Is this is why your plans fall flat?

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Are you feeling blocked?

Are you sure that it’s someone’s fault?

Or do circumstances seem to be pushing against you?

Are you feeling confused and frustrated after trying so hard and for so long?

Click on the video and consider another reason why you’re plans are falling flat.

Now I want to hear from you

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  1. Hi Grant!
    Thanks for the illustration. That was a perfect one! As you spoke you said “is it the road or the rim”, meaning the external or internal blocks we have. It hit me when you said that “R.I.M..Rubbish In Me”. That was revelatory for me. Just thought I would share that with you.
    Thanks again!
    Yvonne deVries

  2. Post
  3. Hi Grant (and everyone as well)!!! Your analogy hits it right on the “nail” (pun intended)! Working with a knowledgeable counselor (you) helped me tremendously to unload the baggage of lies I was believing… A great phrase I’ve read somewhere states: “CHANGE your THOUGHTS, change your life”.

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