How to make problems worth having

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The problem with problems

I hate problems.

I bet you do too.

I go to great lengths to avoid and prevent problems but they still come. They are just unavoidable.

Why are they so common? What are we doing wrong? Are problems a punishment from God for bad choices?

Can anything good come from a problem?

Why do we have them and how should we handle them?

Satan wants to influence us through our problems but God is very interested in our problems too.

How do you deal with problems?

How do you deal with problems?

In this video you will learn a revolutionary new way to look at your problems through God’s perspective.

He has very specific advice on how he wants us to deal with problems and it will surprise you.

Just click the video and you will never look at problems the same way again.

To live a transformed life we have to look at problems the way God does.

Share the transformed life. Send this to your friends so they can solve their problems too.

What do you think?

Have you seen God do amazing things through a problem? Tell us what happened. Just leave your comments in the box below.

One of our biggest problems

Relationships are often the source of our most difficult problems. Controlling and manipulative relationships can suck the life out of you like a huge emotional vacuum. You may feel trapped and powerless.

That’s just not true.

In the CD/DVD Controlling Relationships you will learn how to recognize the problem and how God wants to heal the relationship and release you from those chains. You can watch the first 5 minutes online. Just click here to learn more.

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  1. Thank you so much for this message this morning. I feel like I’m under a mountain of problems right now and need prayer. My husband is not a christain, is an alcoholic and currently unemployed, please God give me strength and courage to walk this walk. I’ve been envoled in this home basied business which I am having problems with and they will not stand behind their product I reallly need God to interseed. Right now life is not fun but God will see me through!!

    In all circumstances they say to praise God

    Thanks for you prayers

  2. What a great and clear way of expressing how God interacts into our life’s challenges and problems! I’m so glad to be part of His team! I’ve been walking with Him for 42 years and He has been so faithful all the way! God Bless you Dr Grant!

  3. Hi Grant..your teachings are right on time for me..I hate problems and have been running from them and trying to avoid them, but they still keep coming.It’s sometimes so hard for me to believe God is working in my situation because I get so blinded by the pain in life from having to deal with an unsaved, angry spouse, a lot of unsaved relatives and a child who struggles with developmental challenges.But I have to agree that I am a whole lot stronger and wiser for having gone through this and also have been able to be a blessing to so many people..Thanks again..God Bless..glory.

  4. This may sound funny but my problem is me. I could easily list all my negative attributes. This viewpoint makes my number one problem getting out of bed in the morning. Not sure how to face this problem. Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll play worship music at 7am. That might work:) I really like Hillsong.

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