How to be more creative

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Do you want to be more creative?

Creativity is one of the most unique gifts that God gave to man. It’s part of being made in God’s image.

I bet you don’t feel creative at all.

You think you’re stuck in a rut for life.

So then it’s time to wake up that dormant gift!

What happened to your creativity?

Creativity can transform your marriage, relationships and income. It can make life fun again!

In this video we’ll talk about your creativity, what happened to it and how you can unlock it.

Just click on the video and let your imagination soar!

To live a transformed life you need to release your God given creativity.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God inspired your creativity? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 15

  1. I enjoy your weekly videos–thank you for sharing. I do not think I ever received the FREE 4 week Self Assessment Guide. Is there a possibility of receiving it again? Thank you. Nancy

  2. Hi I am finding your blogs helpful in dealing with my reoccurance of depression; it seems to come in 5-7 year cycles.

    I too did not receive the Self Assessment Guide unless I’m not looking in the right place.


  3. I”m so glad you have started this creative series. I have been a music student. my man instrument has been violin and am hoping to switch to viola. I can’t seem to get my love or enjoyment or even drive for it in years and continue to struggle progress in any kind of way. it’s like having it totally locked away in that treasure chest and I just can’t get it unlocked. my dream has been to play symphony or quartets but my abilities are totally stunted. maybe its just a season God has me in for now, but it seems to be lasting a long time. i really want that part of me to open up. i will be watching and apply these concepts to my playing and see what God has for me in this area. I am also open to anything else that will help me unlock this mystery. Thank-you,

  4. Hi Dr Grant..I would love to learn more about this area because I was one of those people who grew up constantly hearing that I was dumb, stupid and a failure in life.I believed it because my parents said it. So it was a complete surprise to me when I found myself writing beautiful poems that people love and enjoy so much.But this all happened when I was dying and gave my life to Jesus Christ.I had no idea I had these gifts and talents but the Holy Spirit started showing me the gifts God had placed in me but I had never tapped into it because I didn’t know it was there.I give God the glory for it because it came from Him and I get to use these gifts to bless others.

  5. Glad you posted this video on creativity…As a child, I was a creative Energizer Bunny..Always thought up scenarios for playtime, writing, drawing, singing. But as I grew older and became caught up in the things of this world, my creativity vanished. I just lived and worked and always felt like something major was missing in my life but could not put my finger on what it was…After searching for truth and trying to remember beauty, God came into my life and the more I walk with Him, the more He blesses me with an amazing amount of creative energy..It’s helped in my professional life, it’s helped in my relationships and the major thing that was missing is back stronger and clearer that it ever was as a kid. God is creative..Just look around. Creativity is a gift He gives to all if we focus on Him and let Him guide us. I am blessed no matter what my circumstances, no matter what the situation. And I use my creative gift to bring God glory. Not to bring attention and praise to myself. When people comment on how creative and talented I am, I just say, “It’s not me. It’s God.” And it is.

  6. I took silk painting classes awhile ago and was pleasantly surprised that this is a wonderful creative outlet – and that I can actually paint something!! It may lead to an income source for me.

  7. I will send you the links to the self assessment guide if you didn’t get it. Thanks for letting me know.
    Great to hear your creativity stories. You have no idea what God has locked in your treasure chest just waiting to be discovered.
    Keep them coming!

  8. “Creativity” you can find this word directly implied or indirectly in most job adverts. Everyone is out after creativity, employers, people, etc. Such an important attribute, sought after as if it were gold. Yet it was supposed to be freely available and in overflow in God’s plan. Big G is right, we need to open our hearts to the possibility that we might be very creative and that God may want to bring into this world the next big thing through us.

  9. I so relate to the above comments.
    I was recently so ill that they thought I was going to die. But when I was in the coma I prayed and asked God to save me. I have drastically changed – become a new person. It is a wonderful gift.
    Since God has become part of my life I have discovered talents [painting, story telling] that I did not know I had or believed I could do. I pray that God will help me use those and any other talents to help my family income.
    I don’t think I have received the Free 4 week Assessment guide. Would I be able to receive it?
    Thanks and God bless you. Deb

  10. thanks for the invitation to invite the Holy Spirit into my imagination , and to give me His vision and ideas,,, and the strength through Christ to carry the ideas to completion. I can think of no greater adventure than to partner with Him and create anew , visually, relationally, verbally, with His purposes at heart. Thankyou. David

  11. > Thank you Dr Grant.
    > Yes I agree it’s God best gift. Not many use it//unfortunately I am so
    > creative that people Find me too eccentric because they can never
    > fathom my visions something which seems very practical and normal To
    > me and I tend to do things that most people would never imagine
    > doing// Anyway , if only we can celebrate the creative elements that
    > God has endowed us with, we’d be happier people and freer to accept
    > each other’s gifts.
    > Blessings
    > Denise

  12. Thanks Dr Grant, I never new we could call upon the Holy Spirit to stir up creativity in us. I have done many creative things throughout my life. The most important one is creating flower garden in different part of my yard. It excites me to watch the different colors come up and keep moving and putting in new flower every year. This has only been the last 10 years in my life. I have had a hard time staying with things I loose inter easily. I also sew but not like I us to. I knit and seem to like to do that while watching TV. I think it is time for me to ask the Holy Spirit for some new creative help.

  13. Grant, many ago I really wanted to make cake decorating flowers for cakes, as my Aunt made an orchid for my daughter’s 21st cake. It has only been in the last year that I decided to have a go at it. I looked for courses but could not really afford them, and was also told by a college that they were in third year and not beginners. So my husband Chris said why not go on the internet and have a look. I did an on line course for six months and was not able to finish it. BUT instead I bought some DVD’s from America to do them step by step, It was my mother-in-laws 90th Birthday last August and she loves orchids, it took me months of practice and trying to design her cake with help from my Aunt in Australia, I also made red roses for our 40h Anniversary cake etc. Now I have been asked to make another 90th Birthday lemon sponge cake with blue orchids for someone in the church, I have to lean on god to help me.

    Thanks Grant as this does help me . Gayle

  14. Thanx Big G! I luv being creative!

    I had a dream that i was at a prophetic confrence & someone said 2 me ” you have a gift with art, dont waste it!”. In the morning i prayed & asked God what He wanted me 2 do. He gave me an idea 2 type out scriptures & draw pictures around them. I am looking 2 start my bussiness soon as i have had many orders! God is good!
    I also clean the toilets at church & God has given me so many ideas in making the toilets look really nice with scriptures on the walls, hand cream & im going 2 do a themes around the word of God. It is such a Joy 2 serve! Luv it!

    Trish Field

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