggle with some of the wrapping and ribbons of the present, wondering if He even cares about the annoying, painful, and traumatic situations dealt with on the continuum – each from the treasures in His Storehouse, when held up to be inspected in the light of The Big Picture. I know better now. He’s got it all under control.

    Okaaaay !! But that doesn’t include all the stuff that peeps or buzzes, clangs and flashes around us. I’m still working on that !! I shall go now and fashion a great big swatter to take care of those annoyances.

    God’s Continuing Best for You and Katherine !

  8. The best re-gifting I seen was when I got an apple container (made from two liter sized pop bottles) filled with candy. The next year I gave it to a friend. two years later I found out that she had sent it to another friend of ours and then I received it back from her (every time filled with candy) . That year it went into the garbage along with all the other christmas wrap never to be seen again.

  9. C’mon, those birds are nice! (kind of)

    Anyway my wonderful “gift” came in 2007 after my trip to Israel. There was someone who was interested in a relationship with me before the trip but when I came back it was revealed to me perfectly that the Lord had chosen someone else for me, someone I really didn’t like. It was a bitter pill to swallow but I managed, and after a few tantrums and feelings of betrayal I began to see what God was trying to do. The Lord was in the process reshaping and protecting me and making better plans for me than I had for myself. I still don’t know how things will come to pass but now I trust Him more and see His hand of guidance in my life. It’s still not very easy but I’m very thankful and continue to walk in faith, remembering His promises.

  10. These are great examples of how to deal with unwanted gifts in our lives. It’s very moving to read your testimonies of the faithfulness of God in tough times. Thanks for being so honest and for being part of our online community.

  11. Stress. I wish I hadn’t responded to those “gifts” of relational stress with temper tantrums (emotionally) and anger at God and those others.

  12. REGIFTING-GODS WAY! it struck me God has given me so any good gifts some Im not sure why and others that terriffy me and there are those precious ones I try to clutch close to me but I am compelled to share. Guess what the more I share the treasures (whether I think at first they are or not ) the more my Daddy gives to me. I personally know I don’t deserve except that because I’m Christs so Im in the royal family and he paid for me and that entitles me to His good gifts. WHOOOHOO! A Child of the King. The gift of salvation cost me some relationships because I no longer thought or acted or belonged with them. at times I tried to get rid of that gift but like Christmas cake it came back. I am so glad it did and I try to take advantage of every oppourtunity to share it, no longer throwing His gift of salvation , healing etc away. Know what? Over the years more and more occasions to give show up right in front of me. This very Christmas it happened and in the weirdest place the bathroom of McDonalds. Doesn’t God have a great sense of humor???

  13. almost for got to tell you about my worst gift it was wiegh scales for my 13th birthday from my wellmeaning father. I thought it meant he was telling me I was fat, and he was really thinking as a teen it would help me in my view of myself. Those things were durable, I kicked them around and even threw them down the stairs try ing to break them and when I left home I happily left them at home. Now I wish I still had them because my dad gave them to me in love

  14. My first thoughts upon seeing Grant’s new “birds” was that of a tool I have not used in years and would not only loan it to Grant, I’d come and use it: sledge hammer 🙂 Those birds could make anyone depressed and there would be no med that Grant could prescribe to resolve it.

  15. Hi Dr. Mullen,

    Last year, God gave me the gift of putting unreasonable requests into the heads of several people that are close to me. I had to say “no” so much last year, that I began to wonder if I was walking a love walk at all!

    Then I started to look at each request individually, and the reaction to my saying ‘no’, Some reacted well, adjusted to the fact I said no, and went on to things that are much better for them and for me!

    Some are pushy and as I continue to say ‘no’, they are revealing their true colours and that this is a person who I really should not be friends with.

    At first, I was emotionally upset by each unreasonable request and each “no” I had to make, when it started to dawn on me that I have gotten myself into trouble in the past by not saying ‘no’ when I didn’t feel right about doing a thing.

    God is giving me the gift of learning to let “my yes be yes and my no be no” because everything else comes from the devil.

    It’s hard sometimes to say no, especially when you are one of life’s givers, but sometimes you have to say ‘no’ not only for your own good, but also for the good of the other person.

    In other words: Don’t be an enabler, and don’t let someone else’s sin affect your walk with Christ,

    As I practice saying ‘no’, it gets easier, and of course, when the request is reasonble and I am able to help, I still say yes.

    It just was a painful surprise for so many of my family and friends to start acting like this all at once.

    Now here’s the kicker: The one person who reacted well to my ‘no’ and adusted to a better way for all of us is a mentally challenged man who is a friend of ours. He comes to the Lord like a child, and he told us when he got in a muddle from my saying ‘no’, that the Lord spoke to him and sorted things out for him.

    All the others? They’re still trying to get their own willful way instead of submitting to the wonderful things that God has for them. Not another one of them is intellectually challenged like my friend.

    Makes you wonder, huh, how often we miss out on what God has for us because we’re so stuck in our own stubborn willfulness?

    Result? I’ve submitted myself completely to the Lord, and am accepting His “no” and awaiting what He has for me!

    This story to be continued when God reveals what that is!


    Nancy Connolly-Hendriks

  16. Hi Grant! I can relate to all these comments! The gift that God keeps on giving me is learning how to love myself.Although this sounds simple I have found it extremely difficult over the years. My childhood was a very difficult time and I found I was always trying to be a”good girl” and please everyone to ensure there was no reason not to love me. Of course, as we are all human, this didn’t work out very well and I surmised from most people’s reactions that I was unlovable. I have always been a “people pleaser” who has tried to be there for everyone else.This exhausted me and left me anxious and depressed.I couldn’t keep it up and became really scared. God spoke to me many times about trusting His love and to let go of my expectations of others. As I have stepped back from doing all the things i used to, I am so gratefully surprised that many relationships have grown and become deeper; others have been put on the back burner and my life has so much more meaning and purpose! Praise God for His wisdom, faithfulness and love!!!!!!

  17. P.S. I actually like your “Birdie present”! Would you like to re-gift it to me???!!!! God bless you and your family

  18. These sure are a wide variety of gifts. Learning to love and appreciate yourself is a very big one. Thanks for the sledgehammer offer. Norma could have used one to deal with the bathroom scales she received.

  19. Re-gifting?? when I first saw your title on this video, it grab my interest, as re-gifting wasn’t an option in my family, as we were always reminded of the what people didn’t have and especially during the depression, but as I read some of the comments – I believe the best re-gifted gift is Jesus, as it is one I can re-gift. I’m glad you brought this to me – I enjoyed the chirping, maybe not the lights, but I heard some harmony and it reminded me of when I was in the mountains camping and woke up to the beauty that God gave us. Faith like a mustard seed can move a mountain… even if was playing it once (only once please). LOL..

    I believe and hope the next person that receives this re-gifted gift is blessed by it as I was.

    Gods Blessings!!! – R

  20. Hi all
    Have you ever re-gifted before? Taken a gift that someone has given you and then gifted it to someone else? If yes then I need a favour.

    I’m doing research on gift-giving behaviour for my Masters of Commerce at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. I am looking for participants to take my online questionnaire. It takes about 10 minutes to complete, it is not too challenging.

    You can find the questionnaire here

    If you wish, at the end of the survey you can enter into the draw to win one of three $50 gift certificates as a thank-you.

    All information will be kept confidential so please answer the questions truthfully. Your responses will be very much appreciated.

    So please take it!

  21. Thank you kindly for your New Year’s message…I hope this year is filled with new beginnings and good tidings for you and Kathy and family.
    Somehow I always hold onto the gifts God gives me..and at times they transform into something else which I am not aware at the time But with His nudgings I open my eyes..always eternally grateful.
    As for ordinary gifts,,…not many received so no real problems there.
    Denise B

  22. Furthermore I recall an incident when at a School Dance in my teen years when I went up to a nun and told her how uneasy I felt about a boy who pursued me that night and to this day I still laugh at her comment//A bird in hand is worth two in the bush/// well Dr Grant…you seem to have two birds in hand..what is the message?? Hohum…have a blessed day. Look forward to more bird gift stories,
    cheers Denise

  23. That was the funniest thing I have ever seen! Glad it wasn’t sent to me, but then again it sure did make me laugh.

  24. A fun interesting video. I have always found the “what do you want for Christmas” question an interesting one. Quite often the ones (not all) I appreciate the most are the ones given that I didn’t ask for but the giver felt I would benefit from having. As a child I was taught to “say thank you” to Aunt Matilda even if I hated the gift. Somewhere there’s a message here. Sometimes gifts we receive aren’t what we WANT but they are what we NEED. Did you NEED the singing bird? Nope. But it sure brought a laugh to your readers. Happy New Year.

  25. How can you regift something so terrible? Jesus says we must fogive our enemies not give them bad gifts. Perhaps you could use it in your next video to demonstrate God’s wrath from the Old Test. by hitting it with a sledge hammer. – – but how would that make the child labourers feel?
    I want to know if you have shown this video to the relative(?)that gave it to you and what their reaction was? Is she still speaking to you? (Guys only give power tools.) Do you want her to still speak to you?
    Have you thought about attaching it to a motion sensor and using it in the back yard to scare away other birds from the rasberry patch?
    God Bless,

  26. Grant just finished watching your gag gift video, and upon finishing it other u tube options of other video blogs of yours were automatically presented and I watched the Toxic Mullenism video and had several great laughs—particularly when Kathy asked you to help open the pickles. Great blog!

  27. I love that thing. I would have bought it at the store if I would have seen it.
    Think twice about giving it away. You might be sorry later, especially if the relatives are looking for it at your home. I would take it though, but you already chose someone else.

  28. I was recently diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Most of my friends are suggesting that I be “looking and believing” for a healing from God as that is what He would want. On the other hand I see it as an opportunity to mix with other people who also have MS (and many are not saved) and build relationships that will hopefully present an opportunity for me to minister to them. Do you think it is legitimate for me to see MS as a gift in this way?


  29. Post
  30. Last summer, I noticed something in our ditch by the road. I was excited to see what it was, but when I went to retrieve it, I discovered that it was only a narrow nylon sack with a casino name on it. My husband said, “throw it away.” But I insisted on keeping it.

    For the past two years, I have been struggling with an undiagnosed pain/mobility issue, which has significantly impacted my life. Although my horses do well on grass and hay during the warmer months, when it gets colder, they need grain. In the past, the grain has been kept in the barn; however, getting into the barn and mixing the grain in the cold is physically difficult for me. When I brought up this issue with my husband, he suggested keeping and mixing the grain in our wonderfully heated garage.

    Nevertheless, I still had a problem. I needed to find a way to transport the grain the distance to the corral through drifts of snow….without causing myself pain. I thought of pulling it on a sled or snow saucer, but the drifts get too uneven to navigate in that manner and the pulling would likely cause me pain. And then I suddenly remembered the little pink nylon sack – why couldn’t I drag the grain in that? Armed with the grain in the nylon sack and an empty bucket, off I tromped (well, staggered) to the corral. To my great surprise, I found that the length of the sack combined with the angle it was carried and the slippery nylon material made it very easy to for me to walk completely upright without feeling any pull on my body – the grain was almost weightless!

    I relay this story, because as I trudged (or rather staggered) out to the barn in a windchill of 35 degrees below zero yesterday, I thought of how grateful I am for that little sack. And I suddenly felt very loved by God when I considered that He had given me that sack in the summer when it was useless, so that I could have it in the winter when it would prove absolutely invaluable. Thinking of that simple gift caused me to realize that GOD CARES. He cares not only about my pain, but also about my desire to care for my horses independently.

    When we walk through dark valleys we often feel alone, and it can be difficult to remember that God not only is with us but that He is concerned with everything that concerns us – even the little things. My little pink sack serves as an example and a reminder of God’s love, care, and provision.

  31. I am still unwrapping an unwanted gift from God – His silence. For several months I have been experiencing feelings of discontentment and apathy towards the church at large. I’ve been digging into some of the doctrinal issues that separate denominations and am no closer to getting clarity on why He allows us, His kids, to fight so much over how we pursue a relationship with Him. In my prayer times, God’s voice appears to be absent, leaving me to sit and with fear and trembling, figure out my own salvation by myself.

    I only hope after peeling back the last layer of silent tissue paper, there is a precious thing inside, something that shows God knew exactly what He was doing.

  32. Post

    Michael, God is still speaking to you, but you are unable to hear him due to the other painful distractions in your mind. Negative church experiences have got between you and God. I’d be happy to help you through it at a coaching appointment.

    KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THIS GIFT BECAUSE I’VE ALWAYS BEEN A WORD GUY(Evangelical)……………..scary yet exciting at the same time……comments GREATLY appreciated

  34. Post

    Bruce, that’s an interesting unexpected gift. Just relax and ask God to show you where those gifts are in the Word. Then ask him to teach you how to use those gifts. Consider the prophet word to you, to be a recognition of a seed planted in you that you can cultivate and grow. A great gift!

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