Is it time you asked for help?

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Kathy was a hero!

Kathy loves to help people but this time she was amazing.

Kathy flew into action!

Kathy flew into action!

There’s only so much you can do for someone though, until they ask for help.

Being independent can prolong your struggle and even get you into more trouble.

This week Kathy explains the dangers of not asking for help.

Now I want to hear from you

What were the results when you’ve asked for help?  Just leave your comments in the box below.

To live a transformed life you mustn’t be ashamed to ask for help.

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  1. Kathy, that was priceless, “The subscription form out in the middle of the lake.” But when you think of it, isn’t that when most of us came to your site in the first place? We were in the middle of our own lake experience and you both came to our rescue. For some it may have even been religious garb that got us messed up and inhibited and even if one could swim, it’s harder to in such clothing. How much more wonderful when we put on Christ, the best clothing of all.

  2. Right On, Kathy! Excellent lesson. I spent many years, 100 years ago or so :o) , in the aquatic field, and had to go after several thrashers, scared-stiffers, and drowners, and have used those experiences in various applications to life’s dilemnas. Asking for help is the hardest thing, for some, especially in The Bride …. Why, someone might think I’m not thriving in The Lord, if I show or admit need or weakness.

    The other side to The Rescue, is developing that “eye” …. kindly observation, care about and interest in others, the right questions, and then committing …. overcoming sloth and personal agenda to get involved, change our plans to help out, even if it means skipping that all-important plan for meeting friends for coffee. People Needs never happen tidily, to accomodate our schedules, and we hate to inconvenience ourselves. This, we need to change, remembering to stay available to The Lord’s bidding, day in and day out. He gets to trump our busyness. Keep on with the excellent work, You Two, in helping The Body take off masks and kick off impediments to get healthy, get real. God help us all to this end !

  3. Kathy – good for you. And great illustration. I had been in deep emotional waters for many years. And unfortunately didn’t ask for help. I made the mistake of not realizing what danger I was in. And no one “in the boat with me” realized they needed help so I, and friends and family, kept paddling along. Finally, I began to hear the Lord encouraging me to get help — and I did. It was frightening to admit that I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, or even change myself, without someone’s help.

    I thank God that once I was willing to ask for help there were many helpers there – counsellors, my pastor, and people like you and Grant!

  4. Kathy, for a long time now, I have been hoping for some sort of divine intervention as opposed to asking for help. In my case, asking for help would require going into Family Court, seemingly floating out into the lake on a raft without a life jacket and not knowing how to swim. I would be akin to asking to drown in legal services debt. My separation and support agreement signed ten years ago is now the cause of financial hardship and strife with my ex and regretably my own children.

    My Son is 22 and has remained non-dependent for more than three years. My Daughters are now 20, 18, and 16. While only one is considered dependent, I remain obligated to support all four unless this is resolved by consent or through Family Court.

    Why is fairness and our God given conscience trumped by greed?
    How can asking friends and or family for help bring fair resolve?

  5. Hi Kathy, thanks for the illustration.Years ago a friend and I helped 2 younger girls get out of troubled waters in the ocean and your story brought back this memory.
    10 Years ago had a battle with breast cancer.Being single lead me to believe I had to go through this by myself..A friend who is a Doctor asked if she could come to my surgery appointment,and I did not want put anyone through any trouble.I was so glad that the Lord opened up a wealth of people ,from family,friends,medical,chruch,neighbours just wanted to offer help.My job was to get rid of the fears and accept their help.
    One cold fall evening in my home I was crying and tired,scared and siad to the Lord all I need is a hug.A minute passed and my door bell rang and a lady was standing there to say she was coming home from her chruch and she felt she was to come and give me a hug.So I let her and through my tears shared I had just prayed to the Lord for a hug.She was very surprised and so was I.
    Not used to praying for myself.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing story i love it.

  6. Cheryl, that’s a great example of how much God cares about us, that he even sent you a hug. Thanks for sharing that story with us.
    Rod, I don’t think friends or family are the people you need help from. It sounds like you need advice from professionals in family law.

  7. Thanks Kathy for this simple but profound illustration. I like too your comment on how we need to be interdependent and not independent. We live in such an individualist age with the norm where everyone (believers) doing their own thing.

    You both have a great ministry providing practical help giving a ‘shot in the arm’ on a regular basis.

    Warmly in Christ,

  8. Thanks Kathy, I so enjoy hearing you speak. My father was my hero. He was the one who set the example for generations to come. You see he was an alcoholic, who started to go to AA when I was 16, at my mothers prompting (she threw him out of the house) He not only set the example for ‘asking for help’, which was displayed through out the AA program. He showed the family that change was only a decision away. He and my mom shortly after that became born again and brought me and some of my sibbling to the Lord.

  9. I often felt like I was in that raft and was reminded of this when I listened to your video today. I often felt that I did not know what to do and where the help would come from and than one day I remember feeling .. there has to be something something greater than me floating away and this is when help did come in the form of other people in the same situation and others that knew how to deal with this feeling .. it is amazing when I think today of where I was floating out to and to where I am floating now .. how many people helped me and how God helped me in bringing these people to me … it is a continuous learning that still happens and how we are all interconnected and how we really are not alone and can choose to do sometimes the hardest thing .. ask for help. There is no shame in this .. thank you for sharing this story:)

  10. Hi Kathy, that was a great illustration! I really liked it.
    I’ve noticed so many people in my church struggling with anxiety and depression that I am thinking of starting up a weekly cell group. I am looking into what book or DVD’s to study.
    I take Zoloft faithfully for my own health issue, and am very open about that with people, as many Christians feel ashamed if they need to take medication.
    Question for you: I have a copy of Grant’s book, Emotionally Free, and wondered if there was a previous edition of it that had a different title?

  11. Janet, yes Emotionally Free was previously published as Why do I feel so down when my faith should lift me up?
    We have lots of DVDs that you can use in a small group study that will lead people to emotional freedom. Here are the links to our DVD series with workbooks:
    you can find all our dvds here:
    Let me know by email if you have any questions.

  12. I belong to a wonderful church famiy that truly get what interdepence means. They provided meals and chidcare for 2 weeks while I recovered emotionally after my baby had been really sick with whooping cough…otherwise known as the 100 day cough.

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