How strong is your shield?

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You are a target!

If you are a Christian, Satan has you in his crosshairs.

He’ll do anything to undermine your faith, erode trust and destroy hope.

But you don’t have to be a victim of his attack.

You can defend yourself and outsmart his schemes.

Click on the video and I’ll explain how.

To live a transformed life you need to keep your Shield of Faith strong.

Now I want to hear from you

How do you use your Shield of Faith? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Always be prepared

Always be prepared

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  1. Dr Mullen, Your video today was a great example. It is so true but I have never heard it quite that way before. I have had times when I didnt know what the problem was.Things seem fine and then the torpedo hits just like you said. I do need to keep my shield of faith strong. God does always come through just like He did with this video. Thank you so much for your videos. They are a great help and blessing.God is working through you Dr Mullen. God Bless You. Phyllis .

  2. I meditate on Psalm 91: He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High , Shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty. I dwell on the Secret Place of peace and trust in Him no matter what is happening.

  3. Dr. Mullen, you say that you can build up your shield of faith through your walk with God and your awareness and ability to remember his promises. Yesterday I watched the second part of your 4 week self-assessment course in which you talked about thought control and the additional video “Why do I feel so far from God when I’m depressed?”. While I’ve battled with depression for over half of my life, sometimes successfully and sometimes not, I thought I was doing fairly okay for a long while now depression wise. Yet I’ve still been anxious lately and simply felt off, especially in relationships with God and others and my ability to concentrate and engage in things mentally. It wasn’t until you mentioned the 4 spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible reading, worship and fellowship and how depression affects each of them that I really recognized what’s being going on. In light of the fact that prayer, Bible reading, worship and fellowship are tedious dry exercises in sheer determination at best and fruitless or nearly impossible at worse, how do I then “build up my shield of faith through my walk with God and my awareness and ability to remember his promises” when it feel like my awareness of and ability to remember and even ability to convince myself of His promises are so clouded and stuck in low gear? Thanks for your insight.

  4. About 8 years ago I was a victim of these torpedoes and suffered almos admitted in the hospital but the a audio cassette helped me to be strongly resist the devil. Now one of our believers going through these attacks. I subscribed his email to receive your teachings. I thank God for you and your work. Amazing analogy.

  5. I’ve been learning to use scripture and Bible truths to fight off negative thoughts. I find I have to repeat the truths outloud and silently over and over again. This really works but, I need God’s help to keep it up.

  6. What a great word! I also find worshipping The Lord and praying in tongues (even quietly in my mind) helps to combat the attempts of the enemy.

  7. I use this shield of faith every day of my life. Every time Satan brings up something from the past I try to right away, sometimes after stewing a bit, to remind him that everything from the past even the incident he is attacking me with is under the blood of Jesus and therefore no longer even exists in my life. I am growing daily in this area so my stewing about it times are getting shorter all the time and with God’s help will someday not even exist. God is so great and faithful.

  8. This message reminds me of when I came to Christ years ago as a dying moslem.I was on a deathbed for almost two years, with no more hope from the medical doctors.Thank God for the Pastor God placed in my life when my relative took me to church and I heard about the love of Jesus and what He did on the Cross for me. I started meditating on the Word of God, memorizing Scriptures, speaking them over my life and confessing that I was not going to die but live and declare the Word of God.The promises of God work. His promises are in Him yes and amen! But I had to use my shield of faith to counterattack the fiery darts of the enemy that almost took my life.We are all in a spiritual war and our weapons are not carnal but mighty through God to pulling down the strongholds of the enemy through prayer, praise, His promises, etc..The most important key to defeating the enemy that I have found is being led by the Spirit and being obedient to DO what He says to do. Satan’s power is in his lies, so we fight back with Truth, which is the Word of the living God..Thanks Dr your illustration..God bless.

  9. My wife and I were taught a way of strengthening our faith that arose from Psalm 103. David say “Praise the Lord O my soul” In other words he practiced speaking God’s words of life and praise to his emotions , will and memory if they became disordered. So I have been trying to help an mate in our local prison strengthen his shield I found that the main torpedoes from Satan attack WHO we are.So I began searching scriptures for all the references to IAM ( the name of God but also our identity…there are 900 !!!) The method is to find a scripture promise and use it in three ways out loud. 1) Speak to back to God His word thanking Him for this gift. 2) Speak this word to my soul eg John 3:16 changing the ‘world’ to ‘me if I believe in God’s only begotten Son , I will not perish but have everlasting life’
    3) I speak a word to Satan. Ephesian 6 say the weapon we have is the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. Thus speak the word to Satan. ‘ Do you hear Satan, I stand on God’s word today. I believe He loves me. I believe He sent His Son for me. I believe I will not perish. I believe Jesus is going to give eternal life. ‘
    May this help others to have a strong shield as it has me.

  10. thank u so much grant mullen for speaking the TRUTH and for providing practical answers to so many mental health issues. ive been in the mental health field for 30yrs and im so thankful for your ministry. never before have i heard such balanced,accurate knowledge on mood/anxiety disorders and how to address them.i saw you at breakforth last january and was so pleased to hear someone qualified speaking on mental health issues .unfortunately this hasnt been the case in the past .i so appreciate your accurate depiction on he difference between chemical imbalance and attacks of satan orpast wound issues . its so encouraging to hear u voice what i knew was true in my own experience and in the histories of my patients. GOd bless you . you are chosen and equipped to speak the truth in an area of such profound ignorance and deceit

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  12. Thank you for everyone one of your encouraging videos that you send .The lord has helped me to remember when I am getting attacked by Satan’s lies that He is in control and sovereign and if they don’t match the word to reject it . I am new to this even though I have been a christian since 1986/ Somewhere along the line after both of my parents died and I had gotten diagnosed with Bipolar NOS I was getting attacked alot . I am grateful to the Lord for teaching me to raise my shield and pray He continuously reminds me .
    Thanks again Grant.

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