I was persecuted for treating depression in Christians

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Is depression physical or spiritual?

This question confuses many Christians, so they refuse treatment.

Why do we pretend we are “walking in victory” when we should be going for help?

Too many Christians are suffering needlessly because they don’t know where to turn.

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Comments 3

  1. Dr. Mullen was a breath of fresh air when I had suffered from clinical depression.
    In fact, he was a God send. I bought the emotionally free book and it was instrumental in my road to recovery.
    Previously, I was alone and suffering, not understanding why as a Christian, I was going through this. Others were clueless about depression among Christians (sadly, very counterproductive) but now I am no longer alone and hopefully, God can use me to minister to others who are “privately suffering”.
    Been to a number of Dr. Mullen’s seminars with Cathy and highly recommend attending one.
    Thank you Dr. Mullen, for being a HUGE part of my healing.

  2. Dr. Mullen was instrumental in helping me with clinical depression also. He was/is such a blessing–a God-send as Karen said. I wish he was still practicing because I still suffer badly with anxiety. My meds were given over to my GP, who really doesn’t understand how to handle things. It’s been suggested by someone that I go for trauma counselling, as I was diagnosed with PTSD about 25 years ago. I thought the Lord had healed me of it, but lately I am in a bad situation and have been breaking down crying when I’m feeling overwhelmed and in previously unknown situations.

    I just want you to know, Grant, that I am so thankful that you pushed through the persecution. Thank you for being faithful to the Lord’s calling on your life.

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