How do I know if my depression has been healed?

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Does God still heal people today?

He sure does!

So how do you know if your depression has been supernaturally healed?

This is a very important question since you don’t want to stop the medications if you haven’t been healed. That can be disastrous.

I’ve seen several of my own patients healed from mood disorders (even after I prayed for them) so I can tell you what to look for. Just click on the video and I’ll explain.

Healing, a physician's view

Do we really need healing miracles now that medicine is so advanced?

Why isn’t everyone healed?

When you download the DVD Healing, a physician’s view, you will get the answers to these questions and you will hear about the people who were accidently healed when I prayed for them. At the conclusion you can join me in prayers for your own healing.
You can watch a 5 minute preview. Just click here for more information.

For more information on Christian mental health visit our Q&A Forum.

Share the transformed life. Send this to your friends so they can understand depression too.

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