How did you immigrate?

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I had a revelation in New York harbour

Kathy and I were visiting New York City last week and we took a boat tour.

The highlights of the tour were the Ellis Island immigration museum and the Statue of Liberty.

I actually have a personal connection to Ellis Island.

God spoke to me when I saw the Island and the Statue together.

The Statue of Liberty spoke to me

The Statue of Liberty spoke to me

In this video I’ll tell you what God showed me about immigration, liberty and the Kingdom.

Just click on the video and join me on the boat.

To live a transformed life you must enter the Kingdom of God.

Now I want to hear from you

How did you come into the Kingdom? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 11

  1. Hi Dr Grant..that’s a great illustration about coming into the Kingdom of God.I came into the Kingdom as a dying moslem whom doctors had given up on.I was thirty three years old at the time and had been very depressed for years and didnt know what was wrong.My sister took me to church and I heard the Gospel, the good news, for the first time in my life.My spiritual eyes and ears were opened , the blindness was gone and I could see for the first time that Jesus Christ was God, and not the other gods that I was serving.So I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and have been serving Him ever since then.He healed me and delivered me into His Kingdom of Light from the darkness I had been in.So I am now adopted into the family of God and have migrated into His Kingdom, but I had to make Jesus Lord of my life first, repent of all sins and receive His forgiveness.But that was the hardest thing for me to do since as a moslem, I thought I was a good person because I tried so hard to be a good person and do good to others. But I found out that was a lie and I praise God for the day Jesus went to the Cross and died for my sins to be forgiven.God bless..

  2. This was such a wonderful analogy..absolutely wonderful. If only we can keep this image and story in our hearts constantly….the Kingdom on earth would surely be established in no time. Thank you and bless you Denise

  3. Hello, Dr Grant
    I came into God’s kingdom after 10 years of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicidal ideations the last three years before my salvation. Most of this was while being in a cult the previous 20 years. I gave my life to God the day before I left a psychiatric hospital because I was acutely suicidal upon admission. Within 3 – 4 hours of my decision, the suicidal feelings were gone. I had been in support groups and seen counselors, psychiatrists and other MD’s for for years prior to this but only got worse. When I became born again my recovery began to bear fruit as I submitted my losses and traumas to God for healing. I was on anti-depressants for 6 years after being saved and was able to get off them over five years ago
    I went back to school to complete a degree in psychology and then an MA in marriage and family therapy and have done drug and alcohol work and counseling for Child protective services clients. God has healed much of my mind,soul and body, but I am still a work in progress. I have written a book about my experience called “Coming out of Hell: A Journey from Chaos to redemption” Many of my problems were repressed traumatic memories and abandonment issues that took a long time to work through. I have used your materials for a number of years and found them to be very effective. Thanks for your emails and God Bless you and your wife.

  4. As immigrants (now canadians) we know exactly how hard it is to wait for the government decision to see if you are “good enough” to be an immigrant or if you can became a Citizen. We became citizens of Heaven in 2003 when we were going through a very difficult time in our marriage. We were raised catholics and we were deceived by so many lies. After we both commited our lifes to Christ we still have problems some times, but we know the Truth and we can fight against all the evil forces that want to destroy the Family. It’s amazing how we didn’t have to wait for the Lord to decide if we were good enough, we just had to surrender our lifes to His authority and ask for his forgivines. Praise Him!!!

  5. Aaaa!! I just had a whole lot of story written down and pressed the wrong button and it was erased!! Maybe I am not supposed to write all I did or maybe I am, so here it goes again.
    As a young girl, approximately 9 or 10, I would listen to our little radio station in a town on the tip of Georgian Bay. First would be Poka Hour then Back to the Bible.
    Little did I know that even 30 years ago God was planting the seeds of freedom. As I was snuggled in my bed and I would fall asleep listening to the preacher and the words of that old book running through my head. I had to been to many Sunday schools with friends RC, Penticost and Salvation Army.
    As years went on I decided that my ways were better and didn’t really get anything from Sunday School except “Be nice to people.” Many times I think about how I put my life in so much danger with the people I associated with, alocohl and drugs, wordly ideas. As a college student my dad passed away and there was alot of anger and grief that became buried.
    One day as I was on break at a automotive factory I coworker asked if I knew Jesus Crist and wanted a relationship with God. I said “Thank you very much but I have my own relationship with God.” As a single mom I had been touched by the first birth of my son. It’s amazing how God works through even a little baby.
    Neighbours started to move in to our little village and you guessed it, Born Agains.
    All I thought about was the Bible Thumping Christians” who would tell you at your door your going to hell if you don’t believe.
    One day the emptiness I had felt was filled with what it was meant for. I had opened the door for freedom and a way of life that I had never knew. God has been gentle and kind but firm and disciplining at the same time. He’s not someone shouting in my face, people do that, not Him. There has not been all rosy days but there’s been an place to go for protection when the darks days happen. I have come to realize that with my trials are the way I come to rely on God and understand who Jesus is. If you are considering Jesus you won’t regret it……

  6. That was a great analogy of citizenship. My great gramdparents immigrated from Russia in the early 1800s.
    Recently I accompanied a friend who immigrated from South Africa several years ago when she finally recieved her Canadian Citizenship in Vancouver, BC. I more fully appreciate my Canadian Citizenship now and also my citizenship in the KOG.
    My analogy is that wherever I travel I represent my country, Canada; I am a citizen and an ambassodor for my Country, the Kingdom of God.

  7. i was a greek orthodox where Jesus is the Son of God, but the relationship with Him is not heavyly emphasised. I decided to become a Christian and accept Jesus in a new way, a personal way. In that very moment I felt floods and floods of joy come into my heart and go through all of my body. i was aware of all teh cells in my being. It was so amazing I could not stop smiling. The Lord showed me in that very moment how He was always there by my side. It was an amazing “welcome home” for me. Praise the Lord Jesus !!!

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