Is your boat leaking?

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Boats are designed to keep water out

Your mind is designed to keep the darkness out.

But both can spring leaks.

And cause you to sink.

God is waiting to help you plug the leaks.

Click on the video and start bailing.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you plugged the holes of vulnerability? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Is your boat leaking?

Do you or a friend need a healing miracle?

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I’ll talk to you next week,

Grant & Kathy

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  1. This must be a blessing from you to the world , because that was the message in our church yesterday

    thanks 4 being a blessing to me and my friends each week


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  3. Wow a great message. I have been struggling with disappointment because of something that happened in church, and a history of experiences. And at the same time, wanting to believe the positive message of overwhelming victory that is for this year. Plus it is 10 years since my wife died. She spent a lot of her life minding children but never got to see our daughters marry or experience our four awesome grandchildren. So we celebrated my grandsons sixth birthday and ten days later is the anniversary of my wife’s death. My other daughter posted a picture of our granddaughters at the grave. I realised I opened the door of disappointment and gave it power in my life. So now I am learning to not allow disappointment to rule and choose to live with hope and to look for God’s love to rule inspite of what circumstances are trying to dictate. Thankyou for your timely message for me to plug the hole in my boat.

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