Install a Spam filter on your mind

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Do you know what you’re thinking?

What directions are your thoughts leading you?

Spam thoughts get into your mind too!

God spoke to me about my thoughts.

He challenged me to create a Spam filter for my mind.

Click on the video and make one for yourself.

Now I want to hear from you

What have you discovered when you took the challenge? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 6

  1. Sounds like Phil.4:8 I like the word “finally ” Like that settles the decision
    shows us where to direct our thoughts

  2. If I could shut off my thoughts long enough to filter out negative thoughts I would. Will try again , suffer from depression and anxiety disorder so not easy.

  3. Dear Doctor,
    I have a son who is 50 years old and has suffered with ADHD all his life. He has trouble concentrating, sleeping, and worst of all is very forgetful. I think he has other symtoms but doesn’t like to talk about it and is very concerned about taking Ritalin or some other kinds of meds. There may be other medications that you may know of that have been effective for others with this problem. I have two grandchildren with the same illness. Can you help? Or is there a book that we might read to help. We have had some difficult days together where he seems to enjoy getting under my skin, is this just another symtom of it.

    Thanks for your input.

    Blessings A. Robinson

  4. When i remember to filter my thoughts and observe what am i thinking AND make the switch to God’s truths, the difference is as great as night and day!
    it truly is life changing. Thank you for teaching us this Dr. Mullen and now….. …..if only i can remember to do it before getting swept up in the whirlpool of the unwanted thought patterns…..that is my difficulty.
    have a blessed day!

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