How to be a real man

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This week I want to talk to the guys

What is manliness?

The media bombards us with so many different stereotypes of what a real man is.

Do we just pick one that we like and try to imitate it?


The Bible describes a wide variety of men and is very blunt about their strengths and weaknesses.

There was one man though (other than Jesus) who stood out as a real man and a real Godly man. Sure he had flaws but he had a lot of characteristics that we need today to be authentic men who follow Jesus.

In this video I’ll explain what a real man looks like.

I’ll also tell you why men find it harder to become Christians than women.

Just click on the video, then shock your wife with the new you!

To live a transformed life (if you’re a guy) you need to be a real man.

Now I want to hear from you

Why do you think men struggle with their identity and role? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 13

  1. I loved this video. I’m going to forward it to the guys in my life.

    Christa, God made men to be different than women. Women need to be loved, men need to be respected. Handle men (and their egos) with care and respect. Don’t treat men like children, even when they act like children. Let them learn by experiencing the negative consequences of their behavior. Don’t nag them. It doesn’t work and it makes them mad.

  2. Mmmmm no comments from the guys yet.

    The greatest man i have ever known on earth was my Father. Not for that he was a very hard worker (which he certainly was), or that he was always there to help when it was needed (he kept our tractor plugged in and ready to go all winter so he could pull anyone who was stuck through all the drifts), or even all the ice cream he made for us, or the pancakes he used to fry up for family and neighbors. Many times during a summer (he would just get up one morning and tell mom ‘call the family and the neighbors and I’ll fry pancakes – Mom did the bacon and eggs so she got involved in that one too. No – what I really thought he was great for was the times he did let his emotions show. How when a school friend of mine passed away after a ruptured appendix, at the age of 14 years,he immediately sat down with us and shared a cup of coffee and said we should talk about it and asked us how we were feeling about it. Then when my Grandmother (his mother in law) was diagnosed with cancer and the family were told that she wouldn’t have long left on this earth; He sat in the waiting room at the hospital and openly cried. When my aunt noticed and went over to talk to him he told her “She’s the only mother I have had since I came from Sweden” He was never ashamed to show his emotions or to show his sons and daughters how much he loved them. All the other things he did for people was an outpouring of these feelings and that is why I not only think but also know he was a great man.

  3. Men ‘should’ on themselves way too much. I ‘should’ be the provider, I ‘should’ be the strong one, I ‘should’ be a good Christian (whatever that means). Men carry around a whole lot of expecations that they allow to define them (from society, their wife, their own dad). The problem is they’re not God’s expectations. Once I started to allow God to define me and saw myself through his eyes, I was able to start dying to all the shoulds. It’s a constant battle but worth it!

  4. As you were describing David, Grant, and saying that he believed a strong man had feelings and that he acknowledged God as his source of strenght, I thought to myself that I am tender with my children, my son as much as my daughter, and I do not pretend that I have no feelings towards them. Yet I would risk anything to protect them. God must be my strenght and my example as he was for David!

    Then I thought, if my ex is used to the type of man who does not betray weakness by showing feelings, would this be why she once reffered to me as “not a good man” (in a courtroom), thinking that I did not fit her conditioned idea of what that is?

  5. I was indeed, Sandra. I valued nothing more then each member of my family, but many negative attacks from the kingdom of darkness came against a very happy Christian family. That’s about as much detail as I can give here.

  6. Tender and strong, Dependent on the Lord. Aware of our sad, our scare, our hurt. Able to empathize with others. Aware that our strength comes from the Lord and nowhere else. Communicative and relational with ourselves, God and others. Thank you for this full blooded picture of what it means to be a real man in Gods economy.
    To be brave and courageous and enter into the world of emotional energies within us and in others truly takes Christ’s life and presence in us to navigate the sometimes foggy, choppy waters there. Thank you for laying down the gauntlet for us as men to be strong enough to be weak. Thank you for challenging us to listen to the parts of ourselves and others that need our attention and energy. As we open that door to ourselves we can open that door to Jesus and others as well.

  7. I believe that is totally involved, David Schrank, in loving one’s wife and learning to lay down one’s life for her — as Christ did for the church.

  8. well,im grateful for the christians that converted me to christanity,they provided me with much needed direction,yes,the were rugged characters but they were compationate and at crucial times firm and gentle and belevible,bearing in mind i was a cold,heart made of stone type of person,i hope i never forget what a blessing these christian really were….and now years later ive found myself asking jesus to turn my heart of stone into something relevant….thank you for posting the video dr mullen,may god bless you tonight.

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