How should you pray for your government?

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Criticizing politicians is a popular pastime

But do you realize what a difficult job it is to be an elected representative?

The Bible tells us to pray for them.

So how should we do that?

Click on the video and start praying for your leaders.

Now I want to hear from you

How do you pray for your leaders? Just leave your comments in the box below.


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  1. Dear Grant and Kathy,

    Blessings to both of you on your incredible outreach! You are on my prayer list! Regarding prayer for our leaders is on the top of my list. I pray that they have wisdom, discernment and guidance based on I Tim.2:1,2; to lead a quiet and peaceable life and on 1 Pet.2:43 because God asks us to submit ourselves to kinds and governors for the Lord’s sake and also for ! Titus 3:1 because we are to be subject to rulers and authorities to obey in order to be ready for every good work. I pray for all World Leaders especially about about the World Economy, world plagues, slavery, poverty, ISIS, euthanasia and much more. Thank you for sending out this message. As you say it is very timely this year not just because of the elections but because of the last Blood moon coming up at the Feast of Tabernacles this autumn 2015 which makes the last one in the four Blood moons which have always been significant for God’s people! Again I say bless you and thank you for your weekly messages. They are helping so much. Judith

  2. Post
  3. AMEN! Your comments reminded me that I have been careless about praying for our governments, national, provincial and local. We do need to pray for the Lord to raise up Josephs and Daniels. May I add Nehemiahs?

  4. Thank you for your a wonderful and timely insights in so many areas. I would say we need to pray for “Esthers” to rise up as well. I try to express gratitude to God for the government He has allowed, and speak blessing over those who serving while calling things that are not as though they were.
    Blessings on you both. You always manage to make me smile.

  5. Again you are so right. I have been praying for our Government leaders and pray that our country be lead by true Christian believers that are lead by God’s will and not by man’s.

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