How’s your hardware, software and operating system?

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There are 3 keys to success in life and business

I learned these from my iMac computer.

My iMac is incredibly productive and efficient. Apple Computers is one of the most profitable and successful companies in the world.

So I thought maybe my computer could teach me a few things. Yes I asked him to tell me the keys to his incredible success and productivity.

My iMac tells me the keys to his success

No I’m not making this up. It was not a dream.

It really happened and I recorded it so you could hear the answers for yourselves.

In this video you will learn the 3 fundamental building blocks for success in life both at home and at work. They are the same for humans and computers.

Just click on the video and meet my very opinionated iMac.

To live a transformed life you need to assess your mental hardware, software and operating system.

Now I want to hear from you

What steps have you taken to improve your mind, personality and spirit?  Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 14

  1. Wow what a creative guy you are!!!! Each blog is so funny and so different thank you for working so hard each week to help me understand principals I really remember each one of them!!!

  2. That was so clever, a great chuckle to start the day with. When I read the title I immediately thought that there is something I’d like to do with my computer, but it’s not interview it! It has something to do with the window next to my desk! Guess I should have bought a Mac.

  3. Thanks Dr. Grant. This was a great message; easy to understand and clearly able to relate to and apply the three points to humans.

  4. My doctor decided to try getting me off tranquillizers I had to be on for the last 20 years of my life. We were taking it slowly as I am also on anti depressant a combination a psychiatrist said I needed about 10 years ago. The anxiety has never been a problem until we stated lowering the dosage. I tried to fight it with prayer but in June I seriously crashed. I have never been that bad before I ended up in emergency feeling so defeated!! I am now back on my regular dosage with the antidepressant level doubled. Have you ever had patients in the past who needed a combination of these meds? Why would God allow my mind to go to such a dark place?

  5. My iMac thanks you for your kind words. He thought he gave a magnificent performance of rare perception.
    Yes Gen, it’s probably time that you retired your PC to where it belongs… as a door stop or boat anchor.

  6. Gail, don’t feel defeated. There’s no shame in having a hardware problem. Yes most of my patients were on medication combinations.
    Find a combination that works for you and just say on them. Consider your meds to be no different than wearing glasses for vision, another hardware problem.

  7. Well Dr. Mullen, at least if you’re going to listen to computers, you picked the right one. If it had been an IBM product, I would have quit listening to you.
    During the video you mentioned people with mental health problems not being able to shut their mind off. I manage to do that quite easily. I guess that makes me mentally healthy.

  8. Grant, I really liked your analogy with the hardware (physical body), software (emotional/personality), and operating system(spirit). So often, we humans tend to look for the cause of a problem in only one area, forgetting that it could be one or more areas. I really loved how you explained this in your book, Emotionally Free. This is precisily why I recommend this book to anyone I can. There is a negative stigma in our world when it comes to mental health in both the secular and Christian communities. But often medication is needed to treat the ‘hardware’ when some insist that it is just the ‘operating system’. Again, I thank you, Grant, for making this clear in your book, and how you reinforced it in this brilliant video clip.

  9. Grant, this blog was quite funny and made me smile. You’re very creative! Thanks for all the wonderful principles and insights you give to help us live a transformed life!

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