I hate stressful vacations!

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Why do you go on vacations?

It’s to relax and get away from the stress and monotony of your daily routine isn’t it?

So what happens when your vacation is more stressful that your normal life?

That’s what happened to us last week on our ski vacation. You might even say that the “wheels came off” our plans.

So how should we handle unexpected vacation stress?

I hate stressful vacations

In this video I’ll tell you what happened and the lessons we learned.

To live a transformed life you need to allow your character to be built by overcoming challenges.

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Now I want to hear from you

What challenges have you overcome that have built your character? Just leave your comments below.

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Comments 16

  1. I had a problem with internet child pornography. I have a program on my computer now that requires an accountability partner and I have joined a SA (Sexaholic) group. God and my local congregation have been a great help in this situation. Were I once felt alone and isolated I now feel surrounded by people who really care and the everlasting comfort of God.

  2. Hi.. nothing like skiing in Canada’s west. Hope everything turns out for the best.

    My challenge was to get my mentally ill son off the streets and into an affordable safe home . Seven years ago 14 of us that have relatives with a mental illness got together ,found enough grants and donations to build a duplex for 4 adults and have been very successful and sustainable. We gave the whole problem to God and He blesses us so greatly . With out Him and answered prayer it never would have been possable. Since then we have expanded to two condo’s and have three more under construction [ to be complete this fall] God is soooo good We are thankful to God for all his answered prayer and blessings.!!!

  3. For almost nineteen years now, I have pretty much been silent about four abortions that I had before I became a christian.My spouse didn’t think we were financially able, and so he sent me for three of the four abortions. The other abortion I had was because a medical doctor sent me to have it done in order that he could do the surgery I needed at the time.The guilt and shame I have been carrying around has been indescribable.I have been haunted by fear and anxieties that if not for the grace of God, I think I wouldn’t even be here.I recently found a center close to home where I just completed an eight week study on healing from the trauma of abortion.I can’t even begin to describe to you the weight that has literally lifted off my shoulders.For so long I took all the responsibility and blame, always telling myself I should have known better, when actually I was unsaved, living in darkness, and the truth about abortion was withheld from me.Now that I have finally accepted Christ’s forgiveness for the abortions, I am free from the pain and trauma.I also realized that I had made idols out of my four children that were aborted and I didn’t want to let go of them.Now I have things in perspective.The Cross is first place in my life and I have released the children into the hands of Almighty God!!.Hope this helps someone out there..Glory..

  4. I live with a religious nutter who deceived us about herself when we met her and decided to live with her. Unfortunately we let her sign the rental lease agreement and she will not agree to adjust it at all so we are trapped with her until the lease expires mid-year. She doesn’t pay her bills, she accuses us of everything under the sun that we haven’t done and walks away if you try to sort things out with her. Every day of my life is a challenge at the moment as I try to allow God to shine through me.

  5. my life has been full of challenge and adversity …….a by product of living in this world. My current challenge rhuematoid arthritis has excelerated all God was wanting to work on in my life Re: slowing down, nutrition & exercise.

  6. That video of you climbing the mountain on the chairlift took me back to the early 80’s when I lived in Calgary and would ski at Sunshine.

    I never thought of skiing as a metaphor for our daily living before. Certainly the Aussie’s attitude on the bus is a good reminder of “considering pure joy our trials of many kinds”. It is the maturity attained through coping with such trials, and to even be thankful for the adventure of a new experience in them, that makes us more unwavering disciples of Christ.

  7. I love being able to say the words I USED TO blah blah ….I used to have a crushing inferior complex and would avoid large groups ,now I stand and speak in front of 100 people,have a life group and teach God’s word at our churches tuesday night powerhouse.My wife and I have come back from personal bankrupcy 6 yrs ago to now owning our own home for 1 year praise God who is faithful.One very big challenge is to loose 135 lbs of which I am well over half way there. I knew what to do and the Lord said to him who knows what to do and does it not to him it is sin and that hit me like a ton of bricks .I talked alot about what I was going to do but I just talked,felt better to talk. The Lord said if all you do is talk and nothing else you are never going to change one thing.I listened to him and got feet to my talk .Today I am witn 40 lbs of my goal.The Lord said your in a battle and you don’t go to war to loose,and it’s by my choices that I win or lose. that’s my story !!! oh yeah keep the helmet on and watch out for the trees.

  8. Good to hear you tried to have a holiday or a new challenging experience,,,well for those that have never gone skiing like myself…can’t use that metaphor…but I have been swimming with high waves..where you have to duck under every few seconds, hope not to get dumped and whitewashed..Anyway for me..life is one huge challenge no matter what I do..so yes stressful as well….I am sure the Lord knows why this is so….because I often wonder whether it’s the same for others who walk the road of God’s calling and not the world’s.?? Hmmm. Bless you hope you had a good time in the end. Denise

  9. Hi Grant, just wanted to thank you for your video blogs, they always put a smile on my face, and I learn something useful!
    As for you holidays – I am glad you were stuck with Aussies – they certainly are a funny bunch, especially when they are on holidays!

    I recon there is a difference between stress and challenge. What I mean by that is that it’s certainly great to take on challenges and overcome difficulties, but when it becomes stressful rather that challenging it might be time to rethink things. I have found that if I can rest in God’s peace while trying to overcome obstacles and difficulties, the challenges tend to stay that way – challenges, which grow your character, rather than becoming stressful events that drive you nuts!

  10. A challenge that I have had to overcome was that my husband, myself and our two children aged 12 and 8 immigrated from South Africa to New Zealand four years ago. Just five days after arriving in New Zealand, due to a very tragic accident, my husband was electrocuted in the place where we were staying. Here I was new in a foreign country and the only direct family I had was my two children. Friends in South Africa suggested that I just return to South Africa, but I received a conviction which I believe was from God to stay here. I did stay and it is now exactly four years since this has happened. I have experienced many emotions such as loneliness, fear, inadequacy, lack of self-worth, doubt and self-doubt to name just a few. It took over two years for my late husband’s estate to be finalised and in that time, I would turn every cent over more than once before spending it and had to be very frugal with money.This caused me to depend on God like never before and to believe and trust that He was in control and that everything would work out okay in the end. I miss my husband very much. We knew each other for 23 years of which 19 years we were very happily married. He was my soul mate – we did everything together. He was also a great family man. I do feel very privilidged at having the opportunity of knowing him and we have awesome memories and plenty of lovely photo’s, but it does not subsitute the loneliness I now have. All that keeps me going is that I know God is in control of my life and I can see how He has blessed us with a home, work, schools and guiding me through everything that I have had to do on my own in the last four years.

  11. Wow I always learn so much from your quick clips that it always leaves me craving more from you and from Kathy … your insights as well as hers are really great nuggets of gold. Thanks for teaching me the value of humor in situations that are tough. I would love to vacation with some Aussies they sound awesome!!!

  12. Grant,

    I so enjoy your weekly videos, they always provide so much food for thought. Your humour and directness always hit home. Thanks for the wisdom you so willingly share with others.

    I’ve faced so many challenges in my life, it’s hard to pick just one that I’ve overcome. My latest one was losing most everything I owned in a house fire, 6 days after I’d moved into a new apartment. This was after having to sell my home, after losing my husband 2 years before. Add to all that, I was without a job and unable to find one for 22 months. But God provided me a job that’s only 5 minutes from my house and in a field I know and also allows me to use the skills I’ve used in most of my jobs so I know that He’s still looking out for me. I’m still trying to overcome all the rest of the events but I know that God is faithful and takes care of His own. I’m only here because of His goodness.

    Thanks again, Grant, for being a faithful servant of His and offering your gifts to us. I do believe I need to set up some sessions with you, I miss your influence in my steps to wellness.


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