How is your will?

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God has given each of us a will.

Your will is your ability to make a decision and carry it out.

It’s part of God’s nature inside you.

So what are you doing with your will?

Is your will like an empty glove?

Is your will like an empty glove?

Christians have a unique problem with their wills.

In this video I’ll explain why Christians get so confused about their wills.

Just click on the video and learn how to make some great decisions.

To live a transformed life you need to have a fully functioning will.

Now I want to hear from you

How do you tell what God’s will is? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 4

  1. Wow!! This is my favorite video, Dr make it so easy to understand and I agree with you completely..As a new Christian , I was terrified of God’s will for my life because I was sure He was going to send me to some strange country to become a missionary. Then I was terrified that I would miss God’s perfect will for my life and end up losing my salvation in the process.Then one time a pastor prayed over me that God would break my will, and since I didn’t know what that meant, I was terrified again. Now, almost fourteen years later, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am in His perfect will for my life and right where He wants me to be. I know this because He tells me so Himself by His Spirit. I’ve come to realise that He is such a loving and compassionate Father, that even if we go against His will for our lives, if we would sincerely repent and turn back to Him, He forgives because He is the God of second chances. The neat thing is that I dont want to go against His will any longer but rather surrender my will to Him and follow His ways.I have so much more peace in my life now by allowing Him to teach me how to crucify my will, surrender to him, and have fun and enjoy life in the process.I NEVER thought following His will for my life would be fun; I always thought that it would be boring . I was wrong.John 10:10 says He came that we might have and ENJOY life and have it more abundantly..God richly bless you .

  2. Thank you Dr.Mullen for that, I remember struggling so much with this at one point, if I had this video then it would have given me relief from much turmoil. I am a pastors kid & grew up in church leadership, attended all the services, Bible Studies, Bible College, you name it & yet still didn’t understand the most basic yet imp parts of our faith such as this. I also have GAD so I remember before medication I left 1 difficult relationship & met another guy (now my husband) but was TERRIFIED of Gods will, His perfect & submissive will, the idea of mine vs His, & what He would do to me if I wasn’t following His. I would have major panic attacks over this very thing & was so afraid to begin anything else bc I actually feared God was causing my anxiety & I didn’t want to do anything wrong out of fear of Him. I bought a book to help me work through hurts from my previous boyfriend & as much as those hurts we’re great, in the first couple chapters everything that came up was even bigger hurts in my relationship with God. I realized then how much the teaching I had received on ‘fearing’ God was so twisted & we had a problem. I did not how I could go to God, fear Him, trust Him with all my heart, follow Him passionately when my perspective of Him was so unhealthy – and I realized how much I did shy away & hide from Him. I realized then that I had to walk away from the God I knew & get to know God as He truly was, a safe place.

    I too used to fear God would want me to be a martyr, celibate, go overseas & be alone without Him caring, or run me into the ground for the sake of helping others. I thought I had NO will and it was all about Gods will as if it was in competition. I also feared the whole idea of crucifying the flesh, which I thought was all the parts of me – my will, desires, intentions, motivations, joys, etc etc I thought were all bad. I feared that God brought me anxiety bc He would use me to help others but at the expense of my own life bc I didn’t matter to Him. It was such a horrible feeling.

    I had so many hurts & fears of Him that was ingrained in me through my upbringing. I realized that much of my anxiety disorder itself was from being taught through what I now realize was a fearful perspective towards life & God that my parents & the church also had.

    Thankfully God taught me otherwise through tidbits of information here & there, He was & is so faithful to teach me the truth. But I have to say that struggle was big and I still have remnants that trouble me every now & then. But thank God He is not that way, that is not Him at all. Yet it is sad to see how many really do struggle with this. Dr. Grant this really is a great battle among Christians!

  3. On another note, I wanted to write about “the will” in light of my GAD. I’m not sure how many people with anxiety disorders have the same main symptoms as me since many peoples manifest differently – it seems the main ones I’ve seen in people so far are agoraphobia, specific phobias, most commonly fear of germs & health problems.

    Mine is a little different – I actually fear…. Myself…. My own will. What I mean to say is I fear my own emotions & where they could lead. I think this is possibly from trauma of experiencing anxiety itself, from the intensity of my emotions during anxiety & anxiety attacks & my inability to control them, my major fear developed around what seemed to be that I can be controlled by my emotions & this my will succumbs to it. As a result I’ve lived under this terrible feeling that I cannot necessarily control my own will in light of the psyche and so I live in fear of what I could do and anticipate terrible things in light of that. For example I can’t watch any movies about people going crazy, losing their mind, be around much other cases of mental illness, or even hear of people who submit more to their anger & emotions bc I fear I don’t have a choice
    In that – I apply my own feelings of helplessness & fear of not being able to control myself (ie: go crazy) to such stories and it all feeds into this almost phobia of it happening to me, of me turning out this way.

    All this of course was during my most intense times of anxiety so I am describing it as such. Since medication I am much more calm but am reminded sometimes in my feelings, thoughts, reactions of this main fear that developed.. Now I am trying to work through it so I am free from this too, what I would call almost, a fear of my emotions vs my will. I often feel helpless to different feelings that arise, or stories about people using their will destructively as if I fear it happening to me. with this underlying belief that has developed, on a daily basis I do partially live on fear of that.

    I know this is deep content to post on a video or just as a comment, but this is now something I know God has been wanting me to face lately and last night I made my first journal entry about overcoming what I call, “scar tissue” or remnants possibly deep in my subconscious that developed during anxiety & “throb” (remind/haunt) me every now and then. So I don’t think it’s any consequence that I woke up to this email/encouragement about the will this morning 🙂

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