How to conquer strongholds

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Do you have strongholds in your head?

Go ahead, admit it.

We all do.

We all have firmly entrenched patterns of thinking in the deep recesses of our personality that are based on lies that we believe about ourselves, others and even God.

These thought strongholds can even keep us feeling insignificant, unhappy, suspicious and faithless.

What makes these patterns so hard to shake is that we feel so justified in feeling that way.

But there’s good news.

It doesn’t matter how big your strongholds are, God can help you knock them down.

In this video I’ll take you to a historic fortress and explain how your strongholds can be conquered.

Just click on the video and begin to clear out your head.

To live a transformed life you need to get rid of your mental strongholds.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God changed the way you think?  Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 19

  1. I was experiencing a stonghold in my life, it was so entrenched and long standing I did not recognize it as abnormal until I began to become annoyed with myself for feeling and reacting that way. I began to pray to God because I knew I should have victory according to God’s word and my relationship with Him. I felt that I was hindering what God could do through me to help others.

    One morning in May 2011, I woke up and saw an “old woman” (floating) towards me in my bedroom. I knew by her facial expression that her intentions were not benevolent and I began to scream and hit at her and fight her off, she disappeared and I woke my poor husband up with all the noise. He knows from past experience that through the years sometimes God allows me to see into the spiritual realm (poor guy never knew what he was getting into 41 years ago) he groggily said “are you ok honey” I explained what had happened and after a hug we eventually both fell back to sleep.

    Since that morning I have experienced a major breakthrough in my life. I no longer feel I am too old to do what needs to be done, insecure in my abilities and around other people, unable to believe others like me, I don’t fear of rejection….I have been set free because I understand completely what was going on. At some point, (many years ago) I unwittingly allowed that “spirit” into my life to oppress me and bind me up! When I was completely ready God showed me what it actually was. I feel at peace now, secure in Him and I understand that I had to come to the place where I was tired of feeling that way and pray for God to help me. Watching your video today was a confirmation to me. Thank you!

  2. Dearest Grant, what a timely message! I have been struggling with the stronghold of “not being good enough” for all of my life and every time I seemed to be getting on top of things, satan would come and remind me and, as you said, even give me examples of this! Thanks to your wise words, I feel one thing I hadn’t done was repent for allowing this stronghold in my life. How wonderful that I am not alone and The Holy Spirit takes my hand and leads me through! Praise God that when I am weak, I am strong because of Him and His promises! Thanks again Grant, you’re a star! Love Marijke x

  3. love this. So true!! I have seen the focus on spiritual battle so often deny the need to unearth the mess in our flesh . All the lies and hurt that still need the love and light of Christ’s living word. We need His freeing us from our own bondages that we are captive of within ourselves. Prisons of our own emotions where we are complicit with the enemy and giving darkness the ammunition of our agreement with the lies.
    Not only are we saved for eternity by Christ’s cross, He came to create us anew, to free us all from the hurt, death, and darkness we have suffered in the here and now as well. All this to prepare for Himself a chosen people that would carry His Image. His likeness , His fruit. I love that I get to eat and be nourished by that fruit too , even as I share the Increasing joy, peace and patience with others , I ask and pray that our cleansing journeys in Him would continue and persist and settle for nothing less than all He has for us. May we all be free indeed.

  4. Thank you Dr. , for sharing something so powerful and practical with us. When I am tempted to despair and go back to my old self-defeating patterns of thinking regarding my life and family relationships, I have learned to ask the Lord to be merciful to me, a sinner. Then, in Jesus’ name I bind my will to His. And then, in Jesus’ name I loose (or destroy) all stronghold thinking in me that is based on lies and fear, and everything that is preventing the Holy Spirit from working on me and comforting me.

    Over the past year or so of doing this as needed, I have gradually been set free of thoughts and feelings that would destroy me. I realize that it is a life-long process, but now I’m enjoying it along the way and can help others. Thanks again, for confirming what I’ve experienced. I appreciate hearing these things from professionals.


  5. Great message once again Dr. Grant. Thank you. We tend to think of strongholds that are always just negative messages about ourselves but I’ve also seen where there are positive message strongholds that keep us in pride and unavailable to be convicted. In other words, we can think more highly of ourselves than we ought to. For me, humility means knowing the truth about myself even if it’s not pretty and I can repent and allow Christ to change me. Does this make sense?

  6. Very well said and very timely. It certainly made me understand how important it is to have the Holy Spirit in us each and every day by reading God’s Word daily! It’s not to say life is going to be easy peezee because afterall there is a spiritual battle out there. It certainly makes even more excited to see how God can work in me and through me. Strongholds cannot control my life as God is stronger and He loves me that much more to do what is best for me in my life. Thank you Dr. Grant – you are truly an inspiration and encourager to me. God Bless you.

  7. Thank you for that message Grant, I have been making cakes and cake decorations for people, and sometimes we can we prideful,when people say Oh what a lovely cake, and beautiful decorations, I have to just accept it is God who is helping me, and to give God the Glory, I have to do that quietly as many a time I am with unbelievers. It can be a stronghold when we think we are the ones in control. Every time I do a cake decoration like flowers from gumpaste etc, I ask God to help me, as I become anxious, and hope it goes well. Our minds can take over and then we think how wonderful we are, I have had to learn it is not about me and to continue to spend precious time with God. We all need to examine ourselves and ask the Holy Spirit to show us anything that is not right.

    Thank you

  8. Hi Thank you for the reminder and the beaut analogy. Frontiers act as strongholds.
    I find strongholds surface when things go awry and somehow confirm the negative thoughts that are buried within my psyche even if I think they are long gone.
    Despite constant prayer and proclaming Holy Spirit’s intervention// they continue to hang around. However, I won’t be defeated as my victory lies in Christ no matter what comes my way. Blessings to you and everyone.

  9. I viewed the video on “STRONG HOLDS”. Just saying the WORD makes me breath very deep.

    I opened my bookshelve as I was viewing the video. My book shelve is my example of how my strong holds are in my thoughts and mind !

    Forgiveness – Is one I need to WORK ON !

    Bitterness – Is another !

    at times Frustration

    I have every thing packed in my book shelve and some of the books are out of Organized place, and looking at this CLUTTER is the same as the CLUTTER in my MIND!

    Not being able to GET RID of it ! Wanting to HOLD ON to THINGS (HURTS)


    I am started to start cleaning UP the CLutter on my shelve as I do this I see myself SLOWLY starting to CLEANING UP the CLUTTER and COB WEBS in my MIND THOUGHTS (BRAIN) (lol) ITS TRUE!!!!!!

    This has been giving me a sence of RELIEF: STRESS FREE:

    ALSO: I don’t know WHY maybe I am TAPING INTO A PART OF MY BRAIN and excersing my BRAIN by doing MATH equations every day its been helping me with my TENSION STRESS in my brain and headaches!

    Like you mentioned Dr. Mullen , it takes time and ROme wasn’t built in a Day!!


    Sincerely God bless you all !


    PS>sorry for my spelling that needs work too (lol) I am also learning to Laugh more! which feels great 100 laughs a day makes the pain go away ! Elizabeth’s quote!

  10. WOW! This video is so me. I cant seem to get rid of the stronghold. Everytime I think I got rid of it. its back. I dont think I really know how to get rid of it or its my “comfort zone” I go to.

  11. Thanks for sharing! The issue of idenitty is so crucial in being able to find true fulfillment during our time here on earth. I have found that it can be a battle that sometimes has to be fought over again do to the ever changing conditions of everyday life. However, maintaining the assurance of who we are through His eyes is worth every fight! Keep inspiring others to be all they were created to be. My prayer is that God will continue to use you to enlighten others with his truth and in turn reap an abundance of blessings!

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