Kathy explains The Three Doors

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Kathy is a painter

And yes, artists can be hard to understand

They just think differently that the rest of us.

This painting has been driving people crazy.

Today she finally tells us what it means.

Click on the video and watch the master explain.

Kathy also makes huge worship parade banners.

Click here to see the banners on her own web site.

To live a transformed life, you need to allow God to use your built in creativity.

Kathy in action!

Kathy in action!

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Comments 9

  1. Thanks for explaining. The way I see the painting is this……I have tried to seek opportunities to use my gift for NGO’s. I’ve tried several times to make contact with organizations but the answer has always been no, so whenever I see the painting I see those closed doors as the rejection but I’m reminded not to give up because there Will be an open door at some point.
    Thanks for sharing Kathy. Thanks for your blog Grant

  2. Grant and Kathy:

    So nice to “visit” with you today…long distance…over oceans and seas from Sri Lanka…we have so much to rejoice in from these six weeks “on assignment” in Asia…this has been an OPEN DOOR…Loved hearing from you about the painting…We’ll see you soon (next week the door opens to the jet and ultimately home)…..we will definitely be returning with so much rejoicing for all that He has done! Blessings to you both.

  3. Thank you Kathy for your openness in hearing and in making known what Holy Spirit is revealing to you. I had wondered about the significance of the painting to yourself and Grant, and for myself had only a sense of ‘Choice’ as an impression of it previously.
    I like feeling the new sense of Christ being the door at the center. After your explanation of the vision, I appreciate a deeper perception that with all my daily choices, big and small, In the Spirit , I am looking for the “door” that Jesus is in, the one that leads to life more abundant. Surrounded by claims on my attention and energy daily, I am best protected and rested and made ready, full and complete in Him, by following the path through the doors that Jesus is in. The painting also implies that there are many other doors all the time, yet it is only His open door which holds the promise of peace and life in Him.

  4. Thanks you Kathy. – – – that’s exactly what I thought it meant. Now, think of all the possibilities for more paintings! Do one with just the right door open, one with just the left open, one with both outside doors wide open, and one with all doors open – – a very very narrow and perhaps shorter door in the middle the outside doors very wide, perhaps with a red glow coming from the other side. Gee, I wonder what that would mean? Then you could just switch them up, at first at random to see how many viewers notice, and then later do a video on each one. Such fun.
    God Bless

  5. Greetings:

    Thank you for that blog. I do remember seeing the painting but was not overly concerned. It is nice to have an explaination though. I’d like to try art sometime but I’m still waiting for the time and inspiration to come together.


  6. Hi Kathy and Grant

    Kathy that is an excellent way of showing that Jesus has the door opened for us to enter in. As He is the Way the Truth and the Life.

    Thank you for that.

    Also I have been tying to email you with my new details, as we have just moved. My emails have all failed to date.

    Chris my husband has just paid £6.00 to enable us to use the Internet just for today.



  7. Kathy your painting is beautiful!I love your expression & Meaning behind your painting.You had mentioned it could mean something else to someone viewing it and when I’ve see your painting without knowing the interpretation.I thought of the scripture from John 10:9 ,”I am the door.If anyone enters by me,he will be saved,and will go in and out and find pasture.”
    I am an artist who hides her paintings in the closets for years.One Day an Anglican Priest told me I would have a professional art show in a year’s time and would be inviting my family and friends.I laughed to myself yeah sure.Well I was in an intro to oils class in the fall night class Art University and the teacher announced in the spring they will be having a continuing art gallery show at a professional gallery and we were to pick out 3 of our paintings and submit them.I left it to the end of the deadline for submission and I was very,very nervous thinking this is a big mistake but I remembered what the priest said.
    There were 4 rooms filled with different kinds of art,Paintings,sculpture,ditgial photography,etc.When I was getting ready to leave with my Mom and friends I said thank you to the Art Curators and they said to me they believed my work was the best in the show.Every year they decide who has the best work.I was shocked and did not believe them.When I picked up my Art work from the Art Office the lady there asked if that was my art work and I said yes.She said they vote evrey year who has the best art work and they said mine was.I was shell shocked,and a bit confused not able to understand their decision.I prayed and The Lord Painted through me those paintings ,now I understand.I am still very shy and have not had a show since.
    Please pray that the Lord would show me what He wants to do with this gift of Art and to overcome my fears with Art as a career.
    Thank you Kathy,Keep on painting.
    God Bless you,Grant & your family,
    enjoy your videos.

  8. When I saw your painting it makes me think of prayer and some answers being closed doors and the answer as an open door. I know trying to find God’s will in things we are praying about is tricky so when He shows us an open door it just confirms if we have heard Him right as an answer to our prayer. There are so many voices we can hear when we pray and I love it when He answers in this way because it is so big and obvious:) I hope I made sense sometimes it’s hard to express myself well in a few words:) You paint beautifully:) I was wondering if you took formal training or you are self taught. I’ve been wanting to start drawing and painting but am wondering if I need training to take me to the next level of expertise:) Thanks, Shelley Bergh.

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