The antidote to pessimism

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Our words are powerful!

What are your words doing?

Are you speaking hope or negativity into your future?

Are you cursing yourself without knowing it?

This week Steve Backlund from Bethel Church in Redding California explains how to release God’s prophetic destiny into your life by changing the way you speak.

Click on the video and learn how to use the most untapped resource in Christianity.

To live a transformed life you need to use your words to influence your future.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God used your words to release blessing to yourself or others?  Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Steve Bucklands “cloud” of the power of the tongue. It certainly has been that way for me. After years of low self esteem and low image, I finally began understanding a Proverbs reading where it says “Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life” – I think its 4:23. Anyhow, I examined and found that I was constantly talking negative thoughts over my life. Then, taking action I had to prophetically claim promises VERBALLY, so that not only did I read it, I spoke it AND I heard it. The first one was the hardest – “I am so loved by God, ” even though I did not feel it, believe it, or live it. I had to say this over and over till Gods Spirit did his work in me. I believe!! yay!

  2. Dr. Grant,
    Thank you for this interview with Steve Backlund ! I found myself in total agreement with everything he had to say . Although I have heard this type of message before; it never really ‘stuck ‘ with me.
    I have had a poor self image for a long time and, tend to beat myself up over things that go ” wrong ,” especially little things. Now, I’m going to begin to speak positive Scriptures over my life and, speak them out loud .
    The Word says in Romans 10 : 17 ” So faith comes from hearing , and hearing by the word of God.”
    Our faith is actually increased when we speak out loud the Word of God and believe what we say . Halleluia to the Risen Lord !!!

  3. This is soooo true!! Another key point that I learned in another book by James Richards is that you should not use confessions/affirmations/proclamations to try to get God to do something but use them to plant faith in our hearts.

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