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The survey results are in!

First I want to thank all of you who completed the survey. We had a fantastic response!

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Thanks for all the great feedback which has given me lots of ideas for future videos.

It’s great to know what you are thinking and wanting to learn so I can create more useful content.

In this week’s video I’ll give you a report of the most interesting comments from the survey.

Thanks for the great feedback

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Depression, the path to recoveryThe most requested topic in the survey was depression.

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Comments 24

  1. Hi Grant,

    Another great segment and I think the Q&A idea will be of tremendous value.

    Keep up the Go(o)d Work and keep the humour. Who’d of thought that global warming and menopause were related…interesting theory 🙂

  2. I have heard so much about thinking and speaking positive even when things are not going the way I would like… but how do you do that when the situation never seems to change and the things you pray about (regarding yourself) never seem to get answered? (Although I have noticed that when I pray for other peoples problems they seem to get answered pretty quickly!) How do you think and speak positively when the people around you are not positive thinkers and they drag you down? And no, I can’t just get rid of the people who are negative in my life. Any suggestions as how to implement daily positive thinking and speaking into ones life would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Oh, and if you could come up with some sort of formula to do this implementation…I am certain it would be a life changing experience for many!!

  4. I would love to hear more about SAD, the seasonal disorder… Could it mimic bipolar, depression or ADD? Can a person have more than one of these disorders at one time?

  5. Thank you Grant for these video blogs and the great info that you share. Looking forward to you outdoor “on location” videos and April 20th.

  6. I am the one who loves your shirts and I wonder where (Kathy) shops for them. I am always looking for unusual shirts for my husband but they are hard to find.

    Love your videos and sense of humour and all topics are interesting because even if they don’t apply to us, we surely know someone to whom they do apply.

    I believe pets DO go to heaven. There is a good Christian book on the subject — the name of it escapes me right now, but one could do a search and find it, I am sure.

  7. Tanda, the connection is that hot flushes make the planet warmer.
    Gen, what makes you think that Kathy buys my shirts??
    She just grabs what catches her eye and I wear it.
    I don’t feel qualified to discuss the eternal destiny of pets (is it grace or works) so I will stay out of that debate.

  8. I have been married twice before. I just got married for the third time Sept. 26/09. My wife has never been married before. We are already seeing a marriage counsellor. Money is the big issue for us. My wife was cut off her disability right after we got married because I apparently make too much money. I am now working two jobs and still we are not able to tyth. Should we forget about the household expenses, tyth our 10 percent and see how long we can go or are we just lacking faith that God will provide.

  9. Hi Grant,

    I totaly agree with Val Sanna’s comment, all of it. I was wondering 🙂 if “hot

    flashes” have any thing to do with global warming? I couldn’t resist asking. :>) lol

    I like your humour.

  10. After being in jail and having done my time I am finding it hard to find out where I fit in anymore. I’m sure this will take time to regain the trust that I have broken but are there any time frames?? Likely not or it varies from congregation to congregation.


  11. Being that global warming and menopause are related, what are we going to do after all the Ice melts. How will we ever cool off?

    Dr. Mullen I would like to reply to Jan above about negative thinking, can you arrange it?

  12. When I turned on my e mail and saw the title “I know what you re thinking” I thought for sure it was from one of my kids !!! I so enjoy your Video and talks. It is my first time to write even tho I have been a member for some time. I have received much encouragement . Blessings on you and Kathy. Have seen you on T.V.

  13. Carol, you can put your reply to Jan here in the comments so we can all learn. Negative thinking is epidemic.
    Phyllis, thanks for having the courage to comment. See it didn’t hurt. Please do it again.
    Thanks for all the questions. I’m recording them. Keep them coming!

  14. Well Folks, I don’t know about hamsters and dogs, but I signed up long ago to work in The King’s Stables and Riding Academy, in Heaven. There ARE horses there! Glory! Check out Rev. 6 and 19. Yahooo and Giddyup ! :o)

  15. Good Morning everyone, I have just finished a book written by Mike Dooley from Tut.com and you can get it at Amazon, “Thoughts Become things”. This book is so inspirational, you will not read it all at one time. It for me was thought stopping and required reflection. I also am in an online group were we do weekly assignments on the book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Another book, that takes time to process and a must read for people who want growth in their life. What you do is read a chapter a week, write down what the chapter meant to you, (dissect it) about how you perceive the words such as Desire, Imagination, Auto-Suggestion. Record your responses, save them and reflect on them again and again. Reading this book over and over again helps you to realize the things that are affecting you personally, what you can do to change them and grow. This book is also available at Amazon.
    Wishing you all emotional wellness,

  16. How about a video on the importance of sleep? Doctors can overlook sleep disorders and just blame your symptoms on “depression”. This happened to both my son (now OK) & myself (much improved). Finally I was sent (only because I insisted) to a Sleep Clinic & learned I had PLMS – Periodic Leg Movements with Sleep…”which can lead to fatigue and depression & usually goes undetected for several years.” I almost couldn’t believe my family doctor’s question “why do you want to be sent to a sleep clinic?” after all I had been describing to her over a long period of time. My son’s problem was no REM sleep & some other unusual things…blamed on the prescription he had been taking for a year? which was known to cause problems with reduced REM sleep…but his family doctor kept ignoring the sleep issue and his fatigue. Even before being tested the Doctor at the sleep clinic said he would be making a recommendation to change his prescription because what he was on was known to cause this problem. So, I believe we need to advocate for ourselves and make sure we get referals to the necessary specialists, including psychiatrists sometimes for their advanced knowledge on prescriptions to treat depression. If your family doctor alone can’t help – maybe you need to ask for referals. How can anyone recover from depression if they can’t sleep, esp. if it could be a significant cause for developing the depression? Dr Roberta Sassi, St. Joseph’s Hospital (Hamilton, ON) Mood Disorders Clinic – has a great presentation re Mood Disorders in children and adolescence – how to recognize, treat, & what early intervention can do. He emailed me the presentation after I requested it. It’s sooo good I wish it could be taught to everyone working with this age group, parents, and the adolescence themselves. Thanks for all your good work and knowledge that goes far beyond what most of the medical profession understands.

  17. One more thing to add: a Dr who specializes in sleep recommended I read “No more Sleepless Nights” by Hauri

  18. Dogs most definitly go to heaven!!! How funny to hear what some of the questions were. The responce about churches celebrating everything with unhealthy food was very funny. I say, keep the videos and the humour. Thanks.

  19. Thanks for the survey update. With Kathy moving the camera slower, the video is looking more professional right there!

    Now, regarding obesity and menopause, I heard a nurse say that the larger you are, the less likely you are to experience it. I know this from experience. I didn’t feel a thing! Subsequently, the Lord and I are at work and I’ve lost 18lbs in two months.

    You can answer the tithe question yourself. Was it money? Deu 14:22-29. Who collected it and why? Heb 7:5, (Neither of these exist today.) Finally, Acts 15:28-29 and Gal 3:13 may encourage you, if you’re, “Listening.”

    On a lighter note, “Do dogs go to heaven?” Ecc 3:20-21, 3:11, 12:7.

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