Here’s how to have the mind of Christ

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Do you have the mind of Christ?

I’m sure it often doesn’t feel like it.

Too many other thoughts are crowding out Jesus.

So we just lower our expectations and keep struggling.

But you can enjoy the mind of Christ and hear his voice.

Click on the video and learn how.

Now I want to hear from you

What steps have you taken that helped you have the mind of Christ? Just leave your testimony in the box below that will encourage someone.

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  1. Hello Dr.Grant,Let me share a great gift that The Holy Spirit brought to my mind.It is a song titled “That still small voice”this can be heard on Youtube Simply enter Thomas Aidan Scannell.I have recorded two two CD,S of Christian songs,all the songs except ‘That still small voice”have the melody’s written by friends of mine.As the lyrics came to mind so did the melody,this has only happened once.Hope you enjoy.

    Your brother in Christ.


  2. That was a good clear explanation on hearing the voice of God, or, having the mind of Christ. Thank you! I’m going to make this video available to my friends and family!

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