How to renew your mind

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Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

That sounds great but how do you do it?

I was frustrated most of my Christian life by that verse.

I kept trying to renew my mind but it only lasted  a few minutes.

Because no one told me how.

Have you had the same frustration?

I’ll fix that today.

Click on the video and find out how to renew your mind.

To get the healing prayer for mood disorders, email me at [email protected].

To live a transformed life, you need to renew your mind.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God renewed your mind? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Your baggage shouts at you

Your baggage shouts at you

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  2. I would love a copy of the healing prayer please.very good message this put it so clearly.thank you

  3. Hi. Dr Gr Grant, thank you for your messages. Can I pls too have a copy of this prayer. Years ago I was told that ‘if you are a new creation in Christ’ all your old baggage, attitudes etc would be gone basically. You are this new person straight a away. Surprise … that has not exactly been my experience in life. I thought the concept of being a new creation in Christ takes place over a period of time; maybe it’s even more correct to say over the rest of our lives. What is your view on this passage in Scripture? Thank you.

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    Ingrid, I’ll send you the prayer. That’s a good question I get asked a lot. Yes we are a new creation, our spirit has been completely transformed. But our personality doesn’t transform the moment our sins disappear. The process of transforming our personality and thinking patterns is also called sanctification. You’re right it’s a lifelong process.

  5. I would like a copy of the prayer too, is there a link somewhere? I would like to pray it daily for my daughter, who is 16.
    She has developed Borderline Personality Disorder, and her life has been very much affected. She may not be able to finish high school or be able to hold down a job. Her IQ is fine but functioning is poor. I am trying to get past why did this life altering illness happen to my child, and move on to be mobilized to pray more for healing while taking care of the practical stuff like appointments and therapy.

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  7. The 3 part model that you speak of makes a lot of sense. I am understanding depression better now.I am on medication and am working through the other 2 areas. Thank you for enlightening me.


  8. Hi Dr. Grant, Thanks for your weekly videos:) I’ve been in christian counselling for dissociated identity disorder and know what you are saying about healing our minds being so important so we can hear the Holy Spirit. It has been a fascinating journey, painful sometimes, and scary too but the knowledge that I was safe with God in control helped a lot. It is hard to describe how amazing it feels and how much more peaceful it is in my mind as those fractured parts are becoming whole again.

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